Maximo magento creative multipurpose theme

Maximo magento creative multipurpose theme is a new generation of magento theme. It provides you a complete solution for e-commerce retail stores

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  • No coding required- just use backend configurations, select colors of dozens of elements using color pickers, set hundreds of options and save to see the change
  • Customizable design- you can change the visual appearance as you wish in back-end of almost any elements of the entire website (font, size, colors, width, background)
  • Unlimited colors- change colors of almost any of elements of any website section, apply textures, upload custom background images...
  • Google Fonts- integration with all available Google Fonts
  • Custom font stack- ability to select standard web-safe fonts (e.g. Arial, Verdana) or define custom font stack (e.g.:Arial, "Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, sans-serif)
  • Bootstrap framework- Built with HTML5 and CSS3
  • many more configuration and add more for each new versions released monthly....


  • Advanced structured layouts- there is many layouts for each of page, devices and sections, include the home pages, headers, footers, detail page, category pages, cart, check out, blogs, about us, portfolio, sliders, menu...
  • Customizable responsive layout- custom maximum width of the page, supports wide screens and is optimized forall screen resolutions. If you resize web browser window, theme elements will be transformed smoothly on each breakpoint (from 320 to 1920 pixels) in order to adapt to the current screen size.
  • Unlimited Layout Combination- a real web layout is the combination of 9 header options, 3 slider options, 3 main body layouts, 5+ footer layouts, 5+ mega menu layouts andunlimited content blocksdisplay in sections of main body. The configuration will begin with the first selection of general layouts, then come each sections layout, then adjust the width, and then colors and contents adjustment of each block. Moreover, you can begin with preset style and demo layouts.
  • Wide or box layout- Maximo supports wide screens or box layout which in the admin panel you can select themaximum width of the page (1024, 1170, 1280 pixels) or even specify yourcustom non-standard width.
  • Fluid grid system(12-column) - the theme always uses maximum available width of the screen to display content. It can be displayed on any screen. Fluid width can be disabled.


  • Ultimate Header Layouts- Maximo has the most comprehensive headers options and scientific structurally layouts with up to 20 options which can be unlimited combinations
  • Header Icons- with social media icon, website and user profiles icons and can be disabled and change styles of hover colors, hyperlinked and so on...
  • Top Menu- is optimized for most common used menus like user account, registration, cart, languages and currency converters. Each of element is full of configurations
  • Logo- admin can upload different logos for different stores and support multiple stores
  • Header Transparent- you can set up header transparent which the wanted percentages of Opacity to display prominently the slider. If you chose this, you can also adjust the colors of any headers elements to match with your sliders and website colors.
  • Sticker menu bar- Main menu can be adjusted to appear with the scrolling down of the content or fixed display.
  • On/Off- Top menu and header icon can be turned off as you want base on the header layouts

Home Page

  • Home page slideshow- fully customizable, easy to use with unlimited creativeness of the latest and best Magento Revolutions Slider, drag and drop features, visual composers and sample sliders imports.
  • Slideshow + banners- additional banners (can be disabled) at the right or left side of the slideshow.
  • Left - Right Side Bar + Main columns layout- you can choose the layout of the home page: 1, 2 or 3 columns. Display custom content in multiple sidebar blocks. Enable/disable Magento's default sidebar blocks on home page.
  • List of categories- display block with the list of all categories in one of the sidebars, the categories is automatically links to its stores - support Multiple Stores
  • Testimonials sliders- display block with the testimonials our your customer and its content can be adjusted easily in admin
  • Parallax Support- You can use a full Parallax layout with just images, text, videos and some products blocks or just insert a custom block with Parallax background
  • Videos Support- use video clips inside your home page layout as easily with our custom block or insert video directly into your sliders. The videos can be inserted from Vimeo or Upload on your website server.
  • Tab Product- display products in tab with different transition effect
  • Brand slider- present all brands on the home page (or on any other CMS page or sidebar block)
  • "Promotion Products" slider- display selected products on any page.
  • "New Products" slider- automatically display products marked as "new". Configure the number of products, scrolling speed, automatic or manual scrolling
  • Recent Works- display recent works to demonstrate best products
  • Services Block- display services which company delivery
  • Blogs Post- display blog post any sections of website and have variety of options
  • Step for sales- display step by step of buying process for buyer
  • Advertisement Banner- display columns of custom banners using fluid grid system and all images is responsive


  • Flexible Menu Layouts- With new version of Mega Menu, you can view your menu with 3 options: Horizontal, Vertical or Both of them. That is an amazing function.
  • Horizontal Magento navigation menu- Mega Menu Magento extension has an attractive horizontal menu to organize your categories, sub-categories and products easily. It shows all categories and you can choose any category you like.
  • Vertical Magento navigation menu-This is a new function on this product, all name categories are hided in main Menu that make your site neat and clean.
  • Both Horizontal and Vertical Menu- There are both kinds of menu display on menu that adapt customer favorites
  • Clear Mega menu Structure- 4 statistic blogs on menu is not only showing images but also arrange information clear and neat
  • Optimize options with menu- Admin can arrange anything on menu with just few clicks and choose what they want to display.
  • Responsive- Customer can view it on all devices as desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phones without any problem on presentation.
  • Menu Customizations- You can show your static blog or category/sub- categories on menu as you wish
  • Product on menu- Your customers can view special as hot, new or featured product
  • Custom block- You can select where a block is placed. It can be on top, left, right or bottom. You also can set block width on right or left side. Then option to hide or show blocks
  • Category labels- Easy for you to create a label of each category.
  • Configure mega menu from admin panel- You can set Menu types or show (not show) home link only apply for horizontal menu
  • Icon on Category- You can add icon on category to make your category clear
  • Benefit of sub category- You can narrow product search on sub categories, do not to use search tool


  • Sidebar menu- display sidebar menu (collapsible accordion) on selected pages. Enable it individually for: category pages, home page, CMS pages, product pages. Choose between left or right sidebar. Sidebar menu can also be displayed via shortcode in any CMS block and on any page.
  • Depth of the sidebar menu- control how many levels in the hierarchy of categories are to be included in the menu
  • Starting category- sidebar menu will only contain children (subcategories) of the selected parent category
  • Hide on mobile devices- sidebar menu can be hidden on mobile devices (if browser viewport is narrower than 768 pixels)


  • Flexible columns layout- there are 2 different layouts ( 2 and 3 columns) to chose to display products details
  • Fully configuration- each elements can be on/off, adjust colors, link, sizes....
  • Side bar- left / right which can used 4 block of content included Related Products, Upsell Products, Store Logo and Custom Static Block
  • Products block- can configured the numbers of products, its descriptions, reviews or products and the slider transition effects
  • Product Images- can configure the width of media files and image zoomer - enable/disable product image gallerywith previous/next buttons and image thumbnail slider- enable automatic scrolling, control the width and height and number of images thumbnail.
  • Universal product type support
    1)Simple product- a simple physical product that is sold at the store.
    2)Configurable product- a single product with options such as size and color
    3)Grouped product- a set of simple products, ex: a set of a cell phone, case and wireless charger
    4)Bundle product- allows customers building product they want
    5)Downloadable product- such as: software, music files, ebooks, e-magazines
    6)Virtual products- product type represents the services one might offer at the store
    7)Subscriptions- allows customers subscribing to products interested, customer will be charged automatically every set period.
  • Brand logo- Logo can be a link to product list the same manufacture.
  • Product Detail Tab- select to display in tab or not, types of tabs,
  • Customizable image sizeon product page. Specify any size you like, images don't have to be square - you can keep the aspect ratio
  • Cloud Zoom + Lightbox- product image zoom. Use one of those methods or both at a time. Cloud Zoom can be displayed inside or outside the main image.
  • Tabs/accordion- tabs smoothly turns into accordion on narrow screens
  • "Additional Information" tab for individual product attributes- create and display custom product attributes
  • 2 tabs for custom content- ready to display any static content: info about shipping, returns, sales, promotions or any other general information
  • Tabbed reviews- show product reviews on product page to improve SEO
  • Related Products and Up-sell Productsblocks with custom content. Replace completely or replace only if the product does not have any related/up-sell products. Or disable those blocks completely with just one click


  • Fluid product grid- select the number of products displayed in a single row on category pages. Display from 2 to 8 products per row for each screen size.
  • Category width- Show category page full screen or boxed (use container width of bootstrap)
  • Category template- Show category page with 1 column, 2 column left, 2 columns right
  • Grid: Column count (Large screen)- number of product in row on device large screen
  • Grid: Column count (Medium screen)- number of product in row on device medium screen
  • Grid: Column count (Small screen)- number of product in row on device small screen
  • Grid: Column count (XSmall screen)- number of product in row on mobile screen
  • Info align- alignment information display(Left, Center or Right)
  • Show add to cart button- Show or hide add to cart in category view
  • Show add to compare button- Show or hide add to compare in category view
  • Show quick view button- Show or hide quick view button in category view
  • Show products name -Show or hide product name in category view
  • Show products price- Show or hide product price in category view
  • List- Show products short description: Show or hide product short description in category view (mode list)
  • Show products review- Show or hide product rating in category view
  • Sidebar category menu- configure additional menu (see section above)
  • Ajax filter -Filter products by attributes (price, color, size, brand…


  • 5 FooterLayouts- you can select to display the footer in different ways to fit with your business profiles
  • Back to Top button- use can come back to top any time which this button
  • Payment Icons- this is a must for must shopping sites and we have it ready for you
  • Copyright Disclaimer- ready to use and is standard feature for ecommerce sites
  • Footer Menu- is custom block and can be changes color, links, contents easily in back end
  • Social Media Icons- can link to your own social media profileslike Facebook, twitter, linked
  • Logo & Store Intro Text- to display the store logo and introduction text to improve the brand awareness


  • Contact us -full form with submit content and Google maps for address
  • About us
  • Portfolio
  • 404 pages
  • Cart
  • Wishlist
  • Terms & Conditions
  • FAQ
  • User Profiles
  • Newsletter
  • Order Confirmation
  • Add to compare -custom layout
  • Log-in / Log out Page -custom layout
  • Banner -display banner in anywhere such as left/right side bar, blog and main body sections. All banner support responsive features.
  • Blog -left/right column layout, latest post with thumbnail images, single post layout support comments and social shares


  • Ease of One Step- reduce from 3 steps to 1 step
  • A Layout for Every Device- It comes with a feature to adjust to different electronic gadgets' screen size. Whenever the screen will be resized, the layout will itself transform efficiently to the needs.
  • Geo IP Technology- With this feature, the customer does not have to fill his/her country, state and zip code as Geo IP technology does that job for the customer with the auto fill Geo IP tech.
  • Quick Login- A customer can directly log in from the checkout page without the hassles of going to a separate page for it if they have are registered customers.
  • New Account's Creation- Guests can create their account and save their data during the process of placing the order. However, they have the easiness of buying without registering with the site.
  • Saving of Address- Once client has initially submitted the address they have the option of saving it for the latter use. Saved address can be retrieved from the dropdown list for the use of shipping and billing and the customer does not have to fill the information multiple times.
  • Send to different shipping addresses- Delivery can be made to different address from billing or customers can choose shipping address the same as billing.
  • Support many popular payment methods
  • Delivery Time- Customers can easily select delivery date and time to receive goods
  • Apply discounts- The extension gives customers a possibility to enter coupon code on the checkout page and get a discount.
  • Gift options support- This extension supports native Magento gift options, so your clients can leave a gift message for the entire order or every product individually.
  • Update shopping cart
  • Polls Display
  • Easily configure extension from admin panel
  • Enable/disable Geo IP.
  • Configure Gift Option, polls, newsletter.
  • Configure delivery time function- Admin can enable/disable delivery time function from admin, also you can block weekend
  • Manage fields- You can easily configure it in administration. Enable which fields you prefer and set the position for them.


  • Add products to the cart from a listing page- Customers can add products to a Magento ajax shopping cart and choose options right on the listing page, without going back the product page.
  • Able to choose options of a product before clicking "add to cart" -For products which have custom fields, customers won't have to access the product details page, shoppers can choose options (quantity, size, color…) before adding products to the cart on the listing page.
  • Quickly update a mini cart- For those sites with mini carts, customers can easily update quantity, remove products from a cart.
  • Animation effect for magento Ajax cart- To make the shopping on your store more interesting, you can use animation effects for Magento Ajax cart. Let's imagine how excited customers feel when products fly to Mini cart or My cart link.
  • Support multiple themes -5 COLORS AVAILABLE , suitable with many different types of ecommerce business- Virtuemart admin can choose colors from the admin panel.
  • Easily customize theme colors- Easily customize dropdown cart width, borders colors, images thumbnails width and height
  • Display empty/update/checkout buttons on mini cart- Just choose to enable/disable/update/checkout button on the mini cart from admin panel


  • Instantly look for results -Magento Ajax Search uses Ajax technology to simplify the loading process and give customers instant search results.
  • Search by category- Filter based on Magento category which is a drop down list.
  • Call out suggested terms- When shoppers type any keywords in the search box, Magento Ajax Search extension will instantly look for matched results and call out suggested terms and products.
  • Search by attributes: Search by products' attributes: name, short description…
  • Show matched categories -The extension automatically shows the pop-up with found categories
  • Show matched CMS pages- Show matched CMS pages relevant to contents
  • Highlight matched terms- Your customer can see highlighted texts/strings while they are searching products
  • Configure products' details- Admin can configure products' details to show necessary information in the pop-up such as products images, products names, a short description, price and ratings
  • Configure search by category- Admin can configure use search by category yes/no, numbers of category customer can choose, customize style
  • Customize pop up skin- Admin can configure the search pop-up with box sizes, border colors, border width, backgrounds, etc
  • Customize highlight texts- Configure sizes and colors of the highlights
  • Customize products thumbnails- Configure products thumbnails with height, width, border, etc
  • Enable/disable categories results- Admin can enable/disable ability to gather products according to categories


  • Great benefits- Are you selling products with different colors or designs on your Magento Store? Magento Color Swatch Extension with Zoom will help your customers understand how products can be looked at variations. You just simply assign any image from a gallery with each attribute and activate image switcher on the product detail page.
  • Used for many product attributes -Magento Color Swatch shows attributes of products using swatches on configurable products. It's able to be used for any attribute type such as color, size, and thumbnail images.
  • Work with different product types- Magento Color Swatch works well with simple products as well as configurable ones. Swatch options for products' images and thumbnails can be customized in the back end. The interface and back end settings are user-friendly and a standard Magento UI
  • Various Swatch Statuses- Magento Color Swatch extension with zoom allows administrators to apply multiple attributes into a single product which has different swatch images. It's possible to set up swatch images for any status like normal, hover, enabled or disabled in Magento Admin Panel.
  • Use images for selecting attributes- Let your customers see the final version of the product they are buying to reduce the returns resulting from customer frustration. Customers can select image attributes as much as they want to see different variants of the product, zoom images and eventually choose what they like.
  • Apply several attributes with swatch images on a single product- You can use image thumbnail to icon or upload image for each attribute
  • Select an option value by clicking directly on the image- The extension can automatically load images and price of the associated simple products chosen by customers. For example, a customer want to choose green color and size M - the extension will show the images and price of the simple product which stands behind these selections.
  • View image details with elegant zoom- Zoom effect offers to closely examine all the product details. Your customers can select image attributes as much as they want to see different variants of the product, zoom images and eventually choose what they like. The zoomer is not only a simple add-on but also powerful module with 5 types of zoom effects and a full list of configuration features in Magento Admin Panel.
  • View image details with lightbox effects- With lightbox options you make the process of image viewing more friendly for users. Alternatively you can use images together with text.
  • Two different styles available- 2 different styles available so you can choose a style for your site
  • Display swatch attribute selected in Back-end- These swatch attributes selected here will be the new tab on the back screen


  • Advanced categories menu -This extension enables you clearly display a category tree by choosing from various modes for category display. You can show categories in dropdown, together with subcategories or static 2-level category tree with plus/minus controls, etc, hide or move category filters, exclude any categories from layered navigation
  • Shop by brands - Let the customers easily find the products of the brands they are addicted to. Show brand logos in navigation
  • Shop by color - If you own a big fashion store, so will helpful if your customer can filter product base on color attribute
  • Price sliders and other numeric filters - Price Slider control allows your customer to select a certain price range according to their purchasing intentions.
  • Filter search results by multiple attributes - Enables your customers to filter search results by multiple attributes and just one click you can reset filter


  • Product Wishlist- Allow to save favorite products, View/clear products in the wishlist, Edit, delete, add notes to products, Ajax registration popup, Ajax wishlist window with button, Out of stock integration, Add to cart functionality by wishlist view, Sidebar in the listing page and product page at the bottom
  • Multi languages -This extension will help customers all over the world understand website easier with their own languages.
  • Multi Currency-It allows your customers to determine currency conversions from one denomination to another as well as allowing customers to choose what they would like to pay with.
  • Add to compare-This function helps you to compare price, size or material of some products that come to the end decision more quickly. It is one of outstanding feature of this theme.


  • Magento Product labels extension allows admin to add graphical labels to products, attracting visitors to your Magento store. Magento product labels extension Cmsmart provides flexible ways to create professional looking call-to-action labels for your Magento store.
  • Add labels- on product thumbnails, supporting unlimited types of labels. You can also create your own label rules.
  • Display labels- on the category page and on product details page. How will labels be applied into a product which has more than one label? The extension allows you to set the priority for different labels. If a product has many labels, the label with the highest priority will be chosen to be available.
  • A single tab to control product labels- Admin can set up separate labels on the category page and the product page. It is very helpful when labels are adjustable to fit their positions on different pages. For example, labels on the category page can be smaller and more specially-designed to make products outstanding among others.
  • Utilize special variables to include in label texts- You can also utilize special variables to include in label texts such as Special Price, Discount Amount, etc. For example, if you select the "Discount Amount" variable, the discount number will be automatically calculated based on the special price configured for each item, like 10% off for item A, 20% for item B, and so on.
  • Define conditions to trigger rules- For example, the "New" condition can be chosen if you want to apply the label for all products configured "New from date" and "New to date" in backend from the Product Information page.
  • "Custom" Conditions- You can flexibly select a series of items you like to show labels. This condition is especially useful when you want to carry out a promotional campaign. For example, 10% discount for all boots when the winter is over and so on. Very time- saving, right?


  • Modern Design- we completely revise the admin layout of magento with modern design and fully responsive. This is a stunning admin layout that comes from our passion with 5 unique color layouts for your favorite or you can also create your own variation
  • Fully Responsive Design- Now Responsive is one of the most essential functions that should have when managing your magento admin, so you can view on any where, any times with any devices like mobile phone, ipad, tablets, desktops...
  • Unique Navigation Menu- If you do not want to see your admin panel in horizontal as usual, you can use menu in vertical
  • Clean and elegant interface- If everything arrange clean and elegant, shop owner will manage database easily to control business operation.
  • Easy-to-use admin panel- All information are displayed clearly and you can adjust with some few clicks
  • Over 100 pages revised- There are more than 100 basic, modern and stylish pages that enrich your admin panel pages.
  • Search pro tool- This tool will save your huge time if you do not remember exactly what you are looking for. It boosts the Admin search experience to the maximum.
  • Login, Register, user profile- Ready to use Login and registration pages along with user profile page helps you to add new user in your application
  • Themify and Awesome icon font- This functions helps your website lighter and more attractive to increase visual experience
  • Clean code- Clean code is one of the important thing in your website that make your site run fast and easy to customize
  • Admin's Avatar Function- With a beautiful avatar, your admin panel will look more attractive
  • Quick Preview- Adding this function in back-end, admin easily preview all changing on their site in one click.
  • More Attractive with CSS3, HTML5 and CHARTJS- CSS3 and HTML5 is new technology with many effects that make your website more beautiful and developers can use it easily. In addition, it spends less data and increase loading pages. With ChartJS, users are able to understand document clearly through chart.
  • Translation ready and support RTL- Translating automatically into other popular languages and regions as: English, French, German… special Admin theme already support RTL
  • Support All Magento Extensions- the admin themes supports the normal operation of all other magento extensions as we did not interfere any core Magento's code.


  • One-click import- import CMS blocks and pages with sample content from the demo
  • 60+ Magento CMS blocks- content placeholders (in Magento calledstatic blocks) ready to display custom content in almost every part of the store. Everything edited from the admin panel
  • Social services bookmarks- social widgetscan be easily added to any section (product page, footer, header etc.) using any of the CMS blocks
  • Multi-store ready- applicable for multi-store Magento installations.


  • Free of Charge- After purchase, all updates are free of charge.
  • Update Guarantee- we will continue to update and improvethis theme to keep it the best theme for Magento. The upgrade will be guide in the user guiders of newer version and the buyer has his own responsibility to upgrade the products or not
  • Ticket Support- we have a team supportprivate ticket here, please register and open ticket support. Please read over our support policy as we as Themeforest support policy
  • Support Period- we will only support client who has a validated support period from Themeforest, if you are expired, please buy a new extension of support

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