What is a WooCommerce Custom T-shirt Store?

Recently, more and more brick-and-mortar businesses are joining online platforms to increase their sales. While every niche has its own set of customers, the fashion industry is an evergreen niche that never goes out of ‘fashion’. Customers always keep looking for something new from this industry.

Interestingly, you can personalize the T-shirts according to the upcoming events or make a statement or create your brand awareness. With personalization growing popular, custom t-shirts have emerged as the new popular attire. 

So, if you are a fashion lover and want to make it big, it is time you started your online custom t-shirt selling business. All you need to do is launch an eCommerce store, integrate t-shirt design software to enable your customers to create custom t-shirts bearing the design, logo, colors, text, or quotes of their choice.

When you offer customized t-shirts, you can allow personalized engraving or premium fabrics, unique designs, or colors of their choice in a snap.

Adding a product add-on plugin can help you offer customized options; you can add options using dropdown menus, allow text area, custom color option, custom price inputs, or even sample images.

In T-shirt WooCommerce Printing Solution, we have integrated WooCommerce Product Designer Plugin known as NBdesigner plugin by CMSMART. Using this plugin offers multiple add-on field options like text fields, dropdown menu, upload a file option, and many others.

Make it easier for consumers by letting them customize their T-shirts on the product page

No matter what you sell, an effective product page can be the difference between making a sale or losing the customer to one of your competitors. Product pages are often where people make their final purchase decision when shopping online, so it’s crucial that your page captures their attention and contains all the information they might need before they buy.

Some of our partners thought about making their product page unique by letting the consumers design their T-shirts directly from the product page. This adjustment might simplify the design process and help the consumers save a lot of time on your site when they want to place orders. Just a few actions in a short period of time they could complete a custom t-shirt order. 

In order to do that, CMSMART’s developer team has developed the function that allows the user to: 

  • Choose design area as printing option on product page
  • Each design area chosen will come with options allowing users to add text or upload photos for that sudden design area. The workflow is described in detail in this flow chart. 

  • The information that is input by the client like design area chosen, text input, photo upload, wides, etc will be synced to the order page of Woocommerce. 

These tasks took us quite a lot of time to complete. But the final result is very satisfying.

Consumers could choose the product that they like, go to the product page, and choose all T-shirt variations which are set by the admin. Then, they can choose the printing position for the text design, logo, or the image that they want. There are separated buttons for uploaded images, entering text, choosing font style, input logo, or text width. 

When everything is done, they can add the product to the cart and make payment to finish the order.  Very simple and does not require design or technical skills. 

If you want to develop a similar function to your website, please kindly contact our consultant - Mr. Vincent Ray via email address [email protected], WhatsApp +84 868 901 261, or Skype live:vincent_4281 today for more information.

Why develop your T-shirt printing website CMSMART team 

There are several reasons for which people prefer our custom t-shirt maker tool - Nbdesigner. The most prominent ones are:

Most Trusted: If you search 'designer plugin' on Google, you'll find our NBdesigner plugin among the top results. If you check the reviews, you'll realize that we are among the most trusted designer tools that you will find.

User-friendly interface: Anyone who is using our tool doesn’t need to have graphic designing skills. The tool is handy to be used by anyone.

(product detail page)

(Editor page)

Completely customizable: While some other designer plugins on the market do not allow you to customize or adjust the workflow, our solution was built on open source code, which allows us to freely customize it as per the customer’s demand. We know every business is different. Besides providing a basic solution for online Printing businesses, we do provide consultancy and tailored software development services to meet a wide range of our customer's needs. 

The solution itself was built to meet basic requirements for a printing business only. So in case you have any ideas or have a specific business model, contact our consultant for a tailored solution for your own business. Based on the customer’s detailed demand, we will build an appropriate workflow chart and discuss what needs to be done with their website. With more than 9 years of experience in this field, we are confident that we know what is best for your printing business. 

Contact us today to start your T-shirt Printing Business!