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Edit Customer Design

It could be a good function the possibility to edit customer's design without order, ex. if the customer saves his design only!
By jimmy

What should i buy if i want to create website exacly like NBDesigner Demo

Hi, i want to ask..  if i want to create web exacly like this NBDesigner Demo :   What lists of themes/plugin i should buy ?  as far as i...
Muhammad Akbar
By Muhammad Akbar

update the tutorial

update the tutorial its old and not clear
majed bannani
By majed bannani

Login as a guess option

Hi,I running OPC 5.4.11 and Joomla latest version I believe, I have tried all possible to have the OPC user box to display the checkout as guess option but all I can do is to have it as a...
Luis Cepeda
By Luis Cepeda

Store locator page

Hello!I have created a store in the store locator module, but on the frontend when I click on the store page it redirects me to 404. How can I create the store page or is it supposed to be created...
By dsasadasdasd

Virtuemart 3.6x

 Hi plugin is compatible with Virtuemart 3.6 Thank You
Laura Uleri
By Laura Uleri

Set min date too in the calendar

Hello! I need to know if your plugin can handle min date too. My shop will send products on tuesday and friday. And i don't want the customer to select a day that is "the nex day".Example: the...
By GiGa

404 add to cart products

Hi, I have a trouble, and it's amazing that i can't find a simple explanation about permalinks form Wordpress Printshop.I have some 404 errors and I secure that is a permalink problem config. I need...
Caio Oliveira
By Caio Oliveira

Color Swatch 2.7.0 mkdir() error Bug

HelloI'm George (site owner), my site is builded with Color Swatch Plugin, my programmer buyed this extension from your shop. Can i get the solve of this bug i see in version 2.7.1 this bug is...
By George

Theme and Designer Plugin

Hello,I am planning to start a new custom t-shirt ecommerce website with Wordpress and WooCommerce.If I buy this...
By Priya

Design Launcher Feature

Hello,I'm confused about the Designer Launcher feature. Is it available on the "Start Up" package? From the pricing page the "Designer Marketplace" features are checked on the "Developper"...
By srdev

meta values

Hi, does your plugin stores information like invoice date and invoice number in the meta values of the order? 
By dizas

May I get step by step instructions on how to upgrade

May I get step by step instructions on how to upgrade (for example, from version 2.7.2 to version 2.7.3)Thank you.
Tony Ngo
By Tony Ngo


Hi where do I install the font and clipart files? It said something about overriding a folder but I do not see that folder.
James Clarke
By James Clarke

Database Error once I press save in product description page.

Hi, Once I click save in virtuemart product page, the error:An error has occurred.1054 Unknown column 'Array' in 'where clause'Is there a way to fix this? 
Khai Ern
By Khai Ern