Question 1: Do I receive the Product like your demo?

Answer: Yes, but after that you should change your logo, upload your own products. Our demo templates are for demo.

Question 2: Can I download the update of new version?

Answer: Yes, within 6 months of your single purchase, if we release and update the extension or template, we will include into the product download package on our download server, so you can download with the same download links in your confirmation email.

Question 3: How to configure extensions in this theme?

Answer: If you want to configure the extensions, you only follow the steps below:

On admin panel, you find this extension in menu sidebar. Example: You want to configure mega menu extension; you click on MEGAMENU in menu sidebar of admin panel.

You will choose the extension that you want to configure here. You can have more detail about configuration way in 4.3. Other Modules

If you have many questions, please contact us here: