In recent years, Web to Print is not a strange concept with web users and developers. They discuss a lot about this hot topic and focus mostly on some outstanding features such as supporting communication of printed materials to customers and internal employees. In E-commerce industry, its contribution to all types of products is undeniable, it is an effective tool to add or convey variable data fields regardless of whether these fields are undemanding or complicated.

If applying this solution for internal use, it will help you store all marketing materials in only one large place and everybody in the company can access that material. Moreover, it also helps them save tons of time and money when they can implement direct mailing campaigns, email marketing and create pURLs.

When interacting with Web to Print, customers can place orders and personalize a product easily with actually simple and elegant user interface.

We can list millions of benefits of using Web to Print solution but according to NAPL (National Association for Printing Leadership), there are 80% of users are not satisfied and complain that it is not as good as their desires. So, the question is how to take full advantages of Web to print platform. Here are 4 reasons and recommendations that help to deal with this question.

1/ Not picking the right web to print solution for your needs

Investing in anything is not a simple process; it usually requires you not only money but also time and resources and investing in the web to print solution is not an exception. Therefore, you should think twice before making decisions. Considering useful features that can support your business most is really needed. Make sure you do not get blindsided by fancy features (that you may not even use!)

2/ Not devoting enough resources to train

Another issue is purchasing. Although most of Web to print solutions are said to be easy-to-use, it still contains a learning curve and users need the certain level of knowledge when applying it. This may be the most significant barriers to employees and they may feel disheartened. The suggestion is making the specific plan before purchasing. You can find Web to print software that includes training programs in the package. On the other hand, that program is not available; your employees need to have enough knowledge to deal with this situation. Regardless of your training choice, it is imperative that you assign an executive contact that will be a point of contact for users and will oversee that the software is used consistently and properly.

3/ Not setting reasonable objectives

During the step 2 we mentioned above, you also need to set the goals following your type of business and the use of Web to Print software. The goals will change or be different across companies. People get so caught up in the moment that they forget to think ahead. Reporting and tracking are some of those neglected things, which leads to the next point…

4/ Not collecting enough data or running reports.

Nowadays, the trend is working in a team because one single person cannot deal with all tasks or a team will be more flexible if any changes in Human resources occur. With data system, your monitor process will be more easy and objective. You can choose to see the whole picture or special part if you want.