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  • Admin theme dashboard
  • Manage the information related to the product easily
  • Setting the information related to the store easily
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WooCommerce FrontEnd Quickview Dashboard Panel

An intuitive overview dashboard quickly highlights your shop information such as order, products, customers list, and so on which brings vendor/store manager a general look in a few seconds.

My Profile bar

Manage all account information such as avatar, name, email, website, password change

Total revenue

Show total revenue from the starting time of your business up to now

All products

You can see how many public products are available on your site and can control it easily

Total users

If you want to know exactly how many users who registered on your site, see the "Total users" part

Total order

The number of orders will be shown on the "Total orders". You can see how many orders you have got so far and make plans for them

Orders overview chart

Display sales volume of products with status or time such as day, week, month or year in a completed visualization format

Sales overview chart

Display the sales amount with status and detailed time. You'll have a general overview about your business operations

Best Products

You will see the top best-selling products then you can make plan for sales promotion or product focus strategy in the near future.

Recent Reviews

You can see recent activities of your customers on your site via their reviews and direct your support team members.

Best Customers

Show details of name, email and the total revenue of customers who have best sales performance on your site

New Customers

Show details of name, email and the amount of revenue of new customer on your site

Recent Orders

Show information of recent orders with customer name, invoice number, amount and status

Submit and Fully Manager WooCommerce Product FrontEnd:

WP Multistore Marketplace is designed professional and Creative with standard UX/UI

FrontEnd Price Matrix for WooCommerce

FrontEnd Color Swatches for WooCommerce

FrontEnd Product FAQ for WooCommerce, View and Manage FAQs with Support shortcode

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Manage Store’s Orders included all other related information

View and Manage Orders with buyer’s information storefront2

View / Edit full Order Invoice Details with Billing and Shipping Information storefront2

Easily update Order Status storefront2

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FrontEnd CRM for WooCommerce features

Live chat between Vendor and Buyers

Create and manage coupon easily and quickly. You can see all coupons are arranged in the smartest way

For each registered customer, the admin seller will save it as an account to manage

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Dokan and Marketplace Features

(Coming soon) Seamlessly integrated with Dokan multiple vendors storefront2

Nearby Store Locations storefront2

Add, edit Store Information (logos, store address, store information…) storefront2

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Wordpress Articles / Post Front-End Management

Intuitively display and easy use with the new interface of displaying all articles created by Shop Manager or Vendor

WooPanel only shows the vendor’s own created articles. You can easily transform your Marketplace into a Community with articles of products is contributed by each vendor

Add New and Edit, Delete Article/ Post as easy as in WP Admin

Advance filter to Search and manage post

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You May Not Know What WooPanel Is ?

You are the store/ vendor manager. You want to manage everything in the easiest way and evaluate your business operations. WooPanel is the ideal plugin for your site. Your articles, products, orders, coupons, customers will be arranged clean and neat to bring you a general look with optimized UX/UI compare to our other competitors.

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