Online Product Designer Plugin for Woocommerce WordPress

Plugin Online Product Designer for Woocommerce lets your customers design or customize their perfect product online.

online design

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Why does your Online Design expire?

  1. You purchased Online Design with Standard Payment
  2. You purchased Online Design with Auto Renewal Payment but then you cancel recurring

What happens when your Online Design expired?

  1. If you integrated this tool more than 5 items before, you could use it only but cannot add more
  2. If you integrated this tool less than 5 items before, you would have been used it for maximum 5 items
Therefore if you want to integrate Online design for your NEW items in the future and make your revenue increase monthly, using Auto Renewal Payment is the best choice for your business.

online design

Product Specification of Online Product Designer Plugin for Woocommerce WordPress

Developing of printing technology enhances our life quality recently. Customers do not have experience in photoshop, but they also want to create their own design as customize T-shirt, mugs, pillow, photo, canvas, business card, phonecase and so on. It is very easy if your site integrated Wordpress Online Product designer. Wordpress Online product designer plugin is the best extension and indispensable conditions for all printing website at this time.


  • This is a new powerful design tool which helps customers customize multiple printing products, create a complete solution for the printing business. Wordpress Online Product designer is a responsive plugin packed with exclusive functionality that provides customers a great experience with the high-quality outcome.
  • With customizable products collection, customers can get a vast artwork gallery with flexible custom options like clipart, Google font, color, style and so on. The user also adds text & number or personalized image. Online product designer simplifies a creating product process, suitable for all kinds of customers.
  • The design tool is easy to install and provide final outcome in printing process. Come with many ideal features, this plugin enables the users to showcase unique ideas and make an awesome design through smooth clickable options like rotating, dragging and flipping of text & picture. The designed outcome can be shared through many social channels. Besides, an administrator can set up the price as well as manage information of your customer or all designed product easier.
  • You can design anything - You can design as bag, banner, bookmark, business card, button, calendar, cap, catalog, cd cover, certificate, door hangers, envelope, invitation, label, lettering, phone case, mouse pad, mug, notepad, photo album, poll sign, postcard, posters, shoe, signage, sticker, tag, t-shirt, x stands,…


  • Print Service Providers. Whether you are a screen printer or do DTG, printing t-shirts or business cards, we have got you covered. Configure your application with multiple printing methods and design parameters
  • Print Brokers. Focus on customer service, offer online and custom quotes, online artwork approvals and outsource jobs to multiple vendors with vendor management
  • In-plants. Manage departments and users with role-based access, predefined templates and artwork approval workflow, automated job sheets
  • Marketing Organizations. Offer branded storefronts with exclusive templates, customize marketing assets while retaining brand and regulatory compliance across the board
  • Trade Printers. Collaborate with designers and printers in different countries, offer storefronts and commissions, run marketing campaigns and one-off projects
  • Sign Printers. Offer off the shelf products as well as ready-made templates for personalization. Accept custom jobs with online file upload


With steps below, everyone can be easy to use WooCommerce Online Designer Plugin without design knowledge.

  • First, go to product detail page which you want to design. Then click on 'Start design' button to start
  • Then, you can add text, add art, upload your own image, add code into your product you chose. Furthermore, you can change color, size, font, shadow, opacity, pattern... to suit your needs. Especially, you also can use brush to draw, you can create your own signature. This is amazing feature that you cannot find in any designer plugin.
  • After designing, you can preview it with zoom and view function, change the order of layers and edit as you want.
  • To finish the design process, you click to Add to cart button to receive product as you wish
  • After receiving your design, Administrator will consider and send an email notification to you to inform that your design is accepted or rejected.
  • If your design is rejected, please go to your account to design again. You can design until admin approve it.


  • 1. Set up plugin by file zip
  • 2. Active plugin
  • 3. Config plugin NBDesigner -> Setting (Choose and setting information in other tabs as Manager Product, Manager Arts, Manager Fonts)
  • Go to any product and enable design. Upload image to design, setup area design
  • You also can add more image to design and then click on Preview Changes button to view it.

Below is full detail Features of Online Product Designer Plugin for Woocommerce WordPress


Shopper can add text with various colors, fonts, and sizes. Especially, they can curve text in their design and edit anything of text as shadow, pattern, rotate, opacity, outline, line height, background, etc.

  • Any text and font are available for your choice.
  • There are plenty of fonts being included in Font Category, shopper can find it by pressing ‘More button’.
  • Font style includes italic, bold, underline with full type of alignment such as left, center, right or justified.
  • Font color is varied.
  • Text background is available and changeable.
  • Text pattern is available.
  • Creating text shadow according to dimension X or Y. Shadow blur, opacity, shadow color also can be changeable.
  • Line height, font size and opacity are changeable.
  • Outline’s color and size are changeable.
  • Text layer can be measured.
  • Text can be turned, curved or rotated/reversed.
  • Spacing is changeable.
  • Default style such as arc, straight, small to large, large to small top, large to small bottom is changeable.


  • You can add art, change colors, move, resize, rotate and delete art, flip, center function and so on
  • Art’s color can be customized.It not only give an easy way to manage color but also allows customers to change color of each part on this image
  • Art can be rotated and changed its opacity.
  • Art can be zoomed in or zoomed out.
  • Art can be moved or deleted.
  • Multiple arts can be added.


  • If shopper don’t satisfied with sample picture, they can upload images as they want. They also can select from different many sources as Facebook or enter image’s url.
  • Picture can be uploaded from local, url or social network such as Facebook.
  • Temporarily saved uploaded files for later use.
  • Uploaded file is typed as PNG, JPG, GIF. Its maximum size can be adjusted in backend.
  • Art can be zoomed or rotated.
  • Creating text shadow according to dimension X or Y. Shadow blur, opacity, shadow color also can be changeable.
  • Picture’s opacity can be customized.
  • Four types of quick-changing picture are available.
  • Picture can be turned via tool.
  • Picture crop styles are varied such as crop tool, lasso tool, heart shape, round or star shape, etc. The picture can be reset back to its origin.


  • Especially, you also can use many available brush to draw, you can create your own signature.
  • Drawing brushes such as pencil, circle, spray, pattern, square, texture are available for different choices.
  • Brush and brush width color can be changed.
  • Add available geometrics as rectangle, circle, triangle, line and polygon. And can change color, rotate, opacity.
  • Picture can be turned or zoomed.
  • Picture’s opacity can be customized.


  • You can create QR code and then add to your design
  • Text or QR codes can be added into picture.
  • Picture can be zoomed.
  • Picture can be moved or rotated.


  • Drag and drop to sort layers and change layers of items
  • Layer position can be dragged to different positions.
  • Layer(s) can be deleted partly or entirely.
  • Scroll can be created when multiple layers exist.
  • Certain buttons are used to quickly change layer’s position.
  • Layer can be displayedor hided easily.


  • More tools are included extension asnext, zoom in, zoom out... All buttons are arranged clearly for convenient use.
  • Double player
  • Next to the left, right, up or down
  • Layer can be reversed from left to right or from above to below.
  • Vertical align, horizontal align
  • Layer can be zoomed.
  • Layer can be deleted.


  • After designing, you can preview it with zoom and view function
  • Review all design.
  • Zoom in for details.
  • Popup full screen.


  • Easy to use. Shopper can easily use this product, it is very friendly with customers, and special it is very simple to use.
  • Compatible with WooCommerce. This plugin is an extension of WooCommerce plugin that allows your users to design products easily
  • 100% responsive and mobile friendly. You can design on any device as desktop, tablet or mobile
  • Various fonts. There are many fonts are included in this product. Admin also can add more fonts if they want
  • Easy manage products with online design. Products with online design on Front-end will be add on checkbox to distingue with Product without online design
  • Flexible config. You can set size upload, preview thumbnail size, thumbnail quality, show customer design in cart, show customer design in order, admin notifications,....
  • Easy view detail design of customer. After customer design, admin can view detail design of customer in order management page in backend
  • Accept or decline design and send email. After receiving your design, Administrator will consider and send an email notification to customersto inform that their design is accepted or rejected.
  • Customer design again easily. If your design is rejected, please go to your account to design again. You can design until approving.
  • Power helpdesk. The customer can easily design with power helpdesk.

Product Reviews (27) Write a review

Cristina Fernández 5 star rating Submitted: December 12, 2017

The problem was fix, thanks.

mark salman 5 star rating Submitted: December 11, 2017

i'm surprised with the support, he fixed all the issues but those shouldn't be there when i installed the theme.

Robert Rijnders 5 star rating Submitted: December 11, 2017

Support handled the (update) issue, but you need to enable update from within the backend to get the extra star.

Suneth 5 star rating Submitted: December 7, 2017

Great catch. I totally missed that. Thanks for your help.

Julio 5 star rating Submitted: November 28, 2017

Great job!

Youston 5 star rating Submitted: November 17, 2017

Great service. Thanks so much

Tankusic 5 star rating Submitted: October 25, 2017

good service

Jamar Watson 5 star rating Submitted: October 14, 2017

great work thank for support

Frank Wagner 5 star rating Submitted: October 14, 2017

It works - thank you.

Dustin Rustick 5 star rating Submitted: October 5, 2017

Awesome Thank You for the support!

Trever 5 star rating Submitted: October 2, 2017

Great feed back response.

Tommy Simpson 5 star rating Submitted: September 28, 2017

I'm so happy with your module, I cannot wish more than what this plugin brought me. Your team is so professional but also so cute!

Diallo 5 star rating Submitted: September 12, 2017

great work

Kevin Woods 5 star rating Submitted: September 12, 2017

It is quite easy to use with a newbie like me. I recommend it for business owners who are working in printing field.

mohamad hendi 5 star rating Submitted: September 11, 2017

Thank you. It worked

Erdal Cicek 5 star rating Submitted: September 7, 2017

Thank you for your expert support

James Blundell 5 star rating Submitted: September 1, 2017

Excellent customer service, all issues dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Vanessa Acook 5 star rating Submitted: July 24, 2017

This plugin is a real time-saver for users. everything is working as in demo. Additionally, I got an excellent support during the installation of the plugin. So great!!

netanel shkalo 5 star rating Submitted: June 22, 2017

good job :)

emabu 5 star rating Submitted: June 21, 2017

Thanks for your helps

Pamela Golden 5 star rating Submitted: June 17, 2017

They have been so helpful working on my issue. I would highly recommend them. They were very responsive. Pam

Johnny M. Kraemer 5 star rating Submitted: April 24, 2017

Really good plugin, one of a kind plugin: - flexible and easy to use - actually customizable - enthusiastic and useful support team 5 stars for your great job

Fidel N. Alexander 5 star rating Submitted: April 17, 2017

This is the first time I have used this product, from the introduction of my friend. I have used it for my calendar printing store for a week. I am totally satisfied and thank you so much, Netbase!

Mickey Foster 5 star rating Submitted: April 11, 2017

I am just being petty this morning. The statement above says "Ratting" not "Rating" Excellent services for me so far.

Andre A. Casto 5 star rating Submitted: November 11, 2016

Hi, I want to express my gratitude to your developers and support team. your product is so amazing, one of a kind in the martket> Besides the fonts and arts available in your product, we also add a lot of other ones. My library is so wonderful. 5 stars for your products! Andre

Consuelo J. Ford 5 star rating Submitted: October 31, 2016

My printing store focus mostly on encouraging customers design by themselves and I am totally satisfied with Hand free drawing feature. So amazing! Your support team is also very nice, they help me a lot in the whole installation process. Thumb up!

Ella James 5 star rating Submitted: October 24, 2016

As the responses from my customers, they are really satisfied with the features that allow them to design freely by themselves. Each small features of designing is clear and easy to use. We have just tried your product for about 4 days but we are so happy with the compliment from my customers. You did good job!
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People also ask

With the Lite version, you can get it for FREE on but the product which you can use to design is limited (only use for 5 products). With Premium version, you can do for unlimited products. Both Lite version and Premium version are the same function
Our plugin have many options to show/hide design tools, upload image size, limited color... That option applies for all products.
After your customer checkout order with their design, you can approve or reject that design in detail order page.
Admin can create templates. Your template can include SVG, your customer can choose color for each path of SVG.
Yes, you can. Our plugin allow you do that.
Default area is square or rectangle. You can combine with overlay image to create other shapes
Our plugin saves the last design of customers. They will be able to continue design their last design when they come back
The output will be PDF that has 300 DPI or PNG with 96 DPI with the big size. You can resize by Photoshop to have the suitable size and DPI as you want.
Our plugin can do your request, you just need to purchase and give us your site information so we will do it frees for you.
Our plugin allows choosing the default text color for the product design.
If you want to use our plugin for multiple sub-domains, you need to purchase multiple licenses
Yes, our product is compatible with any WordPress woo commerce themes, and you can use this plugin with other WordPress templates.
We have a feature allow you translate this plugin to your language by yourself.
- Export file: PNG, JPEG, and PDF
- Import file: SVG, JPG, PNG, and GIF
If you buy Online Design plugin on Cmsmart marketplace, you will use it for a lifetime.
But we provide 2 options for customers, this is Auto Renewal and Standard Payment, it has some different:
- Auto Renewal: We think you should buy this package because you have 3 months to receive our support, download and upgrade free. But, after 3 months you only pay a small recurring fee for each 3 months, you don't need to buy the product again and you will still receive all benefits above in the next 3 months.
- Standard Payment: You only pay once for this payment, you will receive our support, download and upgrade free in 3 months. After 3 months, if you want to use our product, you have to buy again. It costs much money.
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Change log

Updated: 2017, Dec 04

- Add - Get photos from Dropbox, Google Drive

- Add - Assign user as designer

- Add - Share design

- Add - Designer templates page

- Add - Save design for later

- Add - Export design to SVG

- Add - Export design to JPG high resolution, CMYK mode and ICC profile ( required: php Imagick API )

- Add - re-order with order has design

- Add - Get design from wishlist, cart and design store

- Add - Upload design without custom design

- Tweak - gallery/templates page

- Fix - Translate frontend editor

- Fix - Add to cart variable product

- Fix - Upload design files

- Compatibility with WordPress 4.9.1, WooCommerce 3.2.5

- Update list google font ( +800 fonts )

Updated: 2017, Aug 07

- Add - Feature: allow upload design file

- Add - Feature: allow user use Instagram photo

- Add - Feature: get a quote product

- Add - Feature: extra price for design product

- Add - Feature: allow user define dimension, number of sides/pages

- Add - Feature: bleed, margin for card/paper...

- Fix - Switch dimension unit

- Fix - Exclude overlay in final design

- Compatibility with WordPress 4.8.1, WooCommerce 3.1.1

Updated: 2017, Apr 10

- Fix - Compatibility with WooCommerce 3.x

Updated: 2017, Mar 28

- Fix - PDF margin

- Fix - Css RTL

- Tweak - Manager templates page

- Tweak - Improve speed load and save design

Updated: 2017, Mar 06

- Output PDF

- Configuration show, hide tools design in frontend

- Predefined color, limit color palette

- Improve setting product design (Go to: NBDesigner → Tools → Update product design setting data → Update)

Updated: 2017, Feb 03

- Improved work follow

- Add frontend functions:

  + Hotkeys

  + Undo/redo (Ctrl + Z / Ctrl + Y)

  + Strict mode for admin template (Lock movement,lock edit content, click to upload)

  + Snap grid

  + Align group layers

- Fixed bug: multiple designs with same product

- Fixed bug: upload SVG on Wordpress 4.7.1 and 4.7.2

- Test compatibility with WP 4.7.2

Updated: 2016, Dec 29

- Support rtl languge

- Compatibility with WordPress 4.7

- Shortcode gallery design template ex: [nbdesigner_gallery row=5 per_row=3 pagination=1]

- Widget NBDesigner suguest product design (suguest related product with customer design)

- Custom CSS

Updated: 2016, Dec 12

- Add feature capture image from webcam

- Add feature update url/path cliparts, fonts when migrate domain

- Add feature check theme compatibility with plugin

- Add feature setup design for variations of variable product

- Fix bug active domain

Updated: 2016, Nov 24

- Add feature admin template, manage admin templates

- Add feature export/import design, load admin design template

- Fix bug render design after resize window

- Fix bug duplicate item

- Fix bug load font

- Fix bug change color SVG path

- Remove function drag to sort layer in touch device

Updated: 2016, Nov 07

- Add feature setup multi-language

- Add feature switch frontend language without re-load page

- Add feature edit category clipart, font

- Improve interface

- Add feature choose DPI for print resolution

- Fix bug crop image

- Fix bug detail order design

Updated: 2016, Oct 19

+ Released on 19/10/2016

This is a WordPress Plugins
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2017, Dec 04

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