Virtuemart Save Cart Plugin

save cart plugin

I'm interested in Virtuemart Save Cart Plugin. spanish dictionary
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Theme Compatibility

Hello, I am using the Bike Store template from GavickPro. The cart does not display as shown on your demo. Will this plugin work with my template? Thank you
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Compatible with older versions?

Hi, is this plug-in compatible with Joomla 2.5.17 and VM 2.0.26d ? Pre-sales question.
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I'm interested in Virtuemart Save Cart Plugin, but I must do some modification, and don't know that extensions are meet my expectations. Can I get refund if it useless for me? Or do you have time limited demo version for download?
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Saved cart not displaying correctly on my account page

after i save cart, when i go to my account page, it is not showing my saved cart with proper css...i am using Joomla 3.6.2
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Question before buying..

Hello,i would like to ask you if your plugin can automatically save a user's cart without him having to click on any "Save Cart" button. For example a user has been browsing our e-shop, has selected a few items but does not complete his checkout process & leaves the website, is there a way using your plugin for his abandoned cart to be saved & shown (loaded) to the user the next time he visits our e-shop (without him having to actually select the 'save cart' option)?
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Demo username and password

Hello,I want to see the demo. Can you tell me how I log in?
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Product rating: 5 star rating
2019, Apr 22

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Harry Compatible with older versions?
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Adrian Theme Compatibility
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Brian save cart plugin
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