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Robert 5 star rating



   Thanks you Selena i hope you always be my support you are the best this company has. Thanks you im very happy with you help. You are Amazing.   

Gaston Barea Moreno 5 star rating


Gaston Barea Moreno

   Excellent tech support. Thanks Neo! 5 star rating


   I am very happy about Neo support thanks you very much!   

Thelma E. Lowe 5 star rating


Thelma E. Lowe

   This is the most afforable and easy to install and use ext for my marketplace website. Keep moving guys!   

mohammad aquil tanveer 5 star rating


mohammad aquil tanveer

   works like charm thank you   

Jibrill Online Shopping 5 star rating


Jibrill Online Shopping

   Hi, Good , Thanks for the support   

Clarence M. Berry 5 star rating


Clarence M. Berry

   This module deserves to be placed in a must-have ext for a website. I've been using it for 7 weeks and the experience is amazing.   

Anoop 5 star rating



   Excellent Help   

عماد مسعود 5 star rating


عماد مسعود

   thanks is working fine   

Shirley Martine 5 star rating


Shirley Martine

   I am really happy with this module. It is so strong with seller management features. Your customer service is so fantastic as well. Good job, guys!   

FreeIndianshop 5 star rating



   Very helpful, I was having trouble deploying the theme and integrating a 3rd party module, but Jensen from the customer support really spent hours with me to get all the things done. I am really happy. Thanks   

Caleb Kim 5 star rating


Caleb Kim

   Good. Evan did perfect job helping me.   

Boukar Ousman 5 star rating


Boukar Ousman

   Very good extensions. Best of all the support team are first class, quick to respond and very knowledgeable. (Thanks for all the help Evan)   

TIMLOR 5 star rating



   Excellent Module & Support Service   

Maris 5 star rating



   I have to say this Magento module is a real catch. The settings are easy to understand and configure. My marketplace have about 100 sellers are on and it simplifies all managing tasks on my site. So good!   

Rain 5 star rating



   hi, Magento Multi Vendor is very convenient for me and my vendors . it's very useful and simple to control all my vendor in admin site. Moreover, all my vendors can create their products on my sites at backend easily . Your team well done . Rain   

PeterSmith 5 star rating



   Hello, i am really satistified with your product. when bouhgt yr Magento Multi Vendor i got more vendors for business before i not have. ^^ Thank for all to support my ticket fastly . Peter   

TendePop 5 star rating



   hi, everything is ok already. now it can work well on my site after you help me resolve my issue. evenly, easy to handle and control many my vendors's products in backend. Your team is also good attitude with me. Tendepop   

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