Shop by brand is a necessity for every e-commerce e-business. This feature allows customers to do shopping through finding their favorite brands on your website. Especially, if your business’ field belongs to Fashion, Officer Tools and others the feature needs to be added into your web-store.

The feature is as same as easy navigation you bring to your customers, helping them look for desirable products as fast as possible. However, to arrange or show brand list on the page in a normal way will do not make your site attractive.

With regard to Magento 2 solution, the platform was born as the result of the best open-source platform. This version has resolved disadvantages of the last one and at the same time supplies a huge range of many advanced features. Among them, we must tell the higher performance of your website. Magento 2 Shop By Brand is released as the result of the last version of Magento 1, with many new innovations and complete features.

Today, we are very happy to bring an overview of Magento 2 Shop By Brand module on the marketplace through a comparison table of 6 modules coming from well-known Magento 2 solution providers now. From that, we can pick up the best choice and use it for your site. Magento 2 Shop By Brand module comes from: CMSmart, Aheadworks, Mageplaza, Magestore, Magesolution and Aitoc. Please take a view of the following table:

For each solution provider, the price is different and the features are not as same as together. However, when installing a module to our web-store, we always need to consider which product is valuable and saves us much cost, gives us more effects. This table helps us give an ideal Magento 2 Shop By Brand extension that is developed by CMSmart market.

Magento 2 Shop By Brand extension brings a lot of benefits to both web-store owner as well as customers:

  • For Web-store owner: You can find easier to filter or search brands and add brand’s information as name, logo, banner, description, or select product for which brand you want. It is helpful for you to get customer’s loyalty, boosting their love and encouraging them to do shopping on your site.
  • For Customers: Get all brands with related products, featured brands, brand details: name, logo, banner, description, featured products or best-seller products. Besides, it supports search brand feature with many brands in the search box and brand filter, bringing the most comfort to shoppers.

In details

On the Homepage of your site, Shop By Brand will be added to the Top Menu for customers to easily click on and look for their brand’s product.

  • After clicking on Shop By Brand tab, a Brand Listing page will be shown out. This is created for visitors to view and select brands as they wish. In order to select products of a Brand, the customer just needs to click on the Brand and a Brand detail page will display necessary information of brands like logo, banner, description, and product list for them to make conference.
  • Right on the Brand listing page, customers can see Featured Brands right on the tab Navigation menu that allows shoppers to choose any brand as be featured on.
  • The shop By brand brings many ways to search brands, like featured brand, search box and alphabetically (Shop By Brand filter Feature).

  • One more important thing of the module is responsive. This is very effective for online business in enjoying a huge number of customers through numerous devices, mobile phones, computers and tables.

We also discover a lot of good features of this module with a small investment amount as below:

  • Easy installation and configuration while you still ultimate its functions. More importantly, SEO friendly URL with Meta words, description and Custom URL for a brand, ensuring to enhance your SEO. WYSIWYG editor is also supported, allowing you to add full information of the brand on each brand edit page in the back-end.

An outstanding feature of Magento 2 Shop By Brand of NetBase is Product count in each brand. This function allows the web-store owner to set product count of each brand and it can be shown or not in listing brand page, sidebar or product page.

Now, it’s time for you to discover Magento 2 Shop By Brand for your site.