What is an FAQ page?

FAQ meaning  “frequently asked questions”. Fag page is often public on the website to be asked and answered. Every time when a customer asks you a question, you need to decide whether or not to add it to FAQ. Your answer needs clearly and makes the opportunity to connect with your customers. 

The FAQ page is a broad topic and you should create separate information pages about some important elements such as payments, shipping, and returns. The information page should prove supportive responses. 

Why you should have an FAQ page?

Answering customers' questions are the main purpose of an FAQ page but it can be more beneficial than you realize. Let's see the benefits of the FAQ page for your business. 

#1 Save you time

The FAQ page is the first page of reference for customers to explore your business. It helps them to find the answers instead of contacting you which takes precious tie away from the many other jobs you have to do. If a customer ask you a question on FAQ page, you can refer them to the page or copy information for them

#2 Build relationships with customers and identify you as an expert.

The most important to any relationship is trust. When your customers see your attempts to be transparent about their question will consider your business trustworthy. It improves your brand awareness. An FAQ page is a perfect page to demonstrate how your professional is. This increases the likelihood of a visitor converting into a customer. Because they saw the legitimacy and professionalism.

#3 Improve site navigation and search engine listings

The FAQ page can also be used as an integral part of site navigation. For example, you can insert an internal link in some question or relevant product, service, or page within your site to redirect your customer. FAQ pages are not just good for your customers, they can also help boost your ranking on Google. This faq page design includes lots of good content with relevant keywords and information which are used to improve your ranking website.

#4 Turn negatives into positives

If customers are asking negative questions, you can use this opportunity to explain and make it better. Point out the value of your business and educate your customers about the features to enable your customers to make informed decisions. 

#5 Highlight key information

Every visitor may come to your site in a different way. They may pose a question to their google and stumbled onto your FAQ page. Once they start reading the answer, they may be to find out more about what your business can offer. It ‘s important to show vital information like your key selling points, contact details, and how the customer can take further action.

#6 Analyse your site

Check your visitor data regularly. You will be able to see where your visitors came from what interested them and how long they stayed on your FAQ page. By checking the analytics, you can adjust your FAQ page to what your customers like and need.

How do I create an effective FAQ page?

FAQ page

A well-built FAQ page is important and should promote the content on the rest of your website. This is easier with these simple suggestions:


You should use what is frequently asked questions, not what you think they should be asking.  Look through the emails and use them as a basis for your FAQ page


You should answer questions in simple language without the use of technical terms. Avoid the type of language hard to understand and make confusion for your customer. 

Use the active voice rather than the passive voice. Let’s check the grammar and spelling. Read through your response again and make sure it makes sense. Break longer responses into shorter paragraphs or use bulleted lists.


FAQ page design with similar topics grouped together or use a layout easier to navigate. You can make the question easy to read by bold or slightly larger.  And then write the responses in normal text with white space between each question and answer so that it’s simple for your customers to determine where one ends and


Using images to provide an example of what you are talking about. It will add more visual appeal to your page and help to explain your response. 

Other considerations

  • Ensure your FAQ page can rate for your responses and suggest other questions for you to answer

  • Direct individuals to your FAQ page all through your site. On the off chance that they might want additional data, encourage them to glance in the FAQs as their answer might be there as of now.

  • Your FAQ page design with a search box to help your customers find what they’re looking for.

An FAQ page shows your customers that it is a helpful way. The FAQ page determines whether or not your customers are happy or satisfied. They will go to buy your products or not. For all, a great FAQ page need to keep it simple, keep it up to date and keep it real.

Final Thoughts

A great FAQ page is a valuable addition to your website. Does your website have an FAQ page currently? If not. Let’s install Faq Extension For Magento 2. See our demo to know more information