+ Save more & Long term rewarding: With the full package, you can save both time & money, also avoid conflict while trying to install templates and a lot of extension seperately.


+ Better support & Maintenance: With the model of recurring fee, customer can get our support and maintenance for the website: fix bugs, guide you how to configuration/setting, training you how to use the system.


+ More benefit & Extra Service Included: As you see, in the monthly recurring fee, there are extra benefits and service options offered to customers. Just purchase the package you want and we implement all the benefits and extra service on your website.


+ Easy going & Cancel anytime: With the flexible payment, we create the options for customers for recurring payment to keep or not. If they do not like to keep recurring fee, they can cancel it any time they like.



+ More Secure & Flexible payment: We offer different packages at a different price to perfectly fit small businesses like startups to medium businesses and large enterprises, we would like to give customers flexible choices.