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Update to Joomla 4

Hi,Are you going to provide upgrade for Joomla 4?Alternatively the plugin is compatible with php 8Thanks
Alessandra Paolillo
By Alessandra Paolillo

Virtuemart 4 and Joomla! 4 support

Will Multiple Image Upload support Virtuemart 4 and Joomla! 4?
Андрей Селиванов
By Андрей Селиванов

Coupon code

Can I have coupon code 
Abdulrahman Alhabdan
By Abdulrahman Alhabdan

Become a designer

I activated the area that says "Become a designer", then I log in with a different account in the client area and when I fill out the form to become a designer, it refreshes the page but does not...
Youprint Portugal
By Youprint Portugal

Virtuemart 4 / Joomla 4 Compatibilty

When will this extension be compatible for Joomla 4 / Virtuemart 4 be availavle?Thanks
Kai Von Pannier
By Kai Von Pannier

NB Designer

I want to try this before buying it.Thanks
Emmanuel Amuwa
By Emmanuel Amuwa

J4 and VM4 versions of the plugin

Expect to be available a j4 and vm4 version of the plugin? 
By kovacshazi

KA02 Assessment For Engineering New Zealand - Ask An Expert At CDRAustralia.Org

If want to apply to become a Chartered Member or Chartered Professional Engineer, you are required to meet an internationally-benchmarked educational standard. If you don't have a formal engineering...
Andrew Robert
By Andrew Robert

Is this a dead end road?

Hi, I just wanted to purchase your tool but to my huge surprise found out that atlhough Joomla 4 is our sind about 2 Years now, you just stopped developping this product, is this correct or am I...
Bernhard Aggeler
By Bernhard Aggeler

Upgrade for VM 4?

Are you going to provide upgrade for VM4?
Shin Komine
By Shin Komine

shopper group

Good morning,I need to assign a currency based on the shopper group the customer is assigned to, is it possible to implement this function in this module? Or do you have anything that works for...
By Antonio


does this module work with litespeed loaded and does it have compatability with VM 3.6?
mike parratt
By mike parratt

Edit/Change Variations after product is added to cart

Hi Presale Questions 1.As far as I can see, it is not possible to change the product variations (inside the Designer) after adding a product to the shopping cart.When clicking "Edit...
By DomZub

Image upload problem

Hi guys,whenever I try to choose and upload images in colorswatch area in customfields tab, I get the following error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function vmSetStartTime() in...
Aria Jafari
By Aria Jafari

CDR Help For Engineers Australia

Hello Engineers! Are you searching for CDR Help visit CDRAustralia.Org to get a complete CDR package at a pocket-friendly price. We have been providing CDR Report for Engineers Australia  for many...
Andrew Robert
By Andrew Robert

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