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NetBase JSC, a Vietnam Software Outsourcing Company established by a group of three software and internet experts who have been working in software outsourcing market since 2005.


Netbase chooses to focus on e-commercial solutions for shopping cart CMS open sources, and Virtuemart is the first market, but also the Magento team is a strong one. It’s transforming the business model into a software marketplace displaying different CMS platforms.

In long term, Netbase would like to expand the marketplace for different CMS platforms and services, being a playground for developers all over the world hiring service or buying an ecommerce extension.


  • 2012 - 2013: Developing Virtuemart extensions

Virtuemart extensions: 20+ products

Virtuemart templates: 20+ products

  • 2013 - 2014: Developing Magento Extensions

Magento themes: 25+

Magento extensions: 30+

  • 2014: Opening Outsourcing projects and - Hold on now

Updated ‘til now: 40+

On sale products: 200+


User Database: 17.000+

Sold copies: 7000+

1st Class Virtuemart developer in Viet Nam

Support information

Become a client on Cmsmart, you are protected strongly with our Client Protection Programe. Especially we built -in a strong Central Ticket Support system to help clients and partners working on the products item support after purchased.

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Products from Netbase

Improve Your Photos to Vector Illustration

1 Reviews | Version | Updated: 2021/06/22 | Design And Graphic

2 Days with 2 Revisions

Wordpress Theme Demo Installation Pack

0 Reviews | Version | Updated: 2021/06/22 | Wordpress

1 Day with 5 Revisions

Joomla Installation and Optimization

0 Reviews | Version | Updated: 2021/06/22 | Joomla

1 day with 4 revisions

Joomla Themeforest Professional Theme Installation

2 Reviews | Version | Updated: 2021/06/22 | Joomla

1 Day with 4 Revisions

Joomla Theme Quick Start Installation

0 Reviews | Version | Updated: 2021/06/22 | Joomla

Installing quick start template package for a site which doesn’t have sample data.

Joomla Virtuemart Extension Installation

5 Reviews | Version | Updated: 2021/06/22 | Joomla

Have you lost time to install a Virtuemart extension and make it work correctly? Why don't you just buy Virtuemart Extension Installation Service? And let us help you.

Magento Extension Installation Service

8 Reviews | Version | Updated: 2021/06/22 | Magento

Are you coming here to require us a Magento Extension Installation service? We're ready to serve

Joomla Virtuemart Template Installation

5 Reviews | Version | Updated: 2021/06/22 | Joomla

Want us to install your Virtuemart Template like Demo? You come to the right place. We are here to serve your installation request.

Magento Theme Installation With Sample Data

6 Reviews | Version | Updated: 2021/06/22 | Magento

Magento Save Cart Plugin

3 Reviews | Version 1.0.0 | Updated: 2018/05/21 | User Experience

Magento Save Cart plugin helps customers save items in the cart for purchasing any of them at next shopping times.

Magento Call For Price Extension

7 Reviews | Version 2.1.0 | Updated: 2018/05/04 | User Experience

Magento Call for Price Extension simply replaces prices and “Add to Cart” button with the "Call for Price" message to encourage customers to contact with shop owner for more detail price.

Advanced Inventory Extension For Magento

2 Reviews | Version 1.0 | Updated: 2014/12/10 | Admin Tool

Advanced Inventory Extension for Magento is the most powerful extension, which can significantly facilitate your administrative experience and manage stock system of each store on website.

Virtuemart Product Zoom Images

4 Reviews | Version 1.3.0 | Updated: 2017/12/21 | User Experience

Virtuemart Product Zoom Image plugin gives shopper an ability to magnify an image to have a more detailed view of the product

Virtuemart Product Wishlist Extension

11 Reviews | Version 1.1.3 | Updated: 2020/09/17 | User Experience

Virtuemart Product Wishlist Extension helps your customers to add their favorite items to the wishlist cart, and bookmark items for the next shopping.

Magento Price Matrix Extension

12 Reviews | Version 1.0 | Updated: 2018/05/03 | User Experience

Magento price matrix extension supports a wide range of product’s attributes at different prices, saving user’s choices with orders, serving the print supplier on providing customers at the best options.


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