M2 Requisition | Requisition list extension for Magento 2 Development

Requisition List Extension for Magento 2 allows customers to gather frequently bought products into many requisition lists to use at a later date to place orders

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WHO NEEDS Requisition list extension for Magento 2

A great function for Magento development Agency, Store Owners, or Magento Freelancer (Developer) in building & developing their project about Magento online website

Benefits of using Requisition list extension for Magento 2

Reduce the shopping time, help to proceed a quick checkout, improve customer loyalty or increase order, sales and revenues are big benefits you can get for your store when using the Requisition list extension for magento 2.

Reduce the shopping time

Reduce the shopping time

Using the requisition list extension for Magento 2, the customers could immensely reduce their shopping time since they don’t need to go through the browsing process again.

Quick checkout

Quick checkout

With the requisition list, the customers can go to check out right away if their desired product list is already available because all items could be added directly to the shopping cart.

Improve Customer Loyalty

Improve Customer Loyalty

The extension of requisition lists has the necessary precision and flexibility for B2B buyers to organize and place orders more effectively and properly. As a result, they tend to keep returning your website for their purchase.

Fully customizable

Fully customizable

Friendly and flexible configuration. The store admin can add custom CSS and JS code to customize the look and feel. Especially, the customers also change the code to add or customize any features of functionalities as they want

Ease for Magento developer and store owner

Ease for Magento developer and store owner

Just need a few minutes to install the Magento 2 Requisition List extension. The setup process is so easy, and no coding knowledge is required. Both Magento Developer and Store Owner can use the install the extension easily

Increase sales and revenues

Increase sales and revenues

When customers have a good shopping experience and loyalty to your website, you can get more orders to get more revenues and profits.

The key features of Requisition list extension for Magento 2

The following features of Requisition list extension for Magento 2 will help you understand this extension well to use and apply it properly for your Magento online website

THE SPECIAL FEATURE OF Requisition list extension for Magento 2

Besides the key features, the extension also offers the special feature for both Magento Store admin and customers. Let's explore those special features of Requisition List for Magento 2 Extension

The Grid of Requisition Lists Items

The Grid of Requisition Lists Items

All products which are added to requisition lists items will be displayed in the Grid. And this grid, customers are able to:

  •  Update all types of product options.
  • Delete products using clicking on the delete icon or bulk actions.
  • Update the quantity using a bulk action

Requisition Lists in different places

To be able to create the requisition list, customers need to log in for this extension. After login, they can create lists from different places:

  • From the Product page
  • My Requisition Lists Grid from the My Account section after clicking on My Requisition Lists of Top Link
  • The Order View page <

Requisition Lists in different places

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