By integrating the Daily Deal extension, you can dramatically increase the buying incentives for your customers. They will be able to see current, future and past deals resulting in many more potential sales. It enriches your deal site to encourage customers by setting the discount price and length of time below each deal and showing how much money they can save.

Also, this module enables new deals to be displayed regularly; therefore, customers can't help checking your site every day. Particularly, customers can share the deals in their social networks including Facebook or Twitter and help your Magento store become more and more popular.

Mb - Daily Deal Magento Extension is bundled with great features such as: Easily create daily deals, allow you to create as many deals as you want. Frontend friendly interface;Daily deals page displays all deals in 3 sections: today's deals, previous and coming deals. It also allows you to display today deals in Magento left or right column. In product page detail page, customers can also see information about daily deal if it is available: time left, discount amount, special price and more. Countdown timer; with a JavaScript countdown timer integrated, Daily Deal extension can help customer see time left of a running deal or time before a deal starts.

In frontend, for Email Notification, especially, you can collect customer's email who wants to receive email notification about daily deals. The module uses cron job to send email to customer daily to remind them of new deals. This daily deal email template can be easily customized in Magento backend, so you can also import a customer list for daily deals notification system.

Full List Of Features

  • Create multiple deals from existing products.
  • Select start date and end date for each deal.
  • Allows customers to share daily deals on social networks.
  • Display deals in grid and view mode.
  • Display today deals in Magento sidebar.
  • Display daily deal information in product detail page.
  • JavaScript countdown timer helps customer easily find out available time of each deal.
  • Allows admin to send customers daily deals email notification.
  • Allows customers to subscribe their email for daily deals notification.
  • Allows you to create as many deals as you want.
  • Ability to set specific start and end times for each deal.
  • Deals status is automatically changed based on the deal's running time.
  • Ability to set future deals & display the time before deals start.
  • Allows you to select the quantity available for deals.
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