WP Booking & Appointment Plugin

WP Booking & Appointment Plugin is a useful booking plugin that integration with WooCommerce and supports all sorts of e-commerce sites built on WooCommerce.

WP Booking & Appointment Plugin is a useful booking plugin that integration with WooCommerce and supports all sorts of e-commerce sites built on WooCommerce.  This booking plugin allows your customer to book all types of service businesses including spa and massage, gym, education, beauty,... The service provider can easily schedule their services online, customize prices, manage appointments, customers and many other powerful features. Please feel free to contact us at project@netbaseteam.com to discuss further.
Why use this WP Booking & Appointment Plugin - product benefits

This plugin is a versatile scheduling software system. Whether you run a chain of gyms with multiple facilities, want to create a website to help your customers book your classes online, or you are a business owner who needs to automate your booking, WooBooking has protected you. Great for anyone who requests a service or class.

WP Booking & Appointment Plugin will bring many huge benefits as below:

+ For customer: With this wordpress scheduler plugin, your customers can easily book class schedules from anywhere from your website. They can search, view all your events and choose the event that best suits them. No need for any call or meeting for the appointment. They can also schedule their friends and relatives. Besides, this plugin allows your customers to easily determine the time, duration and view details of class-related information.

+ For shop owner: Fully customizable WP Booking & Appointment Plugin, you can easily change colors, labels, time slot layout without knowing HTML and CSS. Our product integrates with your website to give your customers a nice booking experience. So, if you are looking for a course scheduling plugin for your website, this product might be the best WordPress Calendar plugin ever.

Feature of WP Booking & Appointment Plugin

Main feature:
1. Save time and increase customer appointments:
Scheduling online appointments gives customers more freedom. They can review their free time to choose the event that suits them best - all without having to call. What's more, you can manage your online appointments 24/7 easily and quickly.
2. Advanced customization:
Publishing the interface on your website is very simple. To modify the appearance of content, you can proactively add feature blocks to pages you create. You can add or remove any feature block easily without knowing HTML and CSS.
3. The user interface is simple, clean and modern:
The user interface is beautifully designed, careful to accept appointments and make online reservations and fits perfectly on your WordPress site. The user interface of this WP Booking & Appointment Plugin is easy to use and quick to view, whether managing or creating appointments on your website. Smartphone users may realize that the responsive design of this plugin helps to schedule appointments on the go and hassle-free experience. It will save you time, save money, and bring comfort to your customers.
4. Allow scheduling for relatives and friends:
If your customers want to attend the event with relatives and friends, they do not need to worry. WooBooking allows customers to book other people events easily and conveniently.
5. Integration with WooCommerce:
If you use WooCommerce on your site, we will protect you. This plugin is an extension of WooCommerce plugin that allows your customers to schedule online easily.
6. Find events easily:
You have a list of events and don't want customers to spend too much time choosing the event that's right for them. It is great that this plugin allows your customers to search for events related to services, locations, or employees. Therefore, they can search for events quickly and easily.
7. Secure online payment:
If you want to collect payment online! Don't worry WP Booking & Appointment Plugin comes with different types of integrated payment options, helping you ensure your appointments are paid in advance or receive a deposit. You also have the right to disable scheduled payment options. Because the WooBooking plugin integrates with PayPal, you can process payments from your online appointment system with this plugin.
8. Management of events:
Easily manage your events on the back-end page. Here, you can also add, edit, and delete events. In particular, each event, you can add one or more rates that match the event. Setting up the minimum and maximum number of people can participate in the event is also very easy.
9. Manage categories:
This plugin supports you in managing categories including: image, status, language, ID, access, association.
10. Manage services:
Although you have many services, this plugin will help you manage all of them easily and professionally. Here, you can also quickly set up information for the service such as price, duration of service, trainer, etc. Each service will be associated with a certain category. WP Booking & Appointment Plugin allows you to set the duration and buffer time (interval between two services) of each service separately. For example, if you want to take breaks between two services to prepare for the next service, you can use Buffer time before / after.
11. Manage employees:
Employee-related information such as photos, names, emails, addresses, etc. will be managed in the back-end. You also have the right to change the behavior of employees
12. Add more services to the cart:
After completing the payment information, if your customers want to search for other events of interest, they can click the "Add to cart" button to add the service to the shopping cart.

Other feature:

13. Allow customers to view and edit the shopping cart:
At the customer's cart, they can see all the events they have chosen. They can also perform additions, corrections, and deletes in their shopping carts. Edit their cart with the click of a button.
14. Increase customers with great mobile reservations:
Smartphone customers will have a great user experience because of its responsive features. Both the back-end and the front-end are fully responsive and easily adjusted to fit any screen size.
15. Customize events:
An interesting feature of this plugin is that it allows you to Customize events. You can customize Event Gallery, Event Colors. You can also change the status of hidden / show events on the front-end.
16. Cross browser:
This plugin is compatible with all browsers.

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