For every 10 questions we receive every day, there will be 3 or 4 questions related to WordPress and Shopify, they are usually:

  • Should I use WordPress or Shopify?
  • The pros and cons of WordPress and Shopify
  • Which one is cheaper and more effective?
  • etc.

Like most of the choice questions in our life, if you ask whether you should choose WordPress or Shopify to build a new online store, the short answer is always: it depends…

We know that you hate this answer but it is real because nothing is perfect and depending on specific cases, WordPress and Shopify will have their own strengths and weaknesses. So, let’s dive into the topic, we will show you when WordPress (or Shopify) is better and why:

Whether WordPress is for everything, including e-commerce site?

If you ask a person and he always advises other to use WordPress whenever anyone needed a website, it means that he is exactly a WordPress addict. But hold on, don’t follow him to choose WordPress immediately. We do not deny that WordPress is an awesome ecommerce platform, it makes website accessible and available for the whole world to see. WordPress is built around content, which means that you can post blogs, images, videos, etc, but the main principle is still the same: being available to anyone happens to stumble upon a given URL. In fact, ecommerce website is not the same as standard publishing platforms, it is a very specific kind of animal. It requires high secure of customer’s crucial data, to be able to handle incoming orders. So, everyone should accept the truth that WordPress is not perfect, and it is not for everything.

Main difference between WordPress and Shopify

If we explain briefly in one short sentence, we can affirm that Shopify is an online tool/service, while WordPress is a stand-alone software and you need to install by yourself.

If you want to use Shopify, all you need is going to After signing up for account, you can go through a quick setup, new website, done!

However, in order to use WordPress, it will take you more steps as well as time:

  • Buying a domain and a web hosting account, so that you will have default version of WordPress installed. Choosing your favorite theme and some plugins to take care of things such as SEO, social media integration or whatnots.
  • Integrating a plugin like Woocommerce, it will offer you all needed ecommerce features.
  • Going through the configuration process of your e-commerce store in terms of all details.

Last but not least, one thing we want to emphasize is that Shopify will offer supporting service, it means whenever problems occur, you can contact the support team and they will solve those problems for you. However, this service does not exist with WordPress.

What is Shopify?

  • All-in-one ecommerce solution, you can create a functional e-commerce website from scratch, no need to hire developers or designers.
  • No coding skills requirements
  • A paid tool ( cost will be around $9 to $179 per month)
  • Allowing to sell anything you want including goods, services, products and even dropshipping
  • Can be used both online and offline
  • There will be more than 100 online store designs available for you to choose.
  • Every new site will get a custom subdomain for free.

To be continue…