Many shoppers of Virtuemart just want to save their products in cart and come back later to perform the checkout process with the saved Cart. This should be a core function of Virtuemart template. Today, Netbase releases Virtuemart Save Cart Plugin to improve your Virtuemart stores.

Simply add the products to the shopping cart and select the "Save Shopping Cart" button. Shoppers can save multiple carts depending on their unique needs. Carts can be viewed and accessed from the "ShoppersProfile" page by selecting the "Saved Shopping Carts" and then go to checkout page. With the Save Cart plugin, shoppers can send an email of the saved data to any email address as they want. 

  • Add products into the cart.

    Shoppers can add products into the cart normally. Products will be displayed in the Save Cart

  • Send an email with the saved data to any email address.

    Shoppers can add products into the cart normally. Products will be displayed in the save cart

  • Log-in before saving products into cart.

    If shoppers haven't log-in the site, the module will ask shoppers to register or log-in before saving products into a cart

  • Put a name for each cart when they save it.

    Shoppers can put a name for each cart when they save it, so they will know clearly the purpose of the cart

  • View the saved cart data in a shopper's profile.

    The module is supported by Ajax, customers will not have to reload the page while the cart is saved into their Virtuemart profile. Only shoppers can see the save cart data in their profiles

  • Delete an old save cart.

    Customers can refresh their cart.

  • 5 colors avaiable.

    5 COLORS AVAILABLE ( Blue, Black, Pink, Red, Gray) to be suitable with different types of websites, choosing options in admin panel.

Additional Details

  • Only shoppers can see the save cart data in their profiles
  • An user can save UNLIMITED carts and restore them any time
  • The restored save cart will replace the current save cart for shoppers to check out
  • This plugin is A+ module for your Joomla Virtuemart.
  • You WILL NOT HAVE TO DO any template change / Virtuemart files core hacks.
  • Shoppers can put a name for each Cart when they save it, so they will know the purpose of cart clearly
  • Compatible with Joomla 2.5.9 and Virtuemart 2.0.8+
  • Work fine with IEs (7,8,9,10), Firefox (3.5, 14+), Chrome 20+
This is a Virtuemart Extensions item
Product rating: 5 star rating 5/5 based on 34 rating(s)

2021, Mar 11

Joomla 3.2.x, Joomla 3.3.x, Joomla 3.4.x, Joomla 3.5.x, Virtuemart 2.0.x


$49.86 GPL License

You can use the product for your own website or your clients website if you are developer. You are allowed to use this extension on Unlimited website while our private support is base on domain.

  • Private support for each 12 months
  • Unlimited tickets support
  • Download & upgrade new version

Extend support: $17.95/ 12 months/ 1 domain

You can cancel renewal fee anytime if do not need while keep using the product for lifetime.

Get it now and save up to $31.91
$53.35 GPL License

You can use the product for your own website or your clients website if you are developer. You are allowed using this extension on Unlimited website while our private support is base on domain.

  • Private support for each 12 months
  • Unlimited tickets support
  • Download & upgrade new version

You can use the product for a lifetime without purchasing it again or pay for renewal payment. You should repurchase this product when your package expired but you still want to get our support or update to the latest version

Support Domain License Under a 1 support domain license for the item you are granted a non-exclusive non-transferable permission to use the item on a single site.

If you plan to use the product on other domains, you SHOULD buy now to SAVE much better than buying separated order.
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See our changelog below to update your site better

Compatible with: Joomla 3.2.x, Joomla 3.3.x, Joomla 3.4.x, Joomla 3.5.x, Virtuemart 2.0.x

Version 3.3.3 Updated: 2021, Mar 11

+ Compatible Joomla 3.9.x, Virtuemart 3.8.x

+ Added: Option Profile tabs select query

+ Added: Portuguese Brazil language

+ Updated: translate text for email content

+ Fixed Bug: The saved cart was not showing

+ Fixed Bug: Warning : constant(): Could not find constant JPATH_ in ...

+ Fixed Bug: The products are linked without a domain on send mail function

+ Fixed Bug: Can not save module

Version 3.3.2 Updated: 2019, Apr 22

+ Compatible Joomla 3.9.x, Virtuemart 3.4.x

+ Added: Ajax Cart Mode

+ Added: Greek, Dutch, French, German, Spanish language

+ Updated: Language folder

+ Fixed Bug: Send mail undefined and can not save cart

+ Fixed Bug: Save cart, Use cart and Remove get error Error! undefined

Version 3.3.1 Updated: 2018, Sep 20

+ Compatible Joomla 3.8.x, Virtuemart 3.2.x

+ Added: Option remove product link on email

+ Updated: Small stylesheet

+ Fixed Bug: Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token on PHP 7.1

+ Fixed Bug: Can not change shipment or payment method on checkout page

+ Fixed Bug: Module options show duplicate

+ Fixed Bug: Show button on profile does not work

Version 3.3.0 Updated: 2015, May 22

+ Compatible Joomla 3, Virtuemart 3.0.8

# Fixed Bugs

+ The save cart disappeared in the profile

+ Prices in save cart wrong to the shopping cart

+ When add to cart, save cart updates incorrectly

+ Saving cart name to display blank spaces

Version 3.2.0 Updated: 2014, Dec 01

+ Joomla 3.x and VM 2.9.8

+ Compatible with Joomla 3.x and VM 2.9.8

+ Allow to control the displayed information of Save Cart in Admin.

# Fixed bug of not allowing to save when no product in cart.

# Fixed bug of sending email

Version 2.0 Updated: 2014, Oct 09

+ Joomla 2.5.x, Virtuemart 2.0.x

+ Add a function of save cart deletion, your customers can refresh their cart.

+ 5 COLORS AVAILABLE( Blue, Black, Pink, Red, Gray) suitable for many different types of website sales - Virtuemart admin can choose in admin panel.

Version 3.0 Updated: 2014, Oct 09

+ Joomla 2.5.x, Virtuemart 2.0.x

+ Fixed issues with JS and PHP bug in VM2 profile view.

+ Work fine with IEs (7,8,9,10), Firefox (3.5, 14+), Chrome 20+

Version 1.0 Updated: 2014, Sep 08

+ Joomla 2.5.x, Virtuemart 2.0.x

+ Compatible with Joomla 2.5.x and Virtuemart 2.0.x

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How Virtuemart Save Cart Plugin Works

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(34) Reviews

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Anderson Höfelmann 5 star rating


Anderson Höfelmann

   The CMSMART team has a lot of respect for component users. It gives a lot of attention to each request for support and with that it has implanted continuous improvement in what it develops. The Save Cart plugin is very functional, catering to an important Virtuemart need to improve the user experience. I recommend the Save Cart plugin and SMSMART.   

Helmut Loefflad 5 star rating


Helmut Loefflad

   We love their products and the support. They always find solutions, great!   

giannis 5 star rating



   great support   

Bollen 5 star rating



   Nice products ! Good support :-)   

[id-pop] 5 star rating



   Nice support. Nice extension. Thanks   

bindCommerce s.r.l. 5 star rating


bindCommerce s.r.l.

   excellent support, fast and accurate   

Maciej 5 star rating



   GREAT WORK!!!   

octasys 4 star rating



   Hi Giang Vu, thank you very much. What caused the error and how do you solved it? Regards   

Dimitris 5 star rating



   Great support. Thank you   

Abbie Bennett 5 star rating


Abbie Bennett

   My sale revenue as well as loyal clients have increased significantly since "Save Shopping Cart" button appeared on my online shop. Well done, guys. Thank you!   

Consuelo J. Ford 5 star rating


Consuelo J. Ford

   WOW - I don't really know what else to say. This is the best extension i have ever seen. 5 star for service. Great.   

5 star rating


   I love this plugin, no more having to have my customers add products again if they take too long. Looks very professional and works fantastic, thank you Jacob for your great support on this product!

Register 5 star rating



   You guys do a great job. We used this module for our sales reps to save cart configurations. I had a special wish and they agreed on tweeking the module to save the comment field as well. Great Job! Keep up the good work.   

Rainer Yeary 5 star rating


Rainer Yeary

   Great work and super support. I made a mistake and they even helped me point it out and fix it even though I had a out of date version. Thanks guys you really helped me out!   

John Nelson 5 star rating


John Nelson

   I purchased this plugin for my store and completely satisfied. It is really A+ module for Joomla Virtuemart and i dont have to do any template change to install it. Highly recommended!   

Benjamin Giles 5 star rating


Benjamin Giles

   This plugin is exactly what i looking for. It works fantastic, easy to install and use. Good job!   

Spencer Holloway 5 star rating


Spencer Holloway

   An useful plugin. It took me only a few hours to set it up on my store and it meet expectations. Great job!   

Yasmin Wood 5 star rating


Yasmin Wood

   In my opinion this is a great plugin for virtuemart. The support team is wonderful, they help me alot in installation and my website looks more effectively now. Thank you for all!   

Marion C. McPherson 5 star rating


Marion C. McPherson

   This plugin does more than expected. It is professional quality plugin. Two thumbs up!   

Jason K. Galvan 5 star rating


Jason K. Galvan

   The plugin works as intended. I needed some help to install in my site that I couldn't seem to figure out. The support team was very prompt with their customer service and I would not hesitate to recommend this.   

Eddie C. Telles 5 star rating


Eddie C. Telles

   Definitely easy to use. The instructions are good and if support is needed, the support team does a great job helping you out.   

Johnny M. Kraemer 5 star rating


Johnny M. Kraemer

   I don't normally buy apps or components, but I gave this one a shot. Definitely happy with my purchase. Good job!   

Mark B. Keisler 5 star rating


Mark B. Keisler

   Excellent support. Easy to install and worked perfectly the first time. Great job!   

Philip M. Smith 5 star rating


Philip M. Smith

   This plugin is great! At first I couldn't get it to work with my install but the great tech support did real right by me, helping me to quickly resolve the problem and get this up and working on my site. Thanks for your great support and keep up the great work!   

James T. Wells 5 star rating


James T. Wells

   This save cart plugin is very useful. It solved many problems to me. Thanks to the developers!   

Andre A. Casto 5 star rating


Andre A. Casto

   Just wanna say that if you use Joomla, so for sure you have to install this component. I made a donation. Many thanks!   

Jeanne Pokrovskaya 5 star rating


Jeanne Pokrovskaya

   This is a great product. It's save me lot of work, you have so many options, just amazing!   

Joshua A. Rivera 5 star rating


Joshua A. Rivera

   The thing I like best about this plugin is that my customer can save as many carts as they want. It will help me a lots in increasing sales. Thank you!   

Joseph J. Green 5 star rating


Joseph J. Green

   Do yourself a favor and use this. Easy to use, no conflict and great support. Thanks all!   

Tommy Simpson 5 star rating


Tommy Simpson

   The biggest benefit of using this plugin is my customers can choose to send these carts to their emails to save them. Very powerful and very useful plugin.   

Demi Storey 5 star rating


Demi Storey

   Very easy to use, i had a small issue because I didn't read the instructions but the support was more then fast, I've received an answer in less then 20 minutes from the developers. Thank you so much!   

Fidel N. Alexander 5 star rating


Fidel N. Alexander

   This amazing gadget, help buyers save time and secure. Thank you so much !   

Thomas L. Wilson 5 star rating


Thomas L. Wilson

   Had a few problems when installed on my site, but I was quickly supported after that, this software is really useful. Thanks for the support team.   

Nikolaj Poulsen 5 star rating


Nikolaj Poulsen

   I bought Virtuemart Cart Save Plugin, it's really good for my customers, they enjoy this extension. I had a small problem when setting process but Cmsmart resolved quickly and great. 5 star for CMSmart!   

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