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Convert more visitors to customers with fast search and autocomplete widget by Searchanise. Free for stores with up to 25 products! Unlike default Magento autocomplete and other custom search extensions, Searchanise does not put any extra load on your server. Searchanise delivers relevant search results to your customers instantly as they type. Searchanise autocomplete widget is highly customizable and naturally fits any storefront design. The extended Searchanise Pro package provides useful tools that will help you effectively use your store search to improve conversion rates and grow profits: synonyms, recent searches, promotion tools, smart redirects, and more. You can upgrade to Pro at any time, right in your Searchanise admin panel. Searchanise is multi-store aware—the instant search widget can be customized individually for each storefront or language you have. From the very first typed character, Searchanise ships smart search suggestions and product previews. As the search term grows, the search results change in real time to become more relevant. Let the visitors of your store find exactly what they are looking for and become your loyal customers, right from the homepage! Install the add-on in a few clicks and start driving more customers now! Requirements Searchanise should work with most stores by default. Still, here are some points that you should check before installing Searchanise. - Some extensions do not play well with Searchanise, check if you don't have of those installed: - Make sure the "Use flat product catalog" feature is disabled. - Important! Magento's compilation (System → Tools → Compilation) MUST be TURNED OFF during installation and upgrade of the Searchanise extension. Otherwise, your store's admin panel may become unaccessable. Key features The Most Intelligent Product Search, Powered by the Cloud Backed with the most advanced search technologies, Searchanise can easily handle stores with up to 100,000 products delivering relevant results with rocket speed All search requests are processed in the cloud taking a great amount of load from your server Smart “Did you mean” suggestions Searchanise Did You Mean Functionality “Search-as-You-Type” Real-time search suggestions and autocomplete, from the first typed character Intelligent spell check and error correction Searchanise Autocorrect Seamless Integration Searchanise uses your native store font by default Fully integrated admin panel—set up Searchanise right in your store's administrator area Accurate product thumbnails (non-square images are not squeezed or stretched) Customizable storefront search widget to suite any storefront design Searchanise Customizable Autocomplete Widget Versatile Solution Works on most web-browsers, including IE7+ and Opera Mobile devices are supported Cyrillic and right-to-left languages are supported Pure CSS and JS, no additional browser plug-ins required It's Free! Our quick search and autocomplete service is free for stores with up to 250 products, regardless of the load. The free version of Searchanise includes all essential basics: instant search and full-text search. Searchanise is also Magento Enterprise-compatible. Note that in order to connect a store to Searchanise, it must be reachable from the Internet. Need help? Check out our solutions portal. Stay tuned to the latest news and service updates on our Twitter.

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Become a client on Cmsmart, you are protected strongly with our Client Protection Programe. Especially we built -in a strong Central Ticket Support system to help clients and partners working on the products item support after purchased.

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