Ajax Search Suggest and Auto Complete for Magento 2

Ajax Search Autocomplete and Suggest for Magento 2 will drive more sales on your online store as intelligent and convenient search tool

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Product Specification of Ajax Search Suggest and Auto Complete for Magento 2

It is great if your site gets a beautiful theme but it is not enough for customer experience. User-friendly is also the important factor. Ajax Search Autocomplete and Suggest Extension for Magento 2 is one of the indispensable things that help the customer find what they need in the shortest way.

Although shop owner gets a powerful mega menu, butlooking for the suitable product will be quite difficult for customers if there are a huge number of the item on a site.This extension brings Search function with auto complete and suggests, therefore this is the best tool to find a product. With calling out suggested items, the system constantly shows results quickly with product’s information on the drop-down list. Your website is more friendly and convenient to make customers comfortable when purchasing products online.


Many benefits below will show reasons why your site should get it:

  • Ajax Search Extension for Magento 2 provides a smart search extension for your website with Autocomplete and Suggestion. Just few seconds, customers will have wish results with calling out suggest words.
  • The buyers will not meet any trouble to look for what they want. Results will be show on drop-down list with image, information of product which help the customer choose suitable items.
  • Furthermore, customer can search keyword by category field that help them narrow range search.
  • This extension not only makes buyers comfortable when searching product, but also brings easy installation for admin with simple set up steps.


  • When your website is integrated Ajax Search Autocomplete and Suggest Extension for Magento 2, your customers easily recognize search boxes in the top in site. When the customers enter keyword into search box, it will suggest and shows products automatically with pop-up window. A list appears with information, images of product and even categories of product while someone is typing in search box.
  • Furthermore, customers don’t need to remember exactly product name, they only need to enter words which appear in their mind. The buyers can select category of the product to narrow searching arrange, it helps them see suitable product quickly.


Magento Ajax Search Autocomplete and Suggest Extension for Magento 2 is very easy-to-use with 3 steps below:

  • 1. Install this extension as user guide.
  • 2. Configure extension: In admin panel, click on AJAX SEARCH or go to STORES -> Configuration -> click on CMSMART -> select Ajaxsearch. You can set some element in dropdown list of search result here.Remember to save configuration after each change.
  • 3. Go to front-end to view changes.


  • Smarter and Instant Search: When your customers search any word in search box, it will return relevant results in a dropdown list within milliseconds.
  • Automatically call out results when input some characters: Auto completes the search item after 3 (or more) characters are entered.
  • Search by category: You can narrow search scope about product and quickly look for products you need through selecting category.
  • Product Preview in results: If you want to provide fully information about products for your customer, you can set on admin to show all the information such as: image, a short description, price and ratings in dropdown list of search results when your customer looking for any products.
  • Category Preview in results: With this extension, it's not only show product information, but also show categories that is suitable with key word that you are looking for.
  • Responsive support: This extension is compatible with devices as: desktop, tablet and mobile. Let your customers feel free using their favorite device while shopping in your online store.


  • Time to request: When a customer enters a word, "fast" or "low" time is depend on Admin. You can customize the time wait after enter keyword more fast right in admin panel.
  • Display product reviews: To help customers make the purchase decision faster, you can show product reviews and ratings in the search auto complete window.
  • Customize highlight text: Your customers can see highlighted texts/ strings while they are searching products and you can customize color of highlight text as you like.
  • Customize width of dropdown list: If you want dropdown list of results wider, you can customize its width right in admin panel in order to see products clearly.
  • Customize description: You can customize to show short description in dropdown list as you expect, it helps your customer able to make purchase decision quickly.
  • Easy Integrate to Your Store Theme: This extension integrates with all themes and makes your theme become more professional and clear.
  • Customize menu item: Admin can add, edit and delete category or menu items.
  • Setting number:With 4 types menu “product grid”, “static category listing”, “dynamic product listingby category” and “product listing”, you cannot set number of column to display in dropdown menu but you can set it with the rest.
  • Custom block:You can display custom block in menu content type such as: default category listing, static category listing, product listing and content. Specially, you can create custom block right in menu content type setting area.
  • Product on menu:Your customers can view special as hot, new or featured product
  • Add label for product:Add labels to highlight products that you want, such as: Hot, New, Sale in product listing menu
  • Add to cart button in dropdown menu: With “default category listing” type, you can see some products and add this product to cart by “add to cart” button.
  • Add animation:With some types of menu, we can add animation when hovering over image such as: dynamic category listing and product grid
  • Category labels:Easy for you to create a label of each category.
  • Configure mega menu from admin panel:You can set Menu types or show (not show) home link only apply for horizontal menu
  • Icon on Category: With vertical, you can add icon on category to make your category clear
  • Benefit of sub category:You can narrow product search on sub categories, do not to use search tool

Product Reviews (4) Write a review

Dany Abounaoum 5 star rating Submitted: September 18, 2017

Easily to search what you want to search in the page. With this automatically call out result whatever you input in the field. Nice extension. Thank for the CMSmart developer, specially victor.. you really help me man! Thumbs up!

jose mario santamaria 5 star rating Submitted: September 6, 2017

Victor from support help me with the integration and now the search is easier than ever, nice product I hope they develop more interesting stuff soon

Adam 5 star rating Submitted: July 14, 2017

We have about 5000 products just on a website and This search extension makes it possible to find any of the products by name, sku or description if I can't think of the name. A serious time saver for developers and clients.-ajax search

Robert 5 star rating Submitted: May 5, 2017

Thank you, Resolved
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You just enable that one in the “Allow select categories to search”.
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