We follows the Agile development methodology. We deliver our solution through weekly sprints. We ensure a transparent process with clear milestones. We use project management tools/systems which should be mentioned as Slack, Jira, & Cloodo.

Our implementation consists of 6 steps:

- Onboard and kickup: Invite you to our channels, you can chat directly with our dedicated team working on your projects and clarify all questions.   

- Setup and Installtion:  Our team will collaborate with customers to make sure all requirements are understood correctly. We follow the Agile development methodology. We update & deliver our progress through weekly sprints

- Testing and acceptance: During this stage, we will set weekly meeting for customers to test and give any feedback/comments or questions for improvement, design, workflow and functions changes, or technique aspects.  At the end of the meeting, we will discuss and agree on how to improve, any adjustments, or any new requirements.

- Extra customization and extra options: Once the customer accepts the result from the previous stage, they also add extra requirements or extra options. We will customize and adjust all the new adjustments based on customer's demands. Of course, any extra tasks may require extra cost.

- Go Live: when everything is ready, we move to go live with the system. During this phase, we will get the system up and running, you only focus on your business.


- Maintenance and further development:  We offer the maintenance service to make sure there is no delay in support, fix bugs  or training your staff the best way to use the system. Any further development could be raised and requested to our dedicated team to make the system perfect for your business and your customer's experience.