Product Specification of Virtuemart Color Swatch Extension

E-commerce is capturing almost all the gains in retail sales. And your online store should be in the best presentation and convenient to get more deals from customers. Shoppers have their own aesthetic and your products should be viewed clearly in different color to satisfy customers' experience. This is a reason why our developer team creates Virtuemart Color Swatch Extension.
Are you selling products in different colors or design? Then Virtuemart Colors Swatches will help your customers to understand how your products will look in each different variation. Simply assign any image from product gallery to each attribute value and get ready image switcher on your store products page. Virtuemart Colors Swatches provide easy and flexible way to create professional looking color swatches for your store.
You can let your customers select options and add configurable products to cart right from the category page. Why don't you take this virtuemart extension as core features of your site?
Visualize a variety of your product options with vivid swatches! Fast and easy-to-use, the Virtuemart Color Swatches extension lets you create swatches for configurable product options (color, material, manufacture) and demonstrate the exact view of your products in a couple of clicks. Just choose required images, upload and assign them to attribute values with our feature and enjoy the result.


Are you looking for a way of presenting products to stand out in competitive crowds? If “yes”, Virtuemart Color Swatch extension is the best choice. Let see benefits below which it brings for you.
It helps your customers convenient, save time and get more options when shopping.
Virtuemart Color Swatch plugin minimizes a lot of actions on site and enhances visual impacts.The extension has been advanced being more quickly and easy-to-see. A visitor can choose required product attributes and see the final product view without a page reloading. The site can run faster and bring new and convenient experience for customers.
Furthermore, Our Virtuesmart Color Swatch helps website owners update and manage price for each simple products easily. After your customers choose 1 or more swatches, the system will automatically reload product images, name, description and prices for it.
Easy to install, the extension works well on website with a few simple steps. Virtuemart Color Swatches also them increase sales.


Using Color swatch extension for customers is easier than ever. See steps below to prove what we said:
First, you choose a product you like. And then click View button to see it in detail. Now, you can see different colors thumbnail displaying in one preview page. Choose a color and size with quantity of product, and finish with Buy button to finish it.
This is a unique feature which allows customers have a great view of the product.


With shop owner has very little experience in technology, feel free to instant it in Joomla platform for sure. As video above, you can install Plugin on website easily with 3 steps below:

  • Step 1: Go to Administration ->Extensions ->Extension Manager
  • Step 2: Then click Browse to select file.
  • Step 3: Click Upload & Install to complete your installation

After successful installation, you will see How to use Virtuemart Color Swatch as below:

  • Administrator → Extension → Extension Manager → Plug-in Manager
  • Administrator → Components → Virtuemart → Product → Custom Fields

At custom field, shop owner conducted for each color input data (title, description, and upload images ...). Easily to set up and select some attributes for single products.


  • Easy to use - Virtuemart Color Swatch is easy to integrate and fully compatible with your Virtuemart store. Easy to install, easy to configure, easy to customize
  • Show colors - Display color picker on category & detail page. This is the number one printing theme on print industry
  • Choose attributes - Customize other product attributes e.g.:  size, materials, brand…
  • Setup Color Block Dimensions in Back-end - Administrators have 2 options: Basic option and Advance option for thumbnail style.
  • Setup Horizontally or Vertically for Color Blocks in Back-end - Option show type is Horizontally or Vertically to set for Color blocks in Back - end
  • Used as Virtuemart custom field - Administrators perform for each color input data (title, description, and upload images …)
  • Preview product options with color swatches
  • jQuery and Ajax : allow price being attached with particular colors,  to upload the image in color, use the php function to display the uploaded image and jQuery to delete the image.
  • jQuery jCarousel libraries to create thumbnails slide in detail page.
  • Using Query to perform necessary operations (copy custom field ...).
  • Combined with zoom feature - Zoom and thumbnail slider is available. Give your customers a great view of the product.
This is a Virtuemart Extensions item
Product rating: 5 star rating 4.8/5 based on 24 rating(s)

2020, Aug 24

Joomla 2.5.x, Joomla 3.2.x, Joomla 3.3.x, Joomla 3.4.x, Joomla 3.5.x, Joomla 3.6.x, Joomla 3.9.x, Joomla 3.x, Virtuemart 2.0.x, Virtuemart 2.6.x, Virtuemart 2.9.x, Virtuemart 3.0.x, Virtuemart 3.1.x, Virtuemart 3.2.x, Virtuemart 3.4.x, Virtuemart 3.8.x


$54.86 GPL License

You can use the product for your own website or your clients website if you are developer. You are allowed to use this extension on Unlimited website while our private support is base on domain.

  • Private support for each 12 months
  • Unlimited tickets support
  • Download & upgrade new version

Extend support: $19.75/ 12 months/ 1 domain

You can cancel renewal fee anytime if do not need while keep using the product for lifetime.

Get it now and save up to $35.11
$58.7 GPL License

You can use the product for your own website or your clients website if you are developer. You are allowed using this extension on Unlimited website while our private support is base on domain.

  • Private support for each 12 months
  • Unlimited tickets support
  • Download & upgrade new version

You can use the product for a lifetime without purchasing it again or pay for renewal payment. You should repurchase this product when your package expired but you still want to get our support or update to the latest version

Support Domain License Under a 1 support domain license for the item you are granted a non-exclusive non-transferable permission to use the item on a single site.

If you plan to use the product on other domains, you SHOULD buy now to SAVE much better than buying separated order.
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$ 54.86
You will be rewarded 27 Points ($2.7)

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See our changelog below to update your site better

Compatible with: Joomla 2.5.x, Joomla 3.2.x, Joomla 3.3.x, Joomla 3.4.x, Joomla 3.5.x, Joomla 3.6.x, Joomla 3.9.x, Joomla 3.x, Virtuemart 2.0.x, Virtuemart 2.6.x, Virtuemart 2.9.x, Virtuemart 3.0.x, Virtuemart 3.1.x, Virtuemart 3.2.x, Virtuemart 3.4.x, Virtuemart 3.8.x

Version 2.8.1 Updated: 2020, Aug 24

+ Compatible with Joomla 3.9.x, Virtuemart 3.8.x

+ Fixed Bug: Show all colors in cart if product have >=2 custom fields.

Version 2.8.0 Updated: 2020, May 14

- Compatible with Joomla 3.9.x, Virtuemart 3.6.x

- Added: Required select color swatch option

- Added: Option disable change main image function

- Added: Option show/hide color title

- Added: Option Redirect to product detail when click Add to cart button

- Added: Option show/hide Color hover preview

- Added: Option select default color

- Fixed Bug: Javascript Refused to execute script from ...

- Fixed Bug: Not change product price

- Fixed Bug: Color images show white

- Fixed Bug: Some other small bugs

Version 2.7.2 Updated: 2019, Feb 28

+ Compatible with Joomla 3.9.x, Virtuemart 3.4.x

+ Added: Function support clone images when clone product

+ Fixed Bug: Can not hide plugin title

+ Fixed Bug: Some css error

+ Fixed Bug: Show color swatch title on cart

+ Fixed Bug: Error show all color swatch on cart

+ Fixed Bug: Show multi additional images block

+ Fixed Bug: Width and height of thumb slider

+ Fixed Bug: Wrong URL ajax request

Version 2.7.1 Updated: 2018, Jun 01

+ Compatible with Joomla 3.8.x, Virtuemart 3.2.x

+ Added: Option change zoom type

+ Fixed Bug: Can not change product image when click color swatch option

+ Fixed Bug: Some css error

+ Fixed Bug: Error uploading...

+ Fixed Bug: Error mkdir

+ Fixed Bug: Image not show

+ Fixed Bug: Thumbnail folder not exists

Version 2.7.0 Updated: 2016, Jun 03

+ Compatible with Joomla 3.5.x, Virtuemart 3.0.x

+ Fix bug do not keep input radio of thumbnail

+ Fix load Js many times when add new color

+ Fix not show popup when click into main image

+ Clear notice, warning...

+ Fix replace thumnail image

+ Fix load thumnail into gallery in frontend

+ Fix thumnail not correct in viewcart

+ Fix choose color in category page not show in view cart page

+ Resize color/thumnail in the order - backend

+ Fix css bug - display text

+ Automating more tags div when choose color

Version 2.5.0 Updated: 2016, Jan 14

+ New: Ordering images in Gallery of color (by Name, Time and Random).

+ Fixed: Optimize display color (remove unnecessary element to improve speed).

+ Fixed: Refine layout of plugin in Horizontal and Vertical.

+ Fixed: Configuration manager of plugin in admin.

+ Fixed: Display color and represented image of color in category page.

+ Fixed: Display represented image of color in email order notification.

Version 2.1.0 Updated: 2015, May 11

+ Joomla 3.4.1 & Virtuemart 3.0.8

+ Fixed bugs

+ Do not save color swatches in the back-end

+ Add to cart products on the category page but fails to save on the shopping cart page

+ Duplicate color swatches in the details page

+ Uploading images but the thumbnails stored in the Gallery

+ Removed the system plugin as Virtuemart shows custom fields on the category page

Version 2.0.0 Updated: 2015, Jan 03

+ Compatible with Joomla 3.x, Virtuemart 2.9.8+

Version 1.0.0 Updated: 2014, Sep 08

+ Compatible with Joomla 2.5.x, Virtuemart 2.0.x

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How Virtuemart Color Swatch Extension Works

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Kyriakos 5 star rating



   I would like to thank the developer Mr Binh and the contact support Mrs Janet for their effort to solve my issues, really appreciated guys. Its working like a charm on my eshop, Mr Binh is an amazing developer and helped me for so many hours to customize the plug ing for my eshop I made a crash test of 400 different colors on a product and its working like a charm. Thank you Mr Binh. Its so easy to work it that you really dont need the documentation. Very good value for money and it worth every penny even for the custom work that i asked after it was very good the price. I use this for a bookstore eshop in Greece and it started already the orders to keep coming concerning the products with color swatch. Mr Binh and Mrs Janet once again thank you so much .   

Mattia Messina 5 star rating


Mattia Messina

   An excellent plugin and an excellent support! I had some small graphic problem between the template and the plugin and the support (thanks to the support of Binh) has solved all the problems! Very efficient   

Swap-IT 5 star rating



   Plugin is really great, and the support team makes it even better, they help you out when there is no light on the end of the tunnel.. there plugin open's up alot of options for you're webshop. i really really love the team and the plugin!   

Claire Haas 5 star rating


Claire Haas

   Great plugin and really excellent support.   

Philippe 5 star rating



   The CMSMART support team is really professional ! They are very efficient, very fast and respond exactly to the demand. I recommend them warmly !!   

Enrico 5 star rating



   great works!!   

Giuseppe Urgeghe 4 star rating


Giuseppe Urgeghe

   ok thanks I waiting for your news thanks have a good weekend   

Sakis 5 star rating



   very helpful, thank u very much   

rendy77 5 star rating



   Best extension. Fast and helpful support! I recommend to everyone.   

Amelia Gordon 5 star rating


Amelia Gordon

   The most significant improvement after using this extension is loading speed on site. abandoned rate on my site has felt down, my headache problem had been solved! Thank you so much!   

Alice Hooper 5 star rating


Alice Hooper

   WOW - Best extension to work with ever! User friendly, a lot of helpful features. I received the good support! 5 star quality product on Cmsmart.   

Adnan Tubic 5 star rating


Adnan Tubic

   Very good extension, works great. Excellent support ! Thank you Giang for helping me fix some issues and get the web site running with this extension. My recommendations !   

James Walker 5 star rating


James Walker

   dear, it is a excellent extension. i don't have to spend much time to install it cause you support it so fastly . it is useful and easy to create for more beautiful product . it also works well and increase sales . Smith   

autotec 5 star rating



   It is easy to use, very flexible and works smoothly and excellent customer support Paul Nguyen   

Carmen Mitchell 5 star rating


Carmen Mitchell

   the extension is working well on my website. Thanks for helpful support from team. Very appreciate.   

Stacey Abenstein 5 star rating


Stacey Abenstein

   easy to install and implement. Just a few minor issues but developer solved them all. Thanks to Mr. Hoang. I'm very satisfied.   

reza 5 star rating



   Hi Can be made with this component like the site? I am grateful to answer   

Kevin Woods 5 star rating


Kevin Woods

   The customer support is as good as the product. They bent over backwards helping us integrate it on a difficult page, we would've been stuck without their consistent support. Thank you so much!   

Jamie Marino 5 star rating


Jamie Marino

   Good product with many great features from Virtuemart, our customers can preview the image with different colors and see, help them choose better and we feel good about it. You should use this product.   

George Hardy 5 star rating


George Hardy

   Modern life, the information technology flourish thanks to the talented and creative as you, thank you for support me enthusiastic.   

Donna Champagne 5 star rating


Donna Champagne

   Had a bit of a problem when installing, but all were solved quickly, thank the support team.   

Abbie Bennett 5 star rating


Abbie Bennett

   Wow!!! Come on man, your theme is great!!! I need to buy a new template for my own website and yours is perfect!   

Patricia B. Jones 5 star rating


Patricia B. Jones

   I will recommend the Color Swatch Extension with my friends. Your team support is very good, they are resolve all my problem very quickly.   

Webkratman Webkratman 1 star rating


Webkratman Webkratman

   This plugin is not working. I have done everything possible. Joomla 3.3.6 Please refund me immediately. Regards.   

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