1. Header

Custom header style 

To change styles for your Header go to Theme Options -> Header and then Enable Custom Header Style. You can customize header here such as: header style, allow to show icons …

1.1. Logo

You aren’t only uploading your website logo in desktop, but also upload both Tablets and iPhone. This means that Tablet and IPhone’s logo can be different with desktop.

To upload logo, you go to Theme Options -> General -> Click on ‘Upload” to choose image from your computer or library 

1.2. Menu

To show menus in header like as our demo; you go to Appearance -> Menus

If you want to display any page, categories and post in menu, you only click on it and tick box -> Choose “Add to Menu” -> “Save Menu”. 

Example: You want show any pages in menu, you click on Pages -> you search pages that you want to add to menu -> click on checkbox -> click on “Add Menu” button.

Notes: All above steps are steps to create basic menu. 

To have a professional menu like as our menu, we use “Max mega menu” plugin. To have more information about “Max mega menu” plugin, you please read in link below:


2. Content 

2.1. Slider (Slider Revolution)

Create Slider

Go to Slider Revolution -> Slider Revolution -> New Slider-> Complete information (from part 1 to part 5) -> Save Setting

I prefer you read its documentation live at


Edit Slider

To modify text and animation in sliders that are created, you go to Slider Revolution -> Slider Revolution -> Choose Slider that you want to modify (Edit Slider)

Example: You want to edit slide home 1

Step 1: You click on #2 Fishing 2

Step 2: You want to edit style or it’s animation…, you have to choose it and choose tab you want to

Tab animation:

Step 3: Save Slider

2.2. Other elements

If you want to edit the other elements in homepage, you go to Pages -> All Pages


Select homepage front page

choose elements that you want to edit in Siteorigin.

Example: You want to edit text in policy block

• Step 1: You go to element that you want to edit và click on “ Edit Icon Box”

• Step 2: You can add row or add widget

Configuration content widget.

• Step 3: Save changes

Notes: Exception header, slider and footer, the other elements in homepage are created by visual composer that we bought in codecanyon. To know how to use it, you please read carefully link below: 


3. Footers

The screenshot below display “footer”: 

Footer is divided into 4 elements: Footer 1, Footer 2, Footer 3 and Footer 4

To edit footers, you go to Appearance -> Widgets; you will see four footers here.

You also change footer:

You go to Appearance -> Widgets; you will see “Footer top” and you can edit it.