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what I can Do

Good evening I wanted to know if when I confirm the purchase if I can also send the product files such as manuals and technical data sheets in addition to the pdf of the order. thank you
maurizio mantineo
By maurizio mantineo

Using the "Advanced Options - Group as Panel" feature

How do I use the "Advanced Options _ Group as Panel" to my website. I'm considering to applying this feature on my website, especially the sliding feature, looks interesting
By Johnny

Keep Design when change Variation

Never Mind...I think it was a conflict with another plugin.HiPresale Question:When you edit a design in the nb-designer (front-end) and want to change a woocommerce variation afterwards, it...
By DomZub

Sell Personalized Products with Custom Text

The phrase “personalized product” encompasses a wide variety of products across various industries, from clothing and jewelry to artwork and stationery. The way in which these products are...
Flora Nguyen
By Flora Nguyen

french version

Hello, does your calendar extension have a french version in backend and frontend ?Sincerely
By Nicolas

Is this extension Magento multi-store compatible?

Yes, the extension can be used in different product domains under the same Magento instance.
By vincent

Joomla Virtuemart compatibility

Hi,i need to understand if Virtuemart Save Cart Plugin is compatible with Joomla 3.10.1 and Virtuemart 3.8.8.Thank You in advancePasquale
Pasquale Viola
By Pasquale Viola

Move quantity field to top of printing options

It's a simple question for how to customise an individual product page - but these guys refuse to answer and say they will only answer if we give them a good review on 5 or 6 websites!  just...

NB Design Management

How to install Nb Design Management? Thank You!
By jimmy

magento 2.4

As i can see the plugin is havent been updated for a long time dose it work with magento 2.4
Ashraf Mansour
By Ashraf Mansour

no search results

Both the advance product filter and the Ajax search Pro do not work. No search results. And the site is going very slow. Joomla! 3.9.27 / VirtueMart 3.8.6 10373
Drees Hoek
By Drees Hoek

I can't download the jpg file in ´´download design´´ imagemagick enabled

I downloaded the Demo version for wp / woocommerce and installed the plugin on the local server to know the features before buying, but in the admin when I try to download the artwork in jpg,...
Paulo Silva
By Paulo Silva

i need additional info on jpg

The plugin load jpg with additional info on screenshot? I need load this jpg with additional info this plugin not load this 
bindCommerce s.r.l.
By bindCommerce s.r.l.

Font Templates Edit

Hi Gyswhere i can edit this texts templates? I looked in the tool and I didn't find any place that could edit these texts ready! 
By Leomardo


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