Inventory and Sales Report

Advanced Report is a powerful solution to do your online store or point of sale analytics. It allows you to build reports and visualize data using the different data available in your store.

Benefits Of Advanced Reports - Multistore Marketplace Magento 2

Magento 2 Advanced Reports extension helps online stores track, process, and manage their business better.

Save time

Save time

Save your time running all the necessary sales metrics in one tool

Comprehensive reports

Comprehensive reports

Analyze store performance extensively against a variety of essential financial indices.

Visually appealing charts

Visually appealing charts

Spend no extra minute to read what figures and trends say in comparison and contrast.

Increase sale revenue

Increase sale revenue

Advanced Report helps to increase your sales when you know exactly what your customers need

Make key decisions faster

Make key decisions faster

Make faster decisions based on real-time sales, product, and customer behavior data

Analyze customer behavior

Analyze customer behavior

Advanced Report helps you visualize the exact daily time frame that customers like to buy the most. From there, you will make a more effective business plan

Key features of Inventory and Sales Report

Make effective business decisions using the different types of reports tailored to your specific needs

Get Full Picture Of Your Store Performance

Magento 2 Advanced Reports provides you with multiple sales reports based on statistical data. Get all essential metrics to make accurate business predictions and efficient strategic decisions.

Efficiently analyze all aspects of sales activities

Efficiently analyze all aspects of sales activities

View sales analytics in full-scope with Magento 2 Sales Reports. Get detailed statistics on various aspects of sales activities. Compare sales indices for various periods to measure the dynamics of your sales.

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Keep track of product-related statistics

Efficiently analyze product-related stats data. Get all essential metrics to find out which products enjoy greater popularity in each time period, see what brands are more in demand, compare the performance of different products and explore which product configurations generate more conversions.

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Keep track of product-related statistics
Accurately analyze customer behavior

Accurately analyze customer behavior

Get a deep understanding of your customers’ behavior with Magento 2 Sales Reports Extension. Take control over the abandonment rate, see the percentage of new and returning customers, and analyze the store conversion to optimize your marketing strategy.

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