Step 1: Create a new folder in Public_html with folder name is mag2_printshop

Step 2: Upload file quickstart on folder mag2_printshop by FTP

Step 3: Extract file .zip in folder mag2_printshop

1. Use command 

2. cd public_html/ enter

3. ls enter

4. cd mag2_printshop enter

5. ls enter

Step 4: Run 2 command

1. composer require magento/product-community-edition 2.2.6 --no-update

(import corresponding version number into the command)

2. composer update  or  php -d memory_limit=-1 `which composer` update

Step 5: Create Database

Step 6: Import Database by command:

1. mysql -u tcmsmart_admin -p: Username and Password of Database

2. use tcmsmart_printshop: Database name

3. source /database/db.sql: Source to get Database file

Step 7: Access the website on browser and do as the video below:

Step 8: Run command to install

1. php bin/magento c:f

2. php bin/magento s:upgrade

3. bin/magento s:s:d -f

Step 9: View the site after completing