Users can install Progressive Web Apps without downloading it. With native apps, the user needs to download them first and then interact.

PWA saves a lot of data and easily works at poor internet speeds. If you pit PWA vs native apps, PWA has an enormous advantage in internet compatibility. So much so, that Progressive web apps save progress in offline mode and update them whenever the internet is accessible later. Native apps need decent internet speed in order to work conveniently.

One of the big differences between Native apps vs PWA is in their self-dependency. Mobile apps work independently on the operating system, while PWA can’t and hence work on browsing apps.

PWA is a tiny compact web application and saved as cache memory. While native apps are a lot bigger and occupy some space of the memory storage.

In comparing PWA vs Native apps on their quickness, PWA is much faster and less complicated, while native apps need a lot of permissions from the user to operate completely.

PWA is simple to search on Google. But users can visit it using the URL. Native apps do not fall under the spectrum of search crawlers and available only through app markets.


What are the advantages of PWA over native apps?

First, it should be very clear that using PWA for eCommerce is not a substitute for native mobile apps. For instance, Magento PWA Studio offers a more versatile solution that is reaching a much wider audience than apps. There are certain factors which were drawback for native apps because of the necessity to download its first approach.

PWA gives some unprecedented advantages to eCommerce, which is struggling to penetrate mobile audiences despite putting up their own native apps in the app stores. Some notable issues with native apps that progressive web apps resolve are : 

Issues with Native Apps which PWA resolves

Poor Discovery – Mobile apps are only available on app markets and do not show up in the results of the search engines. This hampers the audience outreach of native apps.

Installation Fatigue – The app market is a mess as thousands of new apps keep piling every day. Users are not downloading apps and always looking for alternatives.

Depleting Loyalty of App Users – Even users who download new mobile apps, don’t keep it for long. Over 75% of users uninstall the app within a week, while 42% actually delete it within 48 hours.