Attachment for Virtuemart Product

Translate in french

Hello, I would like to know how can i translate the plugin Attachment for Virtuemart Product in french, please
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Compatibility check and other questions

Hi I hope this is the right place to ask my question. First I just want to know if this plugin is compatible with Joomla 3.9.5 and Virtuemart 3.4.3. Also I was wondering if it's possible to display the attachments differently. For example, showing a general name (like Manual) which can be changed in the back-end rather then showing the file name (User_guide.pdf). Thanks
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Different files for each language

Hello, with this plugin can i attach different files for different languages in virtuemart product? or its a typical Custom field plugin? I mean for example one document for the product (spanish) and a differnt document for the product (english)
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Version support + other questions

First we're wondering if this addon works on Joomla 3.6.x and Virtuemart 3.0.16.Secondly we wonder if it is possible to display it differently, we want to be able to upload both an image for the pdf and the actual pdf and show it in rows and columns under description.Basically it would just link the pdf to the image which is shown to the customers.Is this possible?Or can it take an image of the first page of the pdf automatically and link to that?Thanks in advance!
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Questions before buying

Hi, I hope this is the right place to ask my questions... Before I buy this plugin could you please inform me if it is compatible with Joomla 3.4.5 and Virtuemart 3.0.12? Furthermore I would like to know how the attachments are stored, because I am looking for a solution in which I can import product data including attachments via a CSV file? Thank you so much for any information you can give me.
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2017, Nov 15

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