M2 SEARCH | Magento 2 Ajax Search Suggest and Auto Complete

Ajax Search Autocomplete and Suggest for Magento 2 will drive more sales on your online store as intelligent and convenient search tool

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Who use Product of Ajax Search Suggest and Auto Complete for Magento 2?

Magento 2 search autocomplete extension will drive more sale to your site by optimizing search module


Ajax Search for Magento uses Ajax technologies to simplify the loading process of search queries and database loading to give an almost instant search to your website user. The below benefits will show reasons why your site should use it.

Smart search

Smart search

Provides a smart search extension for your website with Autocomplete and Suggestion.

Quick results

Quick results

In just a few seconds, customers will have wish results by calling out suggested words.

Smooth operation

Smooth operation

The buyers will not meet any trouble looking for what they want on your Magento website

Diverse information

Diverse information

Results will be shown on the drop-down list with images, information on products that help the customer choose suitable items.

Search category

Search category

Customers can search keywords by category fields that help them narrow down the scope and save time searching on the website

Easy Installation

Easy Installation

Not only makes buyers comfortable when searching products but also brings easy installation for admin with simple setup steps.

The Magento search box stands out and is easy to spot

When your website is integrated with Ajax Search Autocomplete and Suggest Extension for Magento 2, your customers easily recognize search boxes at the top of the site. When the customers enter keywords into the search box, it will suggest and shows products automatically with a pop-up window. A list appears with information, images of products, and even categories of products while someone is typing in the search box.

M2 SEARCH | Magento 2 Ajax Search Suggest and Auto Complete Workflow

Smart search process by Magento 2 Ajax Search

Customers don’t need to remember exactly the product name, they only need to enter words that appear in their mind. The buyers can select the category of the product to narrow searching arrange, it helps them see suitable products quickly.

M2 SEARCH | Magento 2 Ajax Search Suggest and Auto Complete Workflow

Key features of M2 SEARCH | Magento 2 Ajax Search Suggest and Auto Complete

The following features will help you better understand our products

Magento Ajax Search Autocomplete and Suggest: Special features

The Internet growth up day by day. Everyone is shopping through the Internet any time and anywhere. Official research has confirmed that 90% of users prefer using a keyword search for what they are looking for on your website. Therefore, your site needs to look professional, attract customers to stay on your site longer with the below Magento 2 Ajax search special features.

Instant Search with Magento 2 Ajax Search

Instant Search with Magento 2 Ajax Search

Magento 2 Ajax Search Autocomplete and Suggest allows customers to see the search result immediately after they start typing only the first letter of the keywords in the search box. The search result will be shown as a drop-down list that includes

  • Product categories
  • Product image
  • product name
  • Price
  • Short description
  • Customer Review

Ajax Search supports unlimited SKUs

Magento 2 Ajax Search supports search by SKU option with unlimited. If your store is the big one and has up to million items, Magento 2 Ajax Search will be the best choice for you.

Ajax Search supports unlimited SKUs
Flexible Search configuration options

Flexible Search configuration options

Magento 2 Ajax Search extension allows admin configure easily to show or hide images and price of each product in search result. By default, the customer must navigate the product page to see the product description. Now they can see obviously the necessary information right on the search result. Thus, that makes customers can give a decision quicker and exacter.

Maximum search result shown

In the Magento Backend, which is easy to configure the number of search results will be shown in the search box. As usual, you can set the number as 8 which means there are 8 items that match with the keywords that will be displayed in the list with short necessary information. Depending on your design, you should choose a suitable number of search results.

Maximum search result shown

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Services of Magento 2 Ajax Search Suggest and autocomplete

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