In an organization, especially in a company, managing personnel is extremely important! Well, if I kept talking about human resources management, it would be boring like the articles I had read. So in my article, I will tell you stories about human resources that you will probably find interesting. Through this, you will feel that human resource management is extremely necessary. I will stand on both sides from the manager (the owner) and the employee (the hired) to answer the question: Why do we need HRM (Human Resource Management)?

Human resource management

You are the boss:

Oh Yes, this is a great position, we all want to be a boss! (Oh, but don't be happy, the boss has their hardships.) If you have little money, you have a unique business idea, you should do it! Then you will become a boss (literally). But when your idea develops, it's too big. You have to do too much work. You cannot do the work alone for a day when it needs you to work 48 hours. So you need to share your ideas, your work. You need to hire people to do it.


You find someone who shares your passion. They like the work, the idea you're working on and the desire to contribute to building it. They don't care about the salary. They just need a living enough income! (That's Wonderful). They will work hard with you more than 8 hours a day until you finish the work that day. They will have new creative ideas that contribute to your business idea. They will always listen to your comments positively and sincerely. Until the company grows to a certain level, they will continue, build, develop more from your original idea. Now you just need to retire and enjoy the huge profits from that idea. How cool is it!


You have a hard time! you can’t find someone to work with (no one likes to do it).

When you find them, they don't like or don't know the job, you have to spend time training them to be able to work as you want.

They are extremely concerned about the salary they receive (this is of course, for life, for family, for many opportunity costs they have to sacrifice to work with you)

They will only do 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, and have holidays!

They will not have any additional ideas for you. If you have a new idea, you must explain it to them, plan and help them follow your new idea.

They will not listen to your opinion and object to it for a variety of reasons.

They will leave your company if they feel uncomfortable with the work environment, the income level is not guaranteed, or many other reasons (For moving, for family reasons, because they do not like…)

Want to know why not. This may be the answer for you (in my opinion)

You are an employee:


You want to find a job. You get a job with the following conditions: The level of income you want, a comfortable working environment, friendly colleagues, gentle boss, and sociable personality.

You like the work you do, you feel like you will learn, develop your personal skills and abilities for the future.

You contribute many ideas for your boss to listen to that. You and your boss plan to implement those ideas. Your position is promoted. Your income goes up.

Your future is to have a high position in the company as it grows. Or you quit your job and build your own business. That's great!


You work hard, hunt for a job but don't have a job you like. When you find a job, you don't like your position. You have stress in job, difficult boss, unfriendly colleagues. Your ideas are not accepted. Most importantly, you are not satisfied with your income level. You make many mistakes at work, the efficiency is not high. You are fired and unemployed!

The above are some just positive and negative cases! In my experience, they often occur in personnel recruitment. The above cases are not all, but I think you may encounter one of them.

So when you are the boss, how will you find the employees of your dream? You need to have Human Resource Management. With a good human resources department, you can manage your employees. You get the following benefits:

  • You will find competent people who share ideas and enthusiasm to work with you.
  • Human resources department will arrange to create a reasonable business environment and culture for your business
  • You will assess the competency of employees through KPI work, evaluate their productivity.
  • Human Resource department organizes training and experience for your employees
  • You will be able to negotiate a salary to optimize the cost of the company but that salary is still enough to satisfy your employees.
  • You will manage the company's human resource needs of new employees, former employees, and former employees.

And many other benefits!

Did you feel the need of Human Resource Management?

However, not every business can afford to build yourself a Human Resources department with enough functions. Or your number of employees is too large, your human resources department cannot take care of all the information. So what is the solution for you?

You can use personnel management tools, human resource management software, online human resource management systems and automated HRM systems. There are many choices for you!

I would recommend one of those solutions to you! HRM Vtiger- Human Resource Management (HRM) for Vtiger CRM. Vtiger has always been famous in the CRM segment for businesses. And now, on the Vtiger platform, CMSmart created a module specifically for HRM. With this product, you can easily manage personnel in your company with our simple yet outstanding features. Especially, with the Pro version, you can do more than that!

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Finally, with the above article, I have shared with you the reason why you need to have the HRM system. If you have comments on the article, please leave a comment below. I hope to receive feedback from you.

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