Happy Easter Day 2020! Everybody, Stay home & stay safe!!

Dear our beloved customer,

Easter is a celebration of hope and new life that we look forward each year! To everyone, it is a joy to watch a crowd of children eagerly hunting for Easter eggs. Children's smiles are one of the cutest things in the world. They can melt your heart in a second and make you feel so happy. This year, 2020, Easter falls on Sunday, April 12. 

Isolation from friends and family, job loss and death are challenges we’re all facing during these days of COVID-19. It is affecting families across the world. So shouldn’t we celebrate Easter this year?

Thankfully, Easter is not something that can be canceled or postponed. Easter is Easter and it comes whether we are ready or not and it comes whether we can meet together or not. Easter is a reminder that death and despair do not have the last word! Even if we are sheltered in our own homes, we can rejoice in the hope that Easter brings. 

Well, Let’s celebrate a happy and safe Easter with your family at home! What should we do at Easter this year? We have some interesting recommendations: 

  • Easter Eggs Painting: Why not? You can buy an egg painting kit at any nearly supermarket and let your children have fun decorating them for the Easter holidays. Make sure your kids wear old clothing when decorating eggs. It can get very messy.
  • Watch Easter services online. Many churches are planning to stream their services live
  • Don't invite extended family or friends over (especially those over the age of 60). Instead, opt for phone calls, Skye or FaceTime to connect with loved ones.
  • If you can find sidewalk chalk, have the kids write special Easter notes or draw pictures on the sidewalks and driveways at home. It is still okay to go outside, so long as you maintain a distance of six feet from others.
  • Make rabbit-themed baked goods. The Easter bunny is an exciting part of Easter for children. Make baked goods shaped like bunnies. This can be a fun way for kids to get excited about the holiday.
  • COVID-19 is impacting our lives in dramatic ways. Schools are closing, events are being canceled, pro sports leagues are suspending operations, and sadly, even many businesses are on the brink of having to shut down their doors permanently. 

If you own a business or influence one, now is the time to really think hard about how your business is investing in its online strategies and whether you’re prepared to cater to this new world. Especially, with one of the main buying events in the year, Easter, the complete shift to online business and building a sales website is extremely necessary for your business.

However, you are a long-standing traditional business, you feel strange with the use of the website in your business process. You need a professional company to help you build a new business system? Or you already have a website, but it still does not make you happy? Or do you need a complete solution to build an online business website with full functionalities and beautiful interface helping your business stand out during this Easter and this difficult time till everything comes back to normal? 

Welcome to CMSmart! Since 2010 we aim to become the leader in providing completed eCommerce solutions to SMB businesses around the world. Today we have been supporting over 20000+ clients and work for 500+ projects on a different aspect of development services for your eCommerce business. Become trusted partner and grow up with your business is our sole priority. 

On this special Easter, we offer a discount of up to $132 for every order to purchase our WordPress PrintStore or Magento PrintMart solution package with promotion code STAYHOME. From 6 to 12 April 2020.

Hopefully, the gift will help you and your business stand out in the midst of this difficult global crisis.

If you have any questions about the product, please contact Our Support Team or Mr.Vincent. He is willing to answer all of your questions.

Happy Easter! Thanks for Reading! 

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