Selling t-shirts online is a great way to generate a passive income, especially because it’s something everyone can do. You definitely don’t need to be a designer to run a successful t-shirt business. You don’t even need to have experience with graphic design or illustration.

In fact, all you need is a clever idea that would make a great custom t-shirt design! With the right idea, you can bring your design to life while making a bit of extra cash on the side!

Using customizable t-shirt design templates can really give a headstart for your t-shirt business.

Creating your own t-shirt designs lets you wear personalized styles wherever you go! That is why customized t-shirt was and still are a big trend. But if you don’t have a background in graphic design, you may find all the design programs a bit bewildering. So, what is the best t-shirt design software for you to keep your customers happy and stay?

In this article, we would like to introduce how to create a t-shirt design template by using a product image background with our t-shirt design software called NBDesigner and an extra feature that helps you to bulk change the product image background on multi t-shirt design templates at the same time. 

What is T-Shirt Design Template and T-shirt Design Software?

T-shirt design template and printing software give you the tools you need to create an image, logo, or graphic to print onto a t-shirt. 

A t-shirt design template, on the other hand, lets you create your t-shirt right in your own browser. You have full control over the process and can experiment with different design options to see what works best for you. And it’ll work out much cheaper than hiring a pro designer. It gives you a basic starting point of some text and graphics arranged in a certain way, but there are so many customization options that your final t-shirt design will be unique.

T-shirt Design Software gives customers the power to personalize any design on clothing and accessories. The ability to upload custom designs, and let customers personalize them by adding custom text and images guarantees an amazing-looking product, increasing the value of regular t-shirts and also customer engagement and loyalty.

Our T-shirt Design Software called NBDesigner could be integrated into any eCommerce website, giving customers the ability to see what they'll get while they design. It also provides high-resolution output files of customers' designs ready for printing. Especially, with our T-shirt Design Software, you not only could customize t-shirts but also other items such as totes, phone cases, business cards, invitations, canvas, etc…!

Integrate NBDesigner into your eCommerce website and give your customers the ability to personalize your products in seconds. With our amazing online product designer, customers can personalize their designs in an easy and fun way. While you save money and time working with our web 2 print tools, automatically generating the design files ready for production, skipping manual work and design fees.

Also, you could refer to our completed WordPress T-shirt Printing Solution with Online Designer which helps you to build a printing website quickly and conveniently. 

Create T-shirt Design Templates with T-shirt Design Software - NBDesigner

You might already have an amazing online t-shirt store but one thing is missing: equally awesome product shots, or you might have trouble with product photography, or maybe you’re using a print-on-demand service to run your store and don’t actually have any of your shirts on hand?

The first step to get a perfect t-shirt design template, you have to find a t-shirt mockup you like and add your design. 

A t-shirt mock-up is a blank slate for designing a t-shirt with your own graphics, pictures, images, words, or branding. When you mock up a t-shirt, you create a design and put it on a virtual t-shirt so you and your customers can get an idea of what it will look like in real life. T-shirt mock-ups might be flat-lay or on a ghost mannequin or real model.

Now, when you found yourself a perfect t-shirt mock-up, you could create a product with different variations of color or size. 

Let’s look at an example [DEMO LINK]!

t-shirt demo

When you choose the color from the product page, on the editor page it will show the product image background you set for that color. 

t-shirt design page

All of your t-shirt design templates are shown on the templates tab. From the t-shirt templates library, a customer can choose one t-shirt design template that he/she likes, then customize it in the way he/she wants: add clipart, add text,...

You can also upload your own image or logo if you want, and you can remove any of the elements you don’t need. So from this one template, you can achieve a huge variety of final designs.

As you can see, you can customize pretty much everything with the design tools on the left sidebar. So, your customers can play around with the design as much as they want before downloading the final version, so they can feel confident knowing they have got it just right.

Explore How to Set up Printing Options and How to Create Templates!

Product Image Background Bulk Change Feature

Imagine that you created a t-shirt with tons of beautiful design templates. One day the product image background (t-shirt mockup) becomes old-fashion and you decide to change it to a new, trendy one. 

It might take you “forever” to change the product image background on each t-shirt design template. A few customers faced this problem and contacted our consultant for advice. Later, our developer team came up with a new idea. They launched an extra feature that could help store admin to bulk change product image backgrounds. 

That means if the store admin changes the product image background from the product setting page. The background image will be applied to all existing t-shirt design templates which could help he/she save a lot of time. 

I will explain how it works. 

set up product image back ground

Normally, when you create a product, you need to set an image as a product background which I explained above as a t-shirt mock-up.

t-shirt mockup setting

On the front-end, all of your actions such as editing text, add clipart…will be applied on this t-shirt mockup and you could know how exactly your design will be on a real t-shirt or we could call it the result when the output printing t-shirt come out. 

t-shirt design page

All the templates you create after publishing this product will also reflect on this t-shirt mockup. Once a store admin changes the product image background, he/she has to make a change on each t-shirt design template also. 

However, when we employ the product image background bulk change feature on-site, when the store admin changes the image of the t-shirt mockup, this mockup can also be applied to all existing t-shirt design templates. 

For example, at first, we used the black t-shirt mockup for the product. 

template management

Later, when we change the t-shirt mockup to a red color image. 

product image change

All the t-shirt design templates will also change to the red color as you could see in the product previews. 

t-shirt template change

All happened with only a few clicks. Very quickly and neatly!

This feature is appropriated for online stores or products that change the t-shirt used for printing occasionally. Or if you want to apply the existing t-shirt templates from one product model to other models as well, you also should consider this feature. 

Store admin could create one product at the beginning with all the t-shirt design templates ready. And then duplicate the product, change product information and price, change product mockup. then he/she gots a totally new product with the same design templates. 

I hope you all find this helpful in learning how to better use our t-shirt design software and especially in creating your own t-shirt design templates. 

Feel free to let us know if you need help with templates or anything else!

CMSMART NBDesigner Will Help You Promote Your T-shirt Template

Starting an online t-shirt printing business is the best way to save your sales of the t-shirt store. The business is easy to set up and takes no time to be hit. The only things that you need to add to the business are your creative mind and knowledge of design trends. Besides, you can set up both online and physical stores to earn profit from both ends. 

So, if you think you can handle the pressure of being a T-shirt designer, then online t-shirt printing is the best business to start your entrepreneurship venture. 

We have discussed earlier that t-shirt design software is going to be a major investment for your custom t-shirt printing business. The t-shirt printing software facilitates design drawing on a blank t-shirt to create t-shirt mockups. Later, the design that customers like can be sent to you for printing. Therefore, the ability of the software to allow a customer to make a different t-shirt design layout improves the customer experience with your service. Moreover, the software lets you see how the t-shirt is going to look before printing it, which saves a lot of your cost and labor.

Here are a few features that you must not miss when buying a t-shirt designer tool.

  • The software should provide different graphics and libraries or images and templates to choose from. The customer must have enough design options when making a layout. 

  • The design tool should facilitate a variety of fonts and typeface colors, which can help customers to create one-of-kind t-shirt designs.

  • The design software should help customers create a layout from different digital devices that include PC, tablets, and mobile devices.  Since the mobile shopping scene is growing, you must not miss the feature that allows a mobile user to use design software on your site. 

  • The shirt design tool should have an easy-to-use interface. If the software is complex to use, the customer experience might get poor. Such instances drive away a lot of customers that are not so tech-savvy. So, you must focus on an easy t-shirt design software that has an easy-to-use interface, which a simple person can use. 

Using NBDesigner to create your t-shirt design templates is easy and will enhance your promotion efforts with high-quality final come-out products. It allows you to bring your creations to life. Even if you are a beginner, a platform like NBDesigner will make the process seem like a breeze. It's fast, easy to use, and offers a solid range of customizable options.

Starting with one of a wide range of T-shirt colors, styles, sizes, etc... the site leads you through a straightforward series of steps so you end up with a design you're happy with. Adding graphics and text only takes a few seconds, and there are plenty of customization options to help you get exactly the look you're after.

The product designer tool is the soul of a customized print t-shirts business. Therefore, make sure to choose the best t-shirt printing software.

Contact us by sending an email to [email protected] to start your online t-shirt designer store today!