The Softengine Advantage


Become SAP Business One Partner with Softengine to get significant advantage when transitioning your company into an SAP Business One “Best Run Business”. We bring a team of certified and award-winning professionals, using a proven methodology, to guide and help you through that transition with minimal disruption to your business operations. The Softengine Advantage is a 3-step process which includes:

Intake & Discovery

We interview all stakeholders and analyze your business systems and processes. Using this data, we build a custom prototype and provide an ROI Analysis using an ROI tool. Before any step is taken in the deployment process, we provide you with everything you need to determine whether the proposed solution meets your functionality and budget requirements.

Project Deployment

The Softengine Safe Implementation Process (SIP) is the deployment roadmap. This blueprint outlines every step required to safely deploy your new system with minimal disruption to your business. It includes:

  • Staff training

  • Data Migration

  • Acceptance Testing

  • On-Site “Go-Live” Support

  • Project review after “Go-Live”


Our Credentials

Softengine is an SAP Gold Partner VAR (Value Added Reseller) and SSP (Software Solution Provider). We have earned SAP Business One Global Solution Partner of the Year Awards for Leadership in Innovation (SAP Business One in the Cloud) and Industry Solution Leadership (Food and Beverage, Apparel & Footwear). We are a team that is balanced between business experts (gray hairs) and computer people (techs). We are much more than a software company. We have a tested proven process that identifies your business needs without interrupting your business, a testing system that eliminates failures and an implementation process that provides almost seamless transition from your old system to a future based upon a solid infrastructure. We invite comparison.

Compatibility Methodology

We start with an experienced business team of SAP Business One Partner to analyze your business processes and requirements in order to create alignment on proposed system functionality and budget.  We complete together Business Needs Analysis (BNA) questionnaire. We invest (without any financial obligation on your part) in a customized prototype so you can clearly see whether the proposed solution satisfies your requirements before making a decision.

Return On Investment

We provide a ROI analysis using a ROI Tool so you can learn how to make your company benefit from an integrated Food and Beverage ERP solution.  The ROI tool attaches meaningful numbers to: “customer satisfaction”, customer retention, customer self-service, reduction of errors, increase in sale value per transaction, etc.  The ROI software tool provides an indisputable value that changes your perception from a cost to an investment that it is positive to the bottom line!  The software identifies economic benefits, automates the calculation of three key ROI investment measures – Value (NPV), Rate (IRR) and Time (Payback)and produces a concise report for presentation and budget approval.


We use concise methodology and planning that minimizes interruptions and keeps your team focused on business.


Meeting your core business objectives and keeping IT projects on time and within budget are getting more important these days. Achieving these goals requires predictable costs and results and a short time to business value. When implementing Rapid Deployment solutions, Softengine uses content and expertise derived from actual customer implementations – referred to as best practices. These best practices help you quickly enhance your business processes and meet industry standards.


It’s important that you find solutions that support your specific line of business or business processes and integrate with your centralized Food and Beverage ERP information system. Softengine developed templates which offer a wide range of functionality to suit your specific industry, business process, or line-of-business requirements.


Softengine has developed a proprietary Safe Implementation Process (SIP), streamlining implementations and minimizing costly business interruptions.  Starting with SAP’s eLearning (Computer Based Training), Softengine based on your requirements, provides tailored classroom and onsite training to fit your team’s varying abilities.  A very complete business review at the customer site is conducted (Workshop) and a written technical requirements document (Statement of Work) is reviewed together.