Frequently asked questions
Handmade Marketplace WooCommerce WordPres Theme

Yes, all layouts can fit and look nice on the computer desktop, mobile phone or tablet

Yes, it is compatible well with all browsers such as IE, FireFox, Chrome, Safari, and even Opera

- Auto Renewal Payment: With this package, you have 6 months to receive our support, download and upgrade FREE. You DON'T need to buy the product again but after the first 6 months, you have to pay a small recurring fee for every next 6 months to maintain our support, download and upgrade FREE.

- Standard Payment: You only pay ONCE for this payment, you will receive our support, download and upgrade FREE in 6 months. But after 6 months, if you want to upgrade, download or support, you HAVE to buy again with 45% sales off.

- 90% of our customers choose Auto Renewal Payment because not only our customers may save a lot of money but also their sites are always up -  to - date.


You can cancel the renewal fee at any time. After you cancel the renewal fee, you can use our product on your domain for a life time, but you can not open a support ticket or download the new upgraded version. If you want to update to the latest version you have to buy our product again with 45% sales off. Therefore, please consider carefully before you cancel the renewal fee.

Yes, this package supports Multi-language & Multi-currency. You can set up languages & currency for your website to suitable with your business target market. 

Yes, this package follows the best SEO practices for great SERP ranking

Yes, they can manage their store information through dashboards such as product inventories, sales volume, discount and promotion

Yes, they can set up the store from sellers dashboard

Yes, they can add their social profiles from Twitter, Facebook…and link their Facebook store into store profile

They can manage the products shipping from the shipping tab

Yes, admin can send the announcement to sellers from the backend. You can choose all sellers or select sellers that you want to send the announcement

Yes, after installing your page will be exactly like our demo. But you need to change the content and upload your products

We offer FREE installation to customers who buy a full package. Our dev team will install the whole package for you without charging any fee.

They just need to follow 4 easy steps as below:
Step 1: Signup with us on the platform
Step 2: Upload your products 
Step 3: Start selling your products 
Step 4: Get orders and earn money


Admin can charge sellers a percentage of commission for each order they earn

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