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6 Unique Demos

Various beautiful home layouts will adapt customer needs

Ultimate Responsive

T-shirt Wordpress templates is suitable with all screen from 320 to 2560 pixels. Theme elements will be moved solftly on every point. This template will increase your sales revenue through many devices.

Fluid width

T-shirt theme is adapted to all screen resolution. You can put this theme on any device with screen size from 240 to 1920 pixels, you will see it suitable with all of them, theme elements will be moved softly on each point . T-shirt theme uses 100% of available space to show the content and you can also disable fluid width as you wan

Fully Customizable

Go with many color options to give administrator full control the theme. Just a few clicks to change color as you wish.

Flexible category

2 To 4 Product columns

Customizable products grid view

You also set for each mouse hover for "Add to card" button, "Add to wishlist", "Add to compare" - one of three options: hide, show or show only

Customizable products list view

With products list view you will see information of product clearly and if it is suitable for you, click to go on detail page for more information

Show/Hide/Show on mouse hover

You will see the some thing change on mouse hover as below:

1. "Add to card" button

2. "Add to quick view" and "Add to compare"

3. Name of product

4. Price

Product detail page

Unlimited custom color variations

Slider Revolution Feature

Slider Revolution is an innovative, responsive WordPress Slider Plugin that displays your content the beautiful way. Whether it's a Slider, Carousel, Hero Scene or even a whole Front Page, the visual, drag & drop editor will let you tell your own stories in no time!

Max MegaMenu

You can easy to use Drag & drop Mega Menu builder. And you can display WordPress Widgets in your menu. Responsive, retina & touch ready.

Ajax cart

It is a perfect solution to allow your customers shopping without waiting for the pages to be refreshed.

Visual Composer

#1 Most popular award winning drag &drop frontend and backend editor

Unlimited Slide bar

You can easily create custom side bars and assign different sidebar to each page.

Google Fonts

You can easily control heading and body font in Typography of Admin Panel. You will be access massive google font and create unique website here.

Support Multi language

With this plugin your customer can translate WordPress website content to other languages manually and quickly.

Multi currency

With this plugin, your site can change to other currency easily and it will increase your sales volume.

One Page Checkout Feature

If customer feel happy with your product and want to get it immediately on their cart but they cannot because of complecated checkout process. WooCommerce One Page checkout plugin will resolve all your problem.

Advanced Invoices

Wordpress Invoices plugin allows you to create and send invoices & quotes to your clients within a few minutes.

You can choose your own template that you create or you can use an invoice from pre-designed invoice and quote templates

A great looking reports page to help you get an overview of year to date figures, monthly figures, compare month to month, week to week and year to year as well as checking the current statuses of quotes and invoices.

And so many features as exporting, online payments, tax options, HTML notifications, translation ready, client management

Advanced Payment Gateway

Our PrintStore solution will accept customers pay through Paypal, Stripe and mazon.That is very convenient for customers all over the world.

  • Paypal enable you to accept PayPal, credit card and debit card payments using one simple signup flow for activation.
  • With Stripe you can accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and Diners Club cards, even Bitcoin, directly on your store.
  • Pay with Amazon enables millions of Amazon buyers to purchase on your site using the payment and shipping information in their Amazon accounts.

An advanced filter in the archive page

A must-have plugin for your WooCommerce powered online store! Provide a better experience for your users. With just a few clicks, users will find the product that they are searching for

Add Size Guide

We provide a table or chart with details on your product sizes and any recommended corresponding measurements which help customers make a quick decision.

The Power Core Theme

Create anything without coding with this core to make your site stronger and more flexible

product Notifications Feature

This plugin display cross-sell, up-sell, selected product and category products, same category products as notification and boost your product sells.

Delivery Date Pro Feature

This Woocommerce Delivery Date plugin will allow you to improve your customer service by delivering the order on the customer's chosen date and let them to choose an order delivery date on the checkout page.Take a look at some main Features below

  • You can select unlimited categories and the plugin will be active
  • Working days option to count only working days
  • Add holiday or black-out dates
  • Set more than one holiday
  • Show Delivery Date in Customer Notification Email
  • Show 2 months in calendar
  • Select an off day for delivery
  • Make the date field required by checkout

Coupon code Generator Feature

WooCommerce Coupon Code Generator is a plugin that allows you to setup and generator tens of thousands of coupons at the same time. With only 4 steps, you can setup your coupon code easily

Live Chat Feature

This plugin helps your staffs contact with customers online via chat to close deal quickly. This is a fully functional live chat plugin that you should put.

  • Very clean code
  • Cute skin (fully customizable)
  • Create your own operators
  • Chat logs
  • More than one operators can reply the same user's question
  • Visitors can fill out contact form when all operators are offline
  • Email notifications when visitor logs in chat

SEO friendly

This theme was built following the best SEO to help your sales higher. With Yoast or All in One SEO plugin that we recommended you need to install into this theme, we are believe your rank increase significantly

Post titles and meta descriptions

Yoast SEO lets you set templates for titles and meta descriptions for all types of pages

Robots Meta configuration

Whether you want to keep a single post or page out of the index, or you prefer to keep entire sections of your site unfindable: the Yoast SEO plugin has your back. 

Social Feature

This extension helps customers save a huge time when they register on website, just one click with their accounts on Facebook,Twitter, Google, Linkedin or other social accounts. Customer do not need to remember user or pass word.

  • Many social accounts as Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Instagram, PayPal, Amazon will be suggested when customer want to login
  • A clean & user friendly admin UI to manage everything. 
  • 1 click registration. 
  • Customers don't need to remember another username
  • Increase trust by using social log-in 
  • Automatically integrate on checkout page.
  • Make account access and checkout easy and seamless
  • View number of sign-ups for each social network. Reduce complicated process for repeat purchases.

Google Analytic Integration

You can control your traffic to know exactly what is the effective marketing channel and then you have a clear plan for your business. In Additions, you can improve product management and Merchandising Effectiveness. It also supports the new Universal Analytics, eCommerce, and enhanced eCommerce event tracking.

  • Easy Installation
  • Get many reports
  • Manage Display Advertising
  • Support Guest checkout
  • Control traffic

Newsletter Feature

This is must-have plugin that you should integrate into your website to increase sales volume. Your customers will receive your business promotion and activities.

Promotion Pop-up Feature

Popups Plugin is indispensable thing as a marketing tool to increase conversion order. It opens automatically to surprise customers with attractive content. More important, you can customize Popup plugin as your demands. You can insert any type of content on Popup. Insert your popup into any page or a post easily and fast.

  • Set position of popup on the screen
  • Change popup content background color
  • Choose between several popup themes
  • Set animation effects and customize popup animation effect
  • Create and manage as many popups as you want
  • Redirect users to another page when they click on popup content
  • Show/Hide Popup for selected User Roles (Admin panel)

T-shirt Printing Product FAQs Feature

This plugin allows customers ask, answer or view of FAQs in a similar experience. Customer can ask questions about specific products and get answers with this plugin. It also allows you, the store owner, to manually add questions to specific products. Admin can see new questions notifications with links to admin.

Asker also will be get notifications when their question has been answered with links. Each notification email has a system to highlight the question specified in the email, so in the case of numerous questions, the user does not have to hunt for his question.

Best Sellers Feature

When customer see a product which display on best seller area, they would more likely purchase it than others.

  • You can see best-seller products in best sellers page easily
  • Add Best Sellers Widget that shows best-sellers
  • Possibility to show a Best Seller Badge on best-seller products

Shop By Brands Feature

YITH WooCommerce shop by Brands allows shop owner to show brands in store that customers can realize their favorite brand quickly and purchase products simple. And display famous brands in your shop that also build your reputation more powerful.

  • Create a brand, assign a logo, a name and a description
  • Manage brands easily
  • Assign one or more brands to each product
  • View brands of a product in single product page
  • You can view archive page for each brand

Bundle Product Feature

This plugin is one of the most effective marketing strategies, shop owner choose a group product which sell together with big discount to increase sale volume

  • Support for many types of product.
  • Ideal for applications with strict inventory management requirements.
  • Flexible pricing and shipping options.
  • Configurable bundled product quantities and optional bundled items.
  • Support for many popular WooCommerce extensions such as Product Add-ons,Name Your Price and Composite Products.
  • Easy to follow, complete documentation with clear examples and solutions to the most frequently asked questions
  • A growing collection of free snippets and mini-extensions for making customizations and adding functionality to your Bundles.

T-Shirt Printing Advanced Review Feature

Woocommerce Advanced Reviews plugin allows your customers to write a review and rating quickly. Furthermore, customer can see how many reviews have been written for each different rating, it makes customer give a fast decision to buy or not.

  • Display summary of reviews
  • Ability to rate review through
  • Add ability to allow customers report a review if it is appropriate
  • Add ability to reply to a product review

Product Wishlist Feature

Your customers can save the items that they would like to buy in the future for the next visiting. And customer can also share their wishlist with friends via social channels as Facebook, Google plus, Twitter and Pinterest.

Create many wishlists as customer wants.

Add or Remove items from wishlist

Delete & Manage entire wishlists.

You could stylize the entire wishlist

Option to Add Title on Wishlist Page.

Send email offer a special deal to customers

You could Add Wishlist to any of the page using a Shortcode.

Option to Show Unit Price for each Product in Wishlist Feature

Option to Display "Add to Cart" Button on each Wishlisted...

Customers save their favorite products on Wishlist page
You can set up easily on admin panel

Product compare feature

This extension helps customers to add various items into a place to compare to decide the final choice.

Points and Rewards

WooCommerce Points and Rewards is the necessery plugin that make your customers return your site to buy more product.It allows you to start a rewarding program in your site and encourage your customers to collect points.

  • You can set the number of points for customers, you can collect for each purchase in your WooComerce store
  • Admin can view a list with users and points collected
  • Allow admin to edit points earned by users
  • Users can view points earned so far in "My account" page
  • Easy Install and set up
  • You can edit all labels and messages shown to users
  • You can enable email sending to users each time their point credit is updated
  • You can customise point assignment according to the WordPress role users have been assigned

Various blog styles

There are many types of blog style that customers can get it for their own site

Color Swatch Feature

Woocommerce color swatch plugin is a very useful plugin for e-commerce website that you should integrate it. It helps customers find their favorite color in the easiest way.

This plugin include image select and drop down select therefore it is easy for customer to choose. You can set different sizes, choose square or round, small or large. Easily select display swatches of any product attribute below product title. Image will be changed whenever customer hover on each color.

Quickly installation and easy to set up. Amin can set color, image or other options easily in back-end.

Product Image Zoomer

You have an ecommerce website with many products, do you want customer see your reality image with zoom to make sure before purchasing. If say "yes", woocommerce product image zoomer is most necessary for your site.The more you can show your product details, the more sales volume you can get.

  • Show a bigger size of product when hover
  • Easy to installation.
  • Easy to use and customize.

Frequently Bought Together

If you integrate this plugin on your site, I am sure your revenue will increase quickly. Customers will not buy a single product if they will get more discount to buy combo.

  • Easy enable or disable this plugin
  • Add your own Title, write your own 'Add to Cart' Button Label and 'Total Price Label' Text
  • You can choose text color for 'Title' , 'Add to Cart' and 'Total Price' Label
  • This plugin will be added from the Product page in back-end
  • Unlimited to add as many Frequently Bought Together products on a single product page
  • Set custom text for 'total price' label of related products
  • Option to have customized label based on the number of associated items selected

Shipping Cost Feature

With this feature you can create your own shipping rates based on conditions. It allows you to have the ultimate flexibility in what you want to charge to any type of customer

  • Don't need to code anything to get started!
  • Using the simple User Interface you can set the conditions based on your shipping needs.

T-shirt Printing online design

Developing of printing technology enhances our life quality recently. Your customers do not have experience in graphic softwares, but they want to make their own design. Don’t worry! It will become easy if your site is intergrated WooCommerce Online Product Designer.

T-Shirt Printing Order Uploads Feature

It allows customers to upload one or more files for products. When an order is processed, an upload button will appear for you to click.

It allows customers to upload one or more files for you can setup general for uploading file just 1 click. Moreover, you can set thumbnail size and quality. You also can custom messages and notification which sent to customer after uploading a file. Last but not least, you can set admin notifications for the convenience to receive messages .

How it work

Order Upload allows customers to upload one or more files for products as customer has ordered. On the order detail page or the checkout thank you page, a customer can upload their files easily for their ordered products.

Shop managers can manage all uploaded files on the order detail page in the administration panel. Here they can approve / decline files, download the files a customer uploaded and send customized emails when files are approved or decline


Flexible Table Pricing Matrix for WooCommerce helps your site display two or more variations of a variable product in the form of a pricing table instead of showing them in drop - down boxes. Save huge time for your customers to get the final price!


Why all businesses have to integrate CRM in your site? It will increase your sales volume immediately for sure. You can manage all data with system , easy find history as well as store customers activasion. It helps customers operate clear and professional.Automatically in sales process and take care customers that improve s businesses strategy effectively.

Auto marketing!

It manage and set up auto marketing process, connect with website to get customers database.

Time management

It provides work schedule as our normally activation that included meeting, event to-do list.

Auto sales process

It provides a sales tool with a difference stage and manage sale team activity.

Manage Projects

Create customer associated projects with assignable tasks, milestone, and due date.

Sales and support

Everything in the sales and support editions. Let customers login to a portal to submit and review tickets, share files…

Document management

It is integrated document to manage necessary data for any activision relate to customer

Statistic & Report

You can create reports with different diagrams as chart, pie and others to easy follow.

Multivendor Feature

This plugin enables you to build multi-seller or multi-vendor e-commerce solution with WordPress. Invite your friends and partners come to your site and earn money together.

Based on WooCommerce!

As WooCommerce is hugely popular and very feature rich, we built our app based on WooCommerce (2.6+), giving you the goodness of both WooCommerce and WordPress!

Marketplace with Independent Stores

Similar to ebay stores, Dokan allows anyone to setup their own store within minutes, turning your website into a fully-fledged marketplace.

Dashboard For Each Seller

Customers and Vendors get access to a simple, straight-forward dashboard that allows easy management of product inventory, including sales, discounts and promotions.

Earn From Each Sale

You can charge your sellers a percentage for each order, giving them an e-commerce solution free of any monthly fees. A fair commission model allows both parties to share the success of your marketplace!

Birds Eye View With Reports

Every seller can see his/her own sales report and see a bird eye view on the sales they are making.

Coupon Management

Every seller manages their own products and discounts they offer. What's more, create discount coupons for special sales!

Individual Stores

Sellers get their own store page with their own branding.

Manage Product Reviews

Each seller manages their own product reviews independently. Delete, mark as spam or modify the product reviews on the fly.

Manage Orders

Each seller manages their own orders, mark orders as pending or processed, view the shipping and billing address and ship the product

Admin Announcement System for Seller

Admin can set announcement for sellers from back-end. Admin can choose all seller or select individuals as he/she wants. the announcement will then show on seller dashboard which leads to a announcement list template.

Easy Seller Withdraw System

Seller can make withdraw request to admin by their dashboard. Admin can set minimum withdraw limit thresh enterprise, days for withdraw and manage requests.

Seller Profile Completeness

Dokan manage sellers profile completeness par on sellers dashboard. Seller can view his/her profile completeness percent by the bar.

Manage SEO for Store Page

Each seller can manage SEO for their own store page. They can use custom SEO meta and description for their store page.

Each Seller Setup Their Store Settings

Seller can setup the store from their settings on seller dashboard.

Seller Payment Method Setup

Seller can manage their payment methods from their dashboard settings. They can also set their withdraw method from there.

Social Profiles Integration for Vendors

Vendors can add their social profiles from Twitter, Facebook etc, and link their Facebook stores into their store profile helping them make cross sales.

Control Selling Capability

You can activate/deactivate merchants and select which merchant that can sell their products. Promote them to become 'trusted sellers' to publish without delay!

Shipping Management for Each Seller

Each seller can manage their products shipping from their shipping tab. They can set global shipping for their store and override shipping rate from products.

Order Status Counter Widget on Seller Dashboard

Seller can have a quick view on the number of their orders status by order status counter dashboard.

Nice Avatar

With a nice avatar, it increases the visually and easily control admin accounts. Besides that, it shows all information of account: Account setting, billing, and payments,…

Get a Notifications

Display notifications such as you got a new order, a new member registration, a new noted comment or a new contact,…

Total revenue

You will see your total revenue from the start of your business

All products

You can see how many public products are available on your site and you can control it easily

Total order

The number of orders will be shown on the "Total orders". You can see how many orders you get and have an urgent strategy for your company

Total users

If you want to know exactly how many users who registered on your site, see the "Total users" part

Product sales

Display sales volume of product with time such as day, week, month or year, and you have a complete visualization

Best selling products

You will see the top best-selling products of your company and you will have an imported product plan for next month

Recent orders

Show the information of recent customer with name, invoice number, amount and status

Monthly Visitors

The visitor graph will show you the number of monthly visual visitors

Recent reviews

You will see recent customer activities on your site via their review and you can control your support team

New users

Show the users who have just registered on your site

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