The e-commerce market is growing at an unprecedented rate around the world.  It’s estimated that there will be 2.05 billion global digital buyers in 2020. The population of global is estimated at 7.7 billion people, that’s about 25 percent of the world’s population are shopping online. And it’s expected to hit a massive 2.14 billion people in 2021.

In 2020, ecommerce sales are expected to account for 15.5 percent of retail sales all over the world. It’s growing rapidly and it’s expected to reach 17.5 percent of retail sales worldwide by 2021.

That’s why if you are going to take your online store into the next level, it’s time to focus on your website development and promotion with Magento Extensions.

Magento is an ecommerce platform which is developed precisely to help store owners to sell their products and services. In this article, I will show you why you need Magento extensions and Best Magento Extensions For New Ecommerce Site, let’s explore.

1. Why you need Magento extensions for new ecommerce website

Magento is open-source platform, which means that users can adjust according to their needs without paying any extra fees for Magento. Right now, the standard Magento Platform is a bit basic, allowing it to work with a wide range of e-commerce businesses.

Here are some of the basic features of Magento:


  • SEO
  • Sell: order, order status, invoice, delivery, exchange, ...
  • Product: catalog, product, product feature, supplier, ...
  • Customer: customer listings, customer groups, earn points, online customers
  • Marketing and promotion: manage promotions, banners, affiliates, bonus points
  • CMS: categories, content, tag management, images, sitemaps
  • Payment management
  • Management interface
  • Report

Besides, the extensions will make the website unique and optimized. Adding extensions to your website can improve conversion funnels by helping customers navigate better, pay faster, feel comfortable when paying online, etc. And now, let’s discover the list of Best Magento Extensions you must have for ecommerce website.

2. Best Magento Extensions For New Ecommerce Site

1. Mega Menu Extension

What if you're having trouble organizing all of your customer options and it creates a mess with too many products and categories? Want to improve the usability and navigation on your online store pages? A Mega Menu Extension will benefit for retailers.

The default Magento menu system is basic and it lacks advanced functions. So, a Mega Menu Magento extension which can help you to simplify the management of the menu system on your Magento website.

With this Magento Mega Menu extension, you can display your categories and subcategories in a multi-column drop-down menu, display all product listings by hovering over menu items prompting your customers to find it very simple. In particular, creating and editing menu items and menu bars with so many features has never seemed easier. Therefore, the Mega Menu extension is one of the Best Magento Extensions for a new ecommerce site.

Looking for a powerful Magento Mega Menu extension? You can try the DEMO to experience it.

Some highlight features about this extension:


  • Helps you show every option at a glance
  • Organizes all products and categories effectively
  • Captures visitors’ attention at first sight with great design
  • Are responsive with mobile
  • No coding skills

2. SEO Extension for Magento

For an e-commerce store, SEO is becoming increasingly important. SEO is software designed to optimize website, helping your website rank high on search engines.

Organic search is now an indispensable factor in the decision-making process, as 89% of consumers begin their buying journey on search engines.

Ignoring Magento 2 SEO means you're at risk of not being seen by your potential customers as they begin their buying journey. When your product doesn't show up in search results, there will be very few or no visitors to your sales pages and your sales chart will remain stagnant. This is why Magento SEO extension is important for your Magento website. This extension is high-rated as one of the Best Magento Extensions and needed extensions for new ecommerce website.

3. Inventory Management Extension 

Inventory management is one of the important factors that contribute to the success of your business. However, traditional warehouse management can lead to mistakes. Therefore, for retailers, using inventory management extension is the optimal choice, saving time, effort and minimizing losses for your new e-commerce store.

Advanced Inventory Extension for Magento is the Best Magento Extensions that can significantly support your administrative and manage stock inventory management of each store on your website.

This extension has powerful admin panel which helps you easily control, add new store, save, review product and stock quantity of each products of each stores.

Another interesting thing is, this extension is integrated with Store Locator extension, so this can help clients find their favorite store and the nearest store easily.

You can try the DEMO here to experience it.

4. Magento Shipping Cost Calculator

Magento Shipping cost calculator is one of the Best Magento Extensions that allows customers to calculate and know in advance the shipping costs for a particular order or a group of different items with just one click. The function button "Charge for shipping" directs customers to a form where they only need to fill in some required information such as address, state, city. In addition, it also applies automatic positioning function, so customers do not need to fill in information manually. Fast shipping cost calculation in just a short time provides a better customer experience.

Some highlight features about this plugin:

  • Calculate the shipping cost based on AJAX dynamically
  • Applied on both the category page and the details page on the site
  • Geo IP technology
  • Show the shipping rates in the pop-up after calculating        
  • Admin can easily configuration in Back-end
  • Easily customize the destination of the extension on the online shop
  • Enable or disable the extension easily

You can try the DEMO or check out the overview of Magento Shipping Cost Calculator Extension


5. One Step Checkout Extension

According to a study by Baymard, the number of customers who stop shopping on e-commerce sites is about 68% and 10% of them are dissatisfied because the checkout process is too complicated, leading to loss of time when checking out.

According to another study by GetElastic, One Step check out optimization resulted in a 40% increase in online sales.

Customers will often have to go through many different steps to buy a product. This is not convenient at all and can lead to customers leaving us to buy from a competitor. Therefore, One Step Check out extension for Magento was born. This plugin will integrate the entire checkout process into a single page.

You can try Responsive Magento One Step Checkout Extension. This extension also supports many popular payment methods such as PayPal, Moneybookers, Credit card, etc. Besides, you can easily configure delivery date, configure survey question, shipping method, GEO IP technology, config comments and coupon code, send to different shipping addresses. With all this in mind, you shouldn’t ignore one of the Best Magento Extensions for your new ecommerce website.

You can try the DEMO or check out the overview of How to use it


Above is the article of Best Magento Extensions For New Ecommerce Site. I hope that this post is useful to you. Looking for other top Magento Extensions? Check out here.

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