B2B ECommerce Marketplace Development

A B2B marketplace is a type of eCommerce platform that brings together B2B sellers and buyers and enables them to do business in one place online

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Who should use our B2B Ecommerce Marketplace Development Solution?

CMSMART bridge the gap between us and you, our customers, for B2B Ecommerce marketplace development. Understanding problems and serving clients is one of our top tasks. With the most top quality products and services has enabled us to develop the best B2B Ecommerce marketplace solution leading the market.

Why Do You Need B2B eCommerce Solution?

The B2C eCommerce marketplace is all you need about maximizing sales and developing the brand. Our comprehensive solution is also about enabling your business and your vendors to be efficient.

The possibility of market expansion

The possibility of market expansion

A B2B Marketplace Website will enable your business to grow and scale easily way to meet everything market demand and customer needs, by linking new sales channels and continuously reaching new market segments. By creating and testing compelling content for your targeted B2B buyers, you can deliver value and quickly respond to changes in the market. Also, by adopting extensible B2B eCommerce cloud solutions, you can revamp your existing technology and significantly improve your marketing and merchandising capabilities.

Improved efficiency & productivity

Improved efficiency & productivity

Through integration to the enterprise resource planning (ERP) and other business systems, the eCommerce marketplace website provides marked efficiencies for B2B organizations. Customers can order online at their convenience, businesses can focus on the actual customer service functions rather than simply being order takers. Also, automated ordering and workflows eliminate the need to reconfigure data in independent systems, thereby reducing the possibility of errors. This further improves the efficiency of order processing

Attract More New customers

Attract More New customers

A B2B eCommerce site with public-facing catalog pages is a powerful tool to reach more new B2B customers. Your future buyers not only prefer to shop online but will demand it. As B2B buyers head online and search information to compare products and find the best prices, manufacturers, and distributors can leverage the power of search engines: Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc to connect with them. By developing a responsive B2B eCommerce site with rich SEO-friendly content, you can locate new visitors and convert them into customers.

Improved Brand Awareness

Improved Brand Awareness

A B2B eCommerce platform provides your business with an online presence, thus giving you control over your brand. This allows you to promote, grow and strengthen your brand both locally and internationally. Although other external B2B market channels may generate additional brand awareness benefits, your branded eCommerce website is the main marketing tool for a sustained online presence and visibility. Developing SEO-friendly content for your eCommerce site is a fast way to show your target audience will know who you are.

Increased orders and Sales

Increased orders and Sales

A B2B eCommerce site not only helps you reach new customers but also allows you to easily implement promotion programs. With this, you can increase sales by offering relevant suggestions to customers on the site and encouraging them to purchase related items or items with more features and functionalities: automated cross-sell and upsell recommendation programs. Also, by providing self-service capabilities, B2B eCommerce websites allow customers to choose, order, or reorder easily based on previous purchases.

Pro Analytics capability

Pro Analytics capability

B2B eCommerce provides a perfect platform for organizations to launch comprehensive analytics campaigns. Through eCommerce, organizations can easily measure and evaluate marketing campaigns, sales effectiveness, product mix, inventory turns, customer sales effectiveness, and customer engagement. Google Analytics offers basic eCommerce tracking, but integrating analytics with your ERP and CRM System as well gives you much more valuable data with actionable insights about customers enterprise resources

Analytic B2B data with B2B eCommerce marketplace development solution

With B2B data analysis and ideal customer portraits using the B2B eCommerce Marketplace system, it's easier than ever to elevate your business brand and convert leads into orders.


Enterprise Resource Planning with B2B E-commerce

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a must-have trend for B2B commerce to improve business performance, management, and operation, especially with B2B eCommerce marketplace.


Highlight of ecommerce services and custom website development that we can work on your project.

The future of B2B Ecommerce marketplaces looks promising, and this is undoubtedly the right time for you to create a platform and succeed. Before you look into the specific services for building a supplier vendor marketplace, let’s first see our highlight services.

Ecommerce mobile app solution

Ecommerce mobile app solution

In the e-commerce world, developing e-commerce applications on mobile platforms is the latest trend. As one of the fastest companies to update and apply new technologies, we can convert your marketplace website to full mobile site design with below premium development services 

  • Mobile-Site Design & PWA Development
  • Mobile-Friendly Checkout & Mobile Payment 
  • Mobile Commerce Integration & Mobile Analytics
  • Android & IOS App Builder 
  • Develop Mobile Responsive FrontStore and Admin Panel

Ecommerce extension development

Whether you are looking to create extensions, plugins for your personal E-commerce store, or if you plan to facilitate your SAAS services to business customers through a custom eCommerce extension, Our website development company can build custom eCommerce extensions with extreme precision. 

  • Custom eCommerce extensions on multiple platforms
  • Fully documented code
  • Getting eCommerce extension approved on the marketplace

Ecommerce extension development
Ecommerce sales & marketing services

Ecommerce sales & marketing services

The success of an eCommerce store is calculated not only by the number of products provided and how amazingly the website is marketed but also through their outstanding variety of features offered for the customers and website owners both. 

  • Good Content Management & Easy-to-use Checkout
  • Order and Shipping Management 
  • Marketing & Sales Promotional Tool
  • Mobile Ready & SEO Friendly
  • Multiple Payment Options & High Secure data
  • Integrated CMS & Blog Section, and more.

Responsive Ecommerce theme development

If you are looking for responsive eCommerce themes then look no further. We are known as one of the top businesses for perfect eCommerce theme development from PSD’s, AI, JPG, PNG, SKETCH or any similar file formats.

  • Fully responsive across devices
  • Built according to the standards of each e-commerce platform
  • W3C Validated
  • Fully Admin manageable frontend theme delivered
  • Score grade ‘A’ on GtMetrix and Google Page Speed

Responsive Ecommerce theme development
Ecommerce integration services

Ecommerce integration services

We use to connect with your internal business tools and systems to run your business smoothly in harmony with your existing management systems.

  • ERP- Enterprise resource planning
  • Order fulfillment system
  • Personalization tools
  • Sale and Marketing tools
  • CRM- Customer relationship management
  • CMS- Content management system
  • Payment gateways
  • PIM and DAM

B2B Ecommerce marketplace development

A B2B (business to business) marketplace is a place on the ecommerce where sellers offer their products and services to customers who are other companies. We are confident to be one of the leading agents in building and customizing e-commerce websites for B2B businesses. With a wide variety of popular and famous website solutions, our products are sure to make you satisfied.

  • Online marketplaces such as Walmart or Rakuten
  • Multivendor marketplace like Amazon or eBay
  • Loyalty and referral program portals such as Starbucks Rewards
  • Retail, affiliate marketplaces such as ClickBank
  • Clear, simple, and USP-centric dropshipping portals

B2B Ecommerce marketplace development
Ecommerce development services

Ecommerce development services

CMSMART has developed many features, extensions, plugins, and is used by 5000+ different projects so our skilled team understands all amazing features about eCommerce websites and also the challenges that retailers may face during their platform or website use.

  • Ecommerce eStore Development
  • Ecommerce Extension, Plugin, Application Development
  • B2B B2C Businesses Portal Development
  • Enterprise Mobile App Development
  • Hire Certified Development expert
  • Ecommerce 2 PWA Development

Ecommerce support and maintenance services

We are a one-stop destination for maintaining a consistent and engaging shopping experience for eCommerce marketplaces. 

  • Flexible Support Plans with Rapid Issue Response
  • Certified Developers & Dedicated Support Team
  • 24/7 Critical Support & Unlimited Support Requests
  • Code and Release Management
  • Issue and Project Tracking System
  • Support for most Platforms
  • Consulting – Know what’s better for your store.

Ecommerce support and maintenance services
Ecommerce payment & shipping integration

Ecommerce payment & shipping integration

Payment and Shipping gateways are the lifelines of any ecommerce store. While most platforms already support top payment and shipping gateways by default, you might not find any local service providers in its default list. So if you have trouble with this, please feel free to contact us. We will resolve with the below skills

  • 3rd party Payment gateway integration
  • 3rd party Shipping integration
  • Recurring Billing setup
  • E-Wallets setup

Ecommerce retail b2c development

From simple sites to more complex integrations, our eCommerce web developers set up tools to track records to transform your eCommerce capabilities.

  • Small Business & Mid-market Ecommerce Store
  • B2B & Multi-Vendor Marketplace Solution
  • Global Expansion & MultiStore Development
  • Omnichannel & Social Ecommerce
  • Digital Transformation & Mobile Commerce
  • Fashion, Food & Beverage and Grocery Mobile App
  • Health & Beauty & Booking Web Application
  • Automotive, LMS, and Real Estate Management

Ecommerce retail b2c development

on-demand b2b eCommerce Marketplace performance optimization services

When you hire a development specialist from our team, we commit dedicated support and maintenance to make sure your e-commerce website consistently delivers amazing customer experiences. Being a leading website development company, We guarantee the quality of the solutions for all of our clients.

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