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Today, we are writing about one of the projects we have done that we think most printing businesses would be interested in. It is about the feature to convert .AI file format to .SVG file format on NBdesigner editor (WooCommerce Product Designer Plugin).  This function is only a small feature in the whole big eCommerce printing project. But it really could help your business stand out. With almost 10 year experience in providing solutions for eCommerce and Printing businesses around the world, CMSMART have deep knowledge about the Printing industry. You can refer some available solutions that help a lot of our customer in the printing industry such as: Printstore Solution, Tshirt Printing Store Solution.... We know that cost optimization is a priority for most businesses, especially for young startups. We talk and discuss with customers about their goals, challenges to advise bespoke eCommerce solutions to each organization. We only sell things that customers need. We will not try to sell you something if it does not work for your business. 

Project Overview is a one-stop printing superstore in America that provides a wide range of printing products, from stickers; banners, basic printing like business cards, posters, envelopes… to packaging materials like tapes, boxes, tissue papers…

The client partnered with CMSMART to customize their NBdesign tool on the website They would like to be able to convert .AI file format to .SVG file format on the NBdesigner editor. It could help them to save a lot of time when creating the design templates. 

CMSMART case study with 4over4

Project implementation

Listen to the client’s problem

AI is a graphics file format created by Adobe systems. It is short for Adobe Illustrator Artwork file. AI files are vector-based graphics contained on a single page. The content of the AI file can be used widely because the graphics retain their details at maximum zoom level. That is why Adobe Illustrator Artwork files are popular among designers. 

You know that NBdesigner supports creating templates by creating one by one with the existing elements on the left sidebar or by uploading .PSD/.AI files to convert into templates. But in order to convert those .PSD/.AI files, you need to split them into elements (images, text) and then arrange them in the right position. (You could take a look at this tutorial about How To Convert PSD To Template For Online Designer for more information). This will cost you a lot of time for converting one by one .PSD/.AI files into NBdesigner templates. 

Time is money for every business. So the challenge here is to find a way to minimize the time spent on converting those files into NBdesigner templates.

convert .AI file format to .SVG format file

Finding the solution to client’s problem

To solve the client’s problem, we think about converting those files into .SVG file format. 

A Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) is a unique type of image format. Unlike other varieties, SVGs don’t rely on unique pixels to make up the images you see. Instead, they use ‘vector’ data. 

This file format stores images as a set of points and lines between points. Mathematical formulas dictate the placement and shape of these points and lines, and maintain their spatial relationships when the image is scaled up or down. Vector graphic files also store color information and can even display text. So it allows you to ungroup the layers, split them into elements, and change the color path…

After we employ this feature on, it allows admin to: 

  • Convert .AI files to SVG files when uploaded to NBdesigner page which can ungroup layer, change color...etc

  • Import function: As admin, in the backend template management section, you can import an .AI file and it will automatically turn that .AI file into an editable template. 

With this feature, you could create tons of pre-made templates with design software like Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrator... Save them in .AI files and then upload them to the NBdesigner tool to change them into editable templates. Your end-users could use those templates to design their products. Now creating premade templates on NBdesigner is as easy as cake. It not only helps to save a lot of time but also helps to improve user experience on your website. Plus, with more wonderful design templates, you could impress your customers and make a lot of money. with convert .AI file format to .SVG format

Some important notes and requirements about the feature

Firstly, to employ this feature, your host needs to be VPS or dedicated hosting; a shared host will not work at all. 

Not all .AI files can be uploaded and converted correctly. Too complicated .AI files may cause problems after you ungroup the elements. When this happens, you might need to manually edit to correct or put them in the right position as you want. 

A tip for you to make sure your .AI file works or not, you can have a test on Because we already employed the feature on this site, you can go there to test your .AI files first and try to modify them. 

Before testing, you could take a look at this guidance video for more information. And this one is for the import function. 


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