Why choose the Virtuemart template club?

Virtuemart template club brings the incalculable value for any Virtuemart ecommerce stores with entire template collection integrated powerful Virtumart extensions. Virtuemart template club is the amazing deal for Virtuemart users of any skill levels.

One stop solution

Cmsmart Virtuemart template club is one stop solution for your Virtuemart Business. We give you anything from A to Z to develop first class Virtuemart Stores within only one membership account

Powerful & big collection

It is the only one Virtuemart template club that provides you a full collection of Virtuemart Extensions & Virtuemart template. Our Virtuemart products are highly rated on Virtuemart Connect.

Private support

We have forum support, ticket support system, documentation, training video. And we provide Private support team for our dedicated customers, solving any issues for your projects

Cheap cost

With a cheap fee, you can download all our Virtuemart products to use for your Virtuemart business. The monthly membership fee is for many updates product and constant support. It is cheap in whatever meaning.

Who are Virtuemart Template Club Members?

Virtuemart Template Club welcome all enthusiastic Virtuemart users desiring to build perfect ecommerce website

Virtuemart Web Developers

70 % of our members are Virturemart Developers who are seeking low-cost Virtuemart template or Virtuemart Extensions for all Virtuemart web projects.

Virtuemart Shop Owners

Just start up your Virtuemart web store or want to extend its advanced features, then join Virtuemart club to download all needed tools and extensions.

Virtuemart Enterprise Business

Reply on Virtuemart to develop your corporate business, then your web developer staff will save huge time and cost that using our Virtuemart club products


See our changelog below to update your site better

updateAttachment for Virtuemart Product

Version 4.2.0Updated: 2021, May 11

updateAjax Drop Down Cart for Virtuemart

Version 3.0.3Updated: 2021, Mar 17

updateAdvance delivery date & time for virtuemart

Version 5.1.0Updated: 2021, Jan 25

updateVirtuemart Ajax Search Pro Module

Version 3.5.2Updated: 2021, Jan 20

updateVirtuemart Responsive Flowers Online Shop Template

Version 3.1.1Updated: 2020, Dec 09

Our Community

Go to our forum to hear what people discuss and get new info

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Upgrade for VM 4?new

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Virtuemart template club benefits

Virtuemart template club is built base on value-based strategy, offer more than you pay. This is the common house with a variety of advantages especially for developers who run multiple sites.

Download All Virtuemart template

All our Virtuemart template is carefully in-house designed, specializes on
spectacular shopping style and specific online business, so our
customer can easily adapted into their current business.

Download All Virtuemart Extensions

There is no other Virtuemart Club for Virtuemart Extensions out there, except
membership of Cmsmart Virtuemart Club here

Download All Product Updates

The most important benefits when buying a Virtuemart club membership is to be
able to download update frequently for all your Virtuemart projects.

Outstanding Support is Our Core Business

We have many methods that adapt your support demands as: forum, Private
ticket support, consultants, video, documents ect

Powerful All Features

Cmsmart club powerful theme and meta options along with its unique
structure lets you create any design style with just one theme.

Optimized for Search Engines

Our coders attach enormous key elements while coding products so that the
search engine can read your website easily.

UI Design

With admin options, you can easily change color theme in one 1 click. That is very convenient for shop owner who do no much about technology and save a huge time.

Many Advanced Improvements

Virtuemart template Clubs of Cmsmart Clubs is installing over 10.000 domains and passed carefull testing process and improvements to ensure the stable, fast, bug-free and up-to-dates technologies on the market.

Access 3+ Virtuemart Templates and 12+ Virtuemart Extensions instantly and get update mothly.

Choose your package

Choose among membership pricing package available at Virtuemart theme club to satisfy your demands

Join Club Fee

Just pay a fee to join Virtuemart club to download all themes and extensions

Recurring Fee

You will get a huge discount to get a professional support and update new items

Domain License

You can install 12+ Virtuemart extension and select 3+ Virtuemart templates option for your Virtuemart shop domain

Download All Templates

We have over 3+ quality Virtuemart templates that can adapt any your requests

Download All Extensions

We are developing more 12+ Virtuemart Extensions which is very powerful functions, you can use all of them for your site.

Forever Usage

You can use all products as long as you want on your website even your membership is expired

Product Upgrade

You will get your themes and extensions upgrade free if your account is active

Unlimited Support ticket

Your issue will be resolved with our advanced support ticket system

1 domain
Best value
3 domains

Support Options

All our supports below will help our customers resolve any issue from standard support to private one

Issues Standard Auto Recurring
Bug Fixes Standard: Auto Recurring:
Instructions and Usage Standard: Auto Recurring:
Update Problems Standard: Auto Recurring:
Minor Customization Standard: Auto Recurring:
JavaScript Conflicts Standard: Auto Recurring:
Third Party Products Standard: Auto Recurring:
On-site Debugging Standard: Auto Recurring:
Server and Hosting Assistance Standard: Auto Recurring:
AWS Clouds Hosting (from 100usd) Standard: Auto Recurring:
Bug Fixes

We try to keep all of our Package Solution bug free but if a problem is found, you're covered with free access to fixes and updates.

Instructions and Usage

Get assistance to customizing templates and extensions, we will explain the how's and the where's so you can focus on your configuration

Update Problems

If you are having an issue updating one of our products we can assist you. If you are having an issue updating CMS we can also help, this does not include migration services.

Minor Customization

We can advise you on how to do minor customization to our templates or exten-
sions, but we will not add new
features to an extension or build your site for you.

JavaScript Conflicts

JavaScript conflicts can be difficult to identify and solve. When one of our prod
ucts is involved, we will help find the best
solution possible.

Third Party Products

If there is a conflict with a third party prod
uct, we can troubleshoot it for you. In
most cases we can fix issues, but we do
not guarantee a solution.

On-site Debugging

When the issue at hand requires it, we will login to your server to research, debug and solve problems. Your login info is always private and secure.

Server and Hosting Assistance

We can identify the most common Joomla environment problems. Get advise on server configuration, security measures and upgrade procedures.

Forum Support

You can see many questions that asked by many people. If you can not find a suitable question, ask us immediately on a forum.

Private Ticket support

We have a private ticket system that you will get a reply within 24 hours. All your information will be protected carefully.

Read and Write Reviews

If you think the Virtuemart Template club is useful for you, please take your time to write a review.

Frequently Ask Questions

To understand our Virtuemart template club policy clearly, you should read all things below


Club memberships are best for anyone that builds and/or manages several different sites at once. It makes it easy to download multiple templates and extension, and try each of them out before committing to a site design. 70% of our members are web developers or web design agencies and they usually purchase Best value or Premium package.

If you are private shop owners, you can consider Standard package, choose and try many themes or extension as much as you can to improve your shop performance.

In order to join the clubs, you have to pay the Initial Join Club Fee once. After that, you will use renewal fee with cheaper than the payment one to keep your membership be active to receive the premium support, download update versions and other benefits.

After you join the club, you will immediately access the download club area. You should find your favorite product and download it. You will see all products in your package. The all in One Package contains all the files that are necessary to install the extension on the site.

After your membership expires you may continue using the same theme you have downloaded and installed on your domain. In fact, you may use the same theme for lifetime if you wish. No other payment is required to keep the same theme. The payment is a one-time fee. However, you will not be able to update the configuration of the products, not be able to have support from our team after the expiry. Support is given as long as you are an active member.

In case you expect to use our products for additional domains, you are required to renew/upgrade your membership. Access to downloads, updates, forum is automatically restricted on expiry of membership.

No, as we provide the full download of all our top rate items which is highly rate on Cmsmart.net so you can use all these products, and you receive the support from membership forum and private support for your project. There are no reasons that you cannot use a product and request for a refund.


Our club is not for anyone who buy single product, but you can buy a single product, just go to Cmsmart Marketplace. Why do you only buy a single item while you can buy a bundle with the same price?

We will release 1 new item each quarter but updates and change logs almost weekly for current products. As long as you are a membership, you can download and use all the new updates.

Yes, of course! We will send out a newsletter to all our customers when a new version is released, all you have to do is re-download your themes from your Account Dashboard.

Visit the product details page and you can check the status of updates or version releases. Remember to check your inbox/spam to get our newsletters for updates, latest versions or new products.

Yes! All our products can be easily customized to your language. Things you may need to change are images which can be edited using our PSD files and media files. However you have to do it yourselves, we can only support English.

Yes, our products are created for development – this means that images, colors, fonts, layouts and anything else related to the design of our themes can be changed or modified. However, you cannot resell or place the modified themes/extensions (the whole) like downloads on your site.


Normally, our system creates the account automatically after a successful payment. There are some cases that your payment is NOT SUCCESSFUL and we have to review and process to download information manually.

If you don't see your themes in the downloads section in 24 hours, then please send us an email as there is most likely an issue with your account. We'll be glad to sort it out as soon as possible.

You can cancel anytime the membership renewal fee and can re-active the membership without have to pay the Initial Join Club again. With 1 account, you can buy different Membership plans. It depends on your business objectives.

If you purchase a package for the first time and want to cancel, you still can down load and receive support from our team in duration of that package. If you want to re-sign for our Club subscription you’ll need to pay the one-time sign-up fee again. Remember that the re-sign fee is not cheaper than renewal fee.

Our team will support you through a private ticket. Number of supported ticket depends on your membership package. We work like your IT staff daily with your projects as long as you are our Club members.

The payments are managed by Paypal, one of the most powerful payment gateway systems. They are completely secure as you are the only one who has access to your financial information. You may also pay through bank transfer. Please, contact us for further details regarding the payment methods by sending email to [email protected]


When buying any Club Subscription, you will get 1 product license to use for all your products with that the domain URL you buy. It means you have to give the URL of domains go with each license and you can install our products on these domains only.

Downloads are unlimited for the duration of your membership, meaning you can download all the themes as many times as you like, at any point during your subscription. Downloads will be restricted after your membership expires.

Depends on the domain license support for which you purchase your Virtuemart Template club membership plan.

You may use items for commercial and non commercial purpose. You may use it to create your company's or personal website. If you are a designer or a freelancer, you can use them for your clients. Our products have been also used from non profits organizations and institutions, as well as churches.

However, you may not use our themes to create sites which convey to inappropriate content like crime, violence, threatening etc.

We do not offer trials. We have set up demo sites for each of our commercial items so that you may see the items in action. Should you have questions regarding a particular theme, please visit our Forum. You may find a similar question has already been answered, or you may raise new questions if not.

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