Virtuemart Responsive Flowers Online Shop Template

Checkout webpage question

Hi, I am considering buying this template but I have a question: If I buy the option without "One page checkout" do I still have a checkout webpage in the payment process even if it takes 2 or 3 more steps rather the "all in one page" option?Thanks,
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Set Default Language on Site !

Dear !I installed this template and it running with language site English.I setting for Site to run language Vietnam but error.I had research in joomla but not working with this template.Help me !Thanks All.p/s: Site Admin run language Vietnam is OK.
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Install local to dev, after release on real !

Dear Admin !I bought this template, i can setup on local to develop and then i upload source on server. If i do this way, have check license.
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Buy this template !

Dear !I want to buy this template with price $47.69.I don't need extend support (Extend support each 6 months for $17.17).Please reply and explain.Thanks so much !
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Using trial 1 month!

Dear !I like this template ! but i want to using trial this template 1 month.
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Hi,I'm interested in purchasing this template (regular license - 47.69 $) but I'd like to know a few information before, as follows:- does this template come with a Quick Install package?- do I receive the photos/extensions as part of the template?- for how many sites/domains can I use the template? One or many?- for how long is the support assured?Thank you in advance for your answer!Ana-Maria Pop
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Product rating: 5 star rating
2016, May 06

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Trần Cao Dũng Buy this template !
4 replies, last by Trần Cao Dũng
Tran Thanh Dat Install local to dev, after release on real !
3 replies, last by Janet
Tran Thanh Dat Set Default Language on Site !
1 reply, last by Sophia
Luigui Checkout webpage question
1 reply, last by Janet

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