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If you are looking for creating a website for your brand new printing business, or you want to update your old site with new excellent features. Search no more! Cmsmart’s Magento Printmart is exactly what you are looking for. By providing a full solution package, along with numerous advanced features and extensions, Magento Printmart will surely help you run your business smoothly and effectively.

Let’s take a look at some highlight features of this product to see why you should own it:

  • Online design: How amazing it is to think that our customer is capable of designing products right on our website, showing us the vision about the product they desire. We’ve received a lot of good feedback about this feature.
  • Order upload: If your customers want to attach images with many types to print into each product, just install PrintMart Order Upload, with only 1 click, everything will be resolved.
  • Pricing Option: Premium Product Pricing Options Suite Extension for Magento 2 is a useful tool that allows online shop owners to set and display different prices for each product in each store view of the corresponding store as wish.
  • Multi-Vendor: This plugin enables you to build a multi-seller or multi-vendor e-commerce solution. Invite your friends and partners to come to your site and earn money together.
  • Customer Relationship Management System Feature (CRM): You can manage all data with system, easy find history as well as store customers activation. Automatically in the sales process and take care of customers that improve business strategy effectively.
  • Inventory Management: If you sell a lot of items but you do not know to manage it, your business will be messy. Manage products, equipment, and many items as you want in Printshop.

Try out Magento Printmart LIVE DEMO to see more details of this product!

Now let’s move on to our main content of this article: How to install the Quickstart Package of Printmart Theme for a totally new store?

Before installing, there are some notices for your server:

  1. Your server needs installing Composer.
  2. You need to access ssh in the server via the Putty and enter these two commands:
    Composer require Magento/product-community-edition [Magento version compatible] –no-update
    Composer update
  3. Check the compatibility of the product with the Magento version on our website:

Now if you’ve got everything ready, let’s start:

Step 1: Unzip and upload file to your server

Firstly, you extract the downloaded file and copy it to your server

Step 2: Install

Access to your site (eg: and click on the “Agree and Setup Magento” button and follow installation steps on site.

  1. Readiness check: Click on “Start Readiness Check” button to check your environment then click “Next” when the checking process is completed
  2. Add database details: At Database name bar, enter the name of your store’s database. The rest you can remain intact and click “Next”.
  3. Web configuration: Add Magento admin dress and Click “Next”   
  4. Customize your store: Here you can choose the time zone, currency, language and click “Next”
  5. Create an admin account: Enter personal information and admin login detail and click “Next”
  6. Install: Click “Install Now”

After installing, you can navigate to Frontend or Backend. Enjoy!

Watch the following tutorial video for more details:

How to install the Magento Printmart website theme for a totally new website _ quickstart from Cmsmart Netbase on Vimeo.

Running a printing business is almost impossible without a printing website. Access this link: to learn more about Magento Printmart (FAQ, tutorial, testimonial, etc). If you have any comments about this product, please feel free to leave us comment down below. Contact the following information for more assistance from Cmsmart. Thank you for reading.

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