- An uprising global Mattress Online Business

Casper was established in 2014, started with a simple three-page website that sold one product in six sizes. It has grown very fast in the next few years and has become a representative example of a successful eCommerce mattress business. Before Casper was founded, no one had thought about developing an eCommerce website for selling mattresses. In another word, Casper is one of the pioneers of the mattress-in-a-box movement.

“Mattress in a box” is a catch-all term for any bed shipped directly to customers via standard ground delivery. A recent boom in the online mattress industry has made beds in boxes more accessible to consumers. Prior to shipping, the mattress undergoes a process called “roll-packing,” during which it is compressed, wrapped in plastic, and vacuum-sealed. These mattresses immediately begin to expand after you unbox them, and will usually be ready for use within 24 to 48 hours.

Casper’s website is the best part of what they do online. Based on their business model, the website is designed to make it the most simple to buy a mattress and get it delivered as soon as possible. Let’s go through what makes a great website. 


Casper’s homepage is as simple as it gets, keeping it clean with a beautiful background image and clear call to action buttons.

As an eCommerce website, presenting your product is very important. The images they used are neat and eye-catching. The slider allows them to show more products without taking too much space on the homepage. 

Overall, the homepage is very clean and clear.

The product page

What is so great about is the simplicity of its product. Before, not many people thought about buying a mattress on the internet. But finally, someone gives them the products they really need. 

The product of is full of the necessary information, guarantees, information about technology, specifications about how the mattress is made, and they even showcase the product introduction with video. Product Video is one of the most underused eCommerce selling tools. However, Product videos give you the opportunity to show customers the benefits and uses of a product right at the point of the potential purchase. If there is any hesitation to buy or a lack of understanding of the value of your product, your video acts as an in-store salesperson helping the customer move toward a purchase. It also helps to enrich your website content and boost the rank and traffic of your website. With a special product such as a mattress, using product video is a wise choice. 

Consumers could also check the product reviews and contact store supporters to ask for help. They could call a supporter directly or look for a local store if they want to give a visit.

The Checkout page 

It shows the promotion code of the latest campaign in case consumers miss it on the homepage. On the right-hand side, it recommends some products others have also bought. We think it is a great way of continuing the customer’s experience. This feature solves two problems — one for the customers and the other for Casper itself. 

For customers, it addresses the issue of discovering more products. Sometimes, the consumers do not know about their needs until they see the product. They only want to purchase the mattress at first. But when they see a pillow or mattress protector in the color that matches their bedroom wallpaper or curtain color they could click on the link to take a look. Or they might realize that it has been a long time since the last time they changed the pillow cover and bed sheet. Your mission is to remind them about that. 

For Casper, it helps address the perennial question of “how to sell more?” and thus increase AOV (Average Order Value). Instead of selling one product only, they might make customers purchase more in one order. You have nothing to lose to try it.

With clear CTA and upsell options, we think Casper has done very greatly in this step of the process. 

Overall, Casper has a great-looking website with eye-catching images, clear CTA, simple conversion rate optimization tactics, etc… With such an enormous effort, Casper deserves to get the consumer’s trust and confidence so far. No wonder why it has become a top global online business for sleeping products in just a few years. 

Magento eCommerce Website Development

As an expert in eCommerce website development, we have received many requests like “I want to build a website similar to Xyz” from our clients. Most clients, when they come to us, already have in mind an ideal website that they want to learn the concept and build their website similar to. 

This time, we got a request to build a website similar to At first, when we took a look at we were kind of fascinated because it is a simple but beautiful and functional website. The CTA and conversion rate optimization tactics are used wisely. Everything is neat and has its own purpose. Very professional!

This client was interested and finally decided to purchase our eCommerce Magento solution for Marketplace which already contains a website template (there are a few website template versions to choose from), and basic functions for a Marketplace. Then, he sent us a mock-up for their design which they want to customize based on our premade theme and rebuild it to be similar to He also sent us a detailed list of the features that he wants to develop on his website. He wants it to be a B2B for selling mattresses with basic features of a Magento eCommerce website. We have joined several meetings to make a confirmation for what our developer team would do in this project with a detailed quotation and timeline. 

Firstly, let’s take a look at the website design.

Website Design 

The homepage is quite simple but very neat and the color concept is eye-catching. 


(promotion and reviews) 

You could see that the concept is similar to but he already made some changes to make it match with his business model. He focuses on the unique points of the product and what customers thought about the products they have bought. 

(product slide and blog) 

They add a position for Blog posts. Blogging is an amazing way to drive traffic to your website and increase your SEO. The more your blog, the more content the search engines have to crawl and index. This means they can easily recognize that your site is a resource of information for people to access. Plus, you can use your blog to create content that your audience is encouraged to share with their connections. Companies who blog receive 97% more links to their website from other online sources, B2B websites that use blogs get 67% more leads than those that do not. That is why today, brands use blogs to grow their businesses and expand their reach. 


The homepage is very simple and there are many spaces to show product images. It is a known fact that showing multiple views of your product will significantly improve your conversion rates. Doing so can also help your customer understand the size of the item, and allow them to better visualize product details such as product material quality, interior lining, special thread, etc. The time that you put into creating high-quality product images for your website will pay off. As Lauren Freedman, president of the E-tailing Group, said “Product information should start with strong imagery as part of the shopping experience”.

The product page is simpler with the dropdown options to choose product type, size, and color. The product information and reviews are displayed in 3 different tabs under the product image gallery. Even it is so simple but it still contains all the necessary information for consumers to understand the products they are purchasing. And we think, simply the product page is a way to enhance the consumer shopping experience. Too much information or a complicated price structure could make them confused and hesitate when making the decision. 

He does not forget to show the guarantees and information about the shipment at the bottom of the product page. The standout point is free shipping and returns which is shown in the most noticeable position. For large-size products such as mattresses, the shipping cost could be one of the most considerable problems to consumers when they decide to shop online.  

As mentioned above, our developers customized the premade template using the client website design idea. We rebuilt the homepage & product page following the client design file and customized the other pages a little bit to match these two. So, our developer did not have to spend too much effort on rebuilding the website layout.  The more complicated and longer-time-taken part is feature development.

Features Development 

About the feature development, we divided it into 3 different processes: live chat, payment integration, and eCommerce features development

Live chat function 

For the live chat box, we used - a free live chat software. It is a friendly-user plugin with many useful features like screen sharing, message filtering, GEO IP tracking, etc…

We also helped to set up the Facebook chat popup.  

Live chat is well suited to providing customer support. You can solve customer's problems faster and improve customer satisfaction. Your customers receive a response much faster than they would through email or support tickets that can take hours or even days.

Payment Integration 

These days, every type of eCommerce business, both in the business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) sectors, must offer their customers the ability to pay in a multitude of ways, and thus accepting credit/debit cards as well as mobile payments, gift cards, and even PayPal payments is no longer merely an option but a necessity.

Picking the reasonable payment gateway for your business can regularly decide the achievement of your online business.

Most importantly, when merchants are searching for an appropriate and leading payment gateway, they must know the reason behind choosing the payment gateway and what are the services offered by the payment gateway supplier.

For instance, what are the features that they will provide for a business, the credit card machines, and different things they have to search for before incorporating them into one? This is important for them to stay updated about changes in the service.

Making sense of the right payment end for the online store will be the way into the long-term accomplishment for your online business.

Here is the payment gateway list that our client wants to install on his website: 

  • ZaloPay Wallet 

  • MoMo E-Wallet 

  • COD 

  • Credit/Debit Card

  • ATM card/ Internet Banking 

We had to guarantee the shopping cart software, stock inventory management software, shipping database, and correspondence network are working in a state of harmony before we even start to coordinate the payment processing gateway. As it were, a great deal can turn out badly with innovative combinations.

The eCommerce security and payment systems picked need to consistently incorporate with the current programming, equipment, and site.

Magento ECommerce Features

When it comes to eCommerce websites, it’s all about functionality and features. As a business owner, it is essential to have the tools to manage your website and that the administrative features fit with your business processes. Based on your business model and scale, you might need different functionality and features. 

As you know, Magento is an eCommerce platform built on open source technology that provides online merchants with a flexible shopping cart system, as well as control over the look, content, and functionality of their online store. Magento offers powerful marketing, search engine optimization, and catalog-management tools.

For this client, he only wants a simple and basic Magento eCommerce store for mattress selling and does not have any specific requirements. So, we recommend using the basic features of Magento Commerce which are listed in this Full Magento Commerce Feature List. Those features are almost contained in our eCommerce Magento solution for the Marketplace that he purchased. For clients that are not tech-savvy, we help to build everything from scratch, theme building, functions development, install and set up premade solutions, plugins, and extensions or even customize, add new features as per client’s demand to be fit with business needs.  In this case, we helped to install the solution, set up and configure making everything ready for the new Magento eCommerce website launching. 

This Magento Commerce edition is formerly called Magento Enterprise. It is the advanced edition which offers more features. Let’s take a look at the main features: 

  • Magento 2 Enterprise Edition includes Elastic Search for the most powerful customer search experience, with advanced search rules that deliver the results your customers expect. 

  • Magento 2 Enterprise Edition allows you to dynamically display content and promotions to specific customers, based on properties such as customer address, order history, shopping cart contents, and so on. This boosts the conversion rate for the business and creates a unique shopping experience for their customers, promising more potential ones.

  • Magento 2 Enterprise Edition includes drag-and-drop content management capability with staging and preview features that allow your content creators to build content and get it approved without involving a developer.

  • Companies are working on their B2B eCommerce strategy, increasing the competition. A proper eCommerce platform for B2B allows your business to grow by giving smaller customers an opportunity to self-service, allowing you to focus on higher-value customers. Magento’s B2B functionality includes requisition lists, quotes, negotiated pricing, product exclusivity, and corporate accounts. These built-in features allow you to focus on customizing the features that are unique to your business operation.

These extension options and add-ons will help you appeal to a wider audience while also benefiting you in terms of gaining revenue. It is important to identify the right platform based on your business needs. Magento Enterprise Edition allows businesses to build a well-designed, responsive and secure website, enabling the owner to control the web store efficiently in order to scale up their online marketing game.

The features we provide in this article could only be suitable for our client and his Magento eCommerce website. In case you want to get consultancy on building an eCommerce website with a comprehensive list of must-have eCommerce website features for your own business, do not mind contacting our sales consultant - Mr. Vincent Ray through his email [email protected], WhatsApp +84 868 901 261 or Skype live:vincent_4281 to book for an appointment. He will provide you a lot of useful advice to build an eCommerce website. 

This project seems to be simple but actually, it has taken us quite a lot of time and effort in development. Setting up an eCommerce Magento website is not complicated but it takes a long time and requires patience because there are tons of things to do. 

Every project is unique, and every client and developer works differently. Based on our experience, a new Magento eCommerce website can take anywhere from 50 to 900 hours of development work. That is a huge range so knowing exactly what you want will be instrumental in this process.

To build a generic, straight out of the box Magento site, you could end up spending around $3,000 or less. This works for merchants who are solely just wanting to sell items online; they’re not interested so much in the design and special functionalities. However, this usually isn’t the case for most companies and the price just goes up from there. New builds can range at about $5,000 - $10,000 and a custom-built theme along with intricate functionality can reach $80,000 and up.

So, If you know exactly how you’d like your new Magento store to work and look, that will shave some time and cost of your project. 

Some words from CMSMART team 

Magento is one of several eCommerce platforms that are growing in popularity. Many website hosting providers even offer one-click installation options for setting it up online. Still, getting your new online store set up and working the way you want can take some time.

  • Do you want a custom theme, or would you like to purchase one from a site like Theme Forest to implement?

  • Are you planning on using the extensive features built into Magento, or do you want custom features and functionality developed for you?

  • Do you have a precise plan for exactly how you’d like your site to look and operate?

Here are a few questions to ask yourself before starting on your path into the eCommerce world. When you are ready to launch a Magento store, CMSMART would be more than happy to help you execute your business plan and build you a brand new eCommerce website.

In CMSMART, we not only provide amazing solutions for merchants wanting to start an eCommerce store but offer all the eCommerce-related services at one place for varying sizes of businesses, from startups to enterprise-grade businesses.  

If you aren’t sure which is the right solution for you or if you’d like a better idea of what a fully custom site might cost, please don’t hesitate to contact us! Providing us with the answers to the questions above, we will be able to give you a quick idea of what it would cost and how long it might take. We would love to talk with you and help you with your eCommerce venture!