Web2print is a service that has become popular as e-commerce has grown and evolved. Both businesses and the general public can use the services, but it’s most often used for businesses that are wanting to create a wide range of quality marketing materials. It gives them the opportunity to create consistent marketing products by allowing them to create templates.

When introduced, the service began with files being transferred via email from the customer to the printer. This was an opportunity for businesses to expand their customer base and allowed them to work with people that were all over the country, rather than be restricted to their local areas.

With the evolution and accessibility improvements of technology, the costs of Web2print have significantly reduced. The reasons why costs were so high at the start is due to the expensive software, maintenance costs and owning the required hardware.

Web2print allows customers to create the exact marketing materials they would like at their fingertips. It allows users to create newsletters, brochures, business cards and more, providing the full range of necessary marketing publications.

The fact that customers use templates to create designs means that time is reduced significantly creating what they need.

In essence, Web2print works as an online ordering platform which is accessible through a web browser. The library that you use has the ability to upload all of your business’ branded files to make the ordering process as simple as possible.

This allows for easy customisation and personalisation. It’s a great solution for businesses that frequently print and reorder.

Web2print allows you to take full control of your printing. Order what you want, as and when you need it. Instead of having to order more than you need to meet minimum order requirements and having to order more than what you require. The process saves your business both time and money.