One step checkout is designed with the aim of helping customers finish checkout process completely without loading additional pages. Web developers believe that One step checkout will make customers closer to completing their order so the conversion rate will be improved. Moreover, this kind of checkout process will occupy less real estate, it means that less information has to be filled out. All non-essential form fields will be cut down to make checkout process succinct.
In fact, we have several ways to improve checkouts to bring customers excellent user experience but in this article, I want to show you the deep view over optimizing checkout as a whole with Magento 2 one step checkout extension from Cmsmart:

  1. Making the process as simple as possible

What does it mean by simple?

  • Listing and explaining any time restrictions on making purchases so customers can get all information and plan their purchase accordingly. One more thing, the conversion rate will be improved significantly if time restrictions are made as lenient as possible.
  • Asking for each piece of information only once, no duplicate. It will be actually convenient and time-saving if you integrate auto-filling state and city data after a user enters their ZIP code. In case any errors occur, make sure that you show how to fix properly. Additionally, optional registration should also be part of the checkout process. However, it had better not segregate it, let's incorporate it into the purchase process so customers can fill while they are filling personal information.
  1. Updating order summary and price

Magento 2 one step checkout extension allows you to inform customers about some payments other than the cost of the item such as time and price associated with each shipping method so your customers can be more confident in their purchase.

  1. Informing users the information they need to submit their order

Let's make your customers be confident that their choices are right by providing them all needed information. For example, with Magento 2 one step checkout extension, when they submit an order, give them a way to cancel the order before it’s processed and a printable order confirmation page with all the order details.

  1. The best practices of form design

There are some factors affecting obviously on the ease and usability of forms including not crowding forms, tailoring field length to the size of the information being entered inline validation for inputs that have high error rates.

You also should pay more attention for a great deal of information about form labels. From the point of view of professional designers, the suitable form field labels are above each form field. You will see its huge influence on usability and brand perception.

  1. Recommendations Unique to One-page checkout

We understand that one step checkout process is designed for place order page so with Magento 2 one step checkout extension, we design total cost prominently near the CTA for placing an order and that once clicked, the order will be submitted. We help you avoid the duplication by disabling the “Place Order” CTA after the user clicks once, if it is still possible, inform customers just click one time to avoid multiple orders.