2. General issues after installation

2.1. Some features don't work or give errors

There are some possible problems as following:

  1. Magento cache (or external cache) was not flushed after we installed the theme.
  2. Some of the theme files were not uploaded or even broken. To resolve this issue, you just need to re-upload original theme files to your server (overwrite existing files) and flush the cache.
    Note: that files can be broken if you send them in large numbers via FTP without zipping. So it is highly recommended to upload zipped files.
  3. The theme wasn’t enabled properly. Please refer to Installation for more details.
  4. You have some third-party extensions which change/break theme’s default or cause some conflicts. Disable all extensions and flush the cache, then enable extensions one by one to check which one is causing problems. Refer to Third party extensions for more details about third-party extensions.
  5. You edited theme files and accidentally removed or changed something in the files. Re-upload original theme files to your server (overwrite existing files) and flush the cache.

2.2. The blank page or 404 not found – when trying to open theme admin pages

To overcome this issue, just log out from Magento admin panel, delete all files in var/cache/ directory (to clear Magento cache), and log in again.

2.3. File Permission

Incorrect file permissions on your server may cause several issues. After uploading any files to your server to install themes or extensions you need to set correct file permissions for all of them– Certainly, the permission must be set as same as for the default Magento files.

File permissions may differ depending on the server – usually 755 for folders and 644 for files. In case of any doubts about permissions, please contact your hosting provider. Refer to this article for more details: http://www.magentocommerce.com/wiki/1_installation_and_configuration/magento_filesystem_permissions

2.4. Package with this name does not exist" message is displayed when trying to enable the theme

There are some main reasons for this: These files were not uploaded, or they are not in the correct place, or there is a problem with file permissions on your server

2.5. After you complete the theme installation the store gives the blank page or an error

At first, log out Magento admin panel, change the owner of the uploaded files to the web server user and set correct file permissions for them. Delete all files in var/cache/directory (do not delete the directory) and log in again.

2.6. Tabs, sliders or other interactive elements don't work

This may be caused by jQuery conflicts: one of your custom extensions is loading another version of jQuery. You need to remove that version of jQuery or remove that extension.

2.7. Images are not displayed

Sometimes after installation, some images on custom CMS pages or inside static blocks (e.g. images in the slideshow) are not displayed. First, check whether images were uploaded or not. And then correct paths to those files can be found in the source code of your page (click CTRL+U in most browsers).

Notes: In fresh Magento installation, the default sample home page tries to load sample images which don’t exist in this theme (so you will see blank rectangles instead of images). Go to CMS > Pages > Homepage, remove the default content or replace it with your own content.

2.8. The slideshow is not displayed on the homepage

Make sure the configuration of the slideshow is correct. Enable all the static blocks which are used as slides in the slideshow. Finally, flush the cache.