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WooCommerce Booking Event & Calendaris a WordPress plugin to create booking templates for appointments with defined start times and durations in a schedule. Customers who visit your website can easily schedule your services and events. Especially it is synced with Google Calendar. Activities, events that customers just set will be added to their google calendar. It is useful for booking/managing meetings/events for law firms, teachers, doctors, veterinarians, beauticians, etc. And for any kind of activity developed with specific schedules of the day. Please feel free to contact us at project@netbaseteam.com to discuss further.

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No coding experience is required to set up WooCommerce Booking Event & Calendar. We have done our best to make it as easy and fast as possible to install and start using it on your WordPress site. And with our WooCommerce Booking Event & Calendar, you will take the online scheduling experience for you and your customers to the next level.

WooCommerce Booking Event & Calendar will bring many huge benefits as below:

For customer:

  • Customer can keep track of hours still available and hours already used and make the reservation
  • The payment can be done via WooCommerce payment gateways
  • Find all your bookings at a glance on a calendar and in a list. Use dynamic filters, sorting, and custom columns

For website owner:

  • Website owner can set up time slot for sell and confirm/ reject the reservation
  • Display your customer’s bookings calendar in WooCommerce product detail
  • Link automatically the booking list with Google Calendar to manage the operation of services team


Your customer can easily use WP Booking Event & Calendar with steps below:

  • Step 1. Go to website: Firstly, customers go to your website.
  • Step 2. Choose service: Customers choose the service that is right for them.
  • Step 3. Pick a Time slot: Date and time slots available for the clicked date. Customers can select preferred time from available time slots.
  • Step 4: User info and Payment: Customers enter their information. In addition, customers choose a payment option to schedule in this step.
  • Step 5: Booking confirmation: Finally, customers confirm their reservation information.


Using WP Booking Event & Calendar plugin is very easy by following 3 main steps as below:

  • Step 1. Install plugin: Plugins => Add New => Upload Plugin. Choose a file of this plugin to upload and install file
  • Step 2. Active plugin: After installing the plugin, you change the status of the plugin to a working state so you can use it.
  • Step 3. Config: Set up Configuration in the way you want.


1. Manage events: Easily create events, accept reservations, and manage these events with the powerful WooCommerce Booking Event & Calendar.

2. Event booking: Customers easily find and schedule the events they want to attend with just a few clicks.

3. The user interface is simple, clear and modern: The user interface is beautifully designed, careful to accept appointments and make online reservations and fits perfectly on your WordPress site. The user interface of this plugin is easy to use and quick to view, whether managing or creating appointments on your website.

4. Sync with Google Calendar: Activities, events that customers have just set will be added to their google calendar. Synchronizing with the google calendar allows them to track daily activities and organize time better.

5. Set a duration for each event: Create multiple time frames for an event for customers to choose freely. The price of the event will depend on the length of time the customer has chosen.

6. Save time and increase customer appointments: Scheduling online appointments give customers more freedom. They can review their free time to choose the event that suits them best – all without having to call. What’s more, you can manage your online appointments 24/7 easily and quickly.

7. Integration with WooCommerce: The WooCommerce plugin allows forms created with the WooCommerce Booking Event & Calendar plugin to integrate with WooCommerce products so you can calculate product prices through forms.

8. Allow scheduling for relatives and friends: If your customers want to attend the event with relatives and friends, they do not need to worry. WooCommerce Booking Event & Calendar allows customers to book other people events easily and conveniently.

9. Date display available: When selecting an event, a booking form will be displayed. This will display the available dates you can select. The dates already booked will be colored and you cannot schedule them.

10. Event management solution for all businesses: WooCommerce Booking Event & Calendar is designed in the way that event planners manage events in different businesses such as education, restaurants, communities, etc. And easily Sell tickets, earn revenue and grow your business.

11. Check Timeline: Check the glancing reservation for a year, month or day, in front of your site.

12. Easy to manage: Easy and effective way to manage appointments online from the admin panel. Quickly identify approved or pending appointments.

13. View the administrator’s calendar: Admins and staff can track appointments in dynamic calendar view. The calendar can display appointments for monthly, weekly, daily.

14. Secure online payment: If you want to collect payment online! Don’t worry WooCommerce Booking Event & Calendar comes with different types of integrated payment options, helping you ensure your appointments are paid in advance or receive a deposit.

15. Add more services to the cart: After completing the payment information, if your customers want to search for other events of interest, they can click the “Add to cart” button to add the service to the shopping cart.

16. Multi-language: Multilingual support with different countries is very diverse and rich.

17. 100% Responsive: Booking form and calendar fully support responsive design that looks great on every device.

18. Cross browser: This plugin is compatible with all browsers.

Thank you for reading. If you have any question please leave your feedback here project@cmsmart.net. And now, you can purchase this item in here: Check Out

Version 1.0.0 (27 March 2020)

- Released

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