Deeper Understanding Of Your Customers With Google Tag Manager and GA

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About This Service

Google Tag Manager gives you the power to create and update tags for your website and mobile apps, any time you want, at the speed of your business.
Google Analytics(GA) tool is an essential tool for every website. If you have any problem to setup this tool I can help you.GA helps to track your e-commerce sales. This tool is free
If you want to see your visitors, goal, shows sales conversion, payment, visitors country,cross-domain tracking, multiple domain tracking, product click, custom dashboard creation & reporting, etc.
It\'s important to track your conversions in Google Analytics so you are able to see how your website is performing and where to improve.

What do we provide?

路 Setup Google Analytics tools
路 Setup webmaster tools
路 Indexing your site Search engine
路 Track real-time visitor
路 Goal setup
路 Cross-domain tracking
路 Sales tracking
路 Verify Analytics and webmaster tools
路 Google analytics report
路 Fix problem
路 Set up analytics and webmaster tools
路 Install tag manager and submit sitemap, robots
路 Social media Platform tracking set up and report.
路 Set up goal, conversation, and E-Commerce Purchase Tracking
路 Configuration (filters, goals, dashboards, report, search console link)
路 Exclude Internal Traffic
路 Setup Goolge Site Kit in WordPress / Woo-Commerce
路 Goals
路 Channel Groupings
路 Content Groupings
路 Event Tracking
路 Referral Exclusion List
路 Organic Search Sources
路 Search Term Exclusion
路 Product Linking (Adwords, Search Console, Adsense, etc)
路 Property & View Settings
路 Filters
路 Spam Data
路 Site Search
路 Query Parameter Exclusions

Note: Customized service package: If you want to custom on request, please contact us to discuss more before ordering

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