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One of the biggest reasons why the importance of content writing in SEO never diminishes is that Google prefers high-quality content.
The reason is very simple. What does Google do? It finds useful information for people.
If it is not able to find useful information based on the search terms people use, people will stop using it.

This is why a large team of math PhD’s at Google are working round-the-clock churning up algorithms to weed out inferior content and push forward high-quality content.
Read How to write content for humans but optimize for Google and other search engines. So, Google’s present and future depends on quality content writing, credible content writing.
Without relevant content, Google cannot survive. Hence, it loves you if your content writing is good, and it ignores you, and even penalizes you, if your content writing is inferior.
This is why content writing is so important for your SEO.

And we know, a majority of companies struggle with content creation. Many lack the time and resources to consistently produce engaging and informative content.
Cloodo Marketing’s in-house writing staff can remove that burden from your employees and develop great content on behalf of your company.
We will work with you to develop a strong messaging strategy that is integrated into every piece of content, regardless of platform. Some of our content creation services include:

Content marketing strategic services

Research market
Research keyword
Research product
Research customer
Planning for strategies to develop content
Content development service
PR (we will work with your offline and in-house PR teams)
Blog Writing
Social Media Promotion of Content
Content promotion services
Active promotion of content to your company's social media accounts to increase social engagements, website visitors and conversions.
Content cross-pollination.

Note: Customized service package: If you want to custom on request. please contact us to discuss more before ordering.

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Our Ecommerce Service is for all ecommerce partners that wants to


Outsource your Ecommerce Business with a Know-How Tech Team Supported by a Smart Management Tool


Manage your Store Development project from small front-end tasks to full project development in Agile Approach


Develop and deploy any Complex eCommerce Marketplace or integrate CRM, ERP system to your platform business

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