How to create an effective Youtube channel for your company? How to maintain and develop it to raise your subscribers? Don’t ignore this article if you are planning to develop Youtube and having these questions!

There are not any miracles helping you have millions of views. Having thousands of subscribers is not even easy for a new Youtube channel. Just discover why few people can generate an effective Youtube channel and increase their subscribers!

create successful your youtube channel

The most popular Youtube channels until May 2020

Youtube is the door helping you reach to your audiences the most and fastest. It is the place where you can post videos, too. To develop Youtube, you have to chase some certain criteria, no matter what your goal is, commerce or entertainment.

Obviously, a Youtube channel only targets to a certain audience group. There are not any ones for all viewers on the internet world. It will reach to some limit, no matter how that audience group is. Additionally, the viewers will seem not to grow and the subscribers will show signs of stopping. The reason is that the Youtube channel will reach its limit.

Why do many subscribers follow somebody or some company? How can their Youtube attract many subscribers? Was you wondering whether you can do that? Don’t worry! The answer is “yes”. 

How to generate a successful Youtube channel?

Optimizing thumbnail and title

To content on Youtube, you have to prioritize optimizing eye-catching thumbnail and creating attractive titles. This will make users only want to click on your video immediately.

Manufacturing good video content

To do this, you should determine the right audiences and concentrate on the video production process (sound, light, camera angle, etc.). Like good articles on website, high-quality videos are very important.

4 ways to create good contents on Youtube channel: 

Reasonable video length

The video length depends on the kind of content you manufacture. There is no standard length for all videos. However, according to the report in 2019 from Pew Research Center, the average video duration should be in the range from about 13 to 14 minutes (statistic of more than 250,000 channels).

Encouranging viewers to post comments

To increase user interaction and generate a discussion, you should encourage viewers to post comments under the video. This is a perfect idea!

Commenting can even help you attain 100 subscribers: 

Reliable content

According to Sprout Social, the relevance in the viewpoint of users is 1.6 times more important than the video quality. So, you need to produce contents making viewers see themselves in the video and having a high accuracy.

Advertising the channel

Collaboration with other channels, email outreach, running ads, etc., are some of the ways to efficiently advertise for your channel on Youtube.

Posting videos regularly

Normal viewers will become subscribers if your videos are high-quality with valuable information. Your brand reputation will be increased if you post videos regularly on the channel.

Adding the End Screen feature

To make users watch more videos you want, you should add the End Screen feature. It is a Youtube feature allowing to add card playlists or card videos from 5 to 25 seconds into the end of the video. 

More than 50% of audiences want to watch more video content from a business they follow

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Following competitors

You will know which contents of competitors are the most successful through the process of following them. Besides, you will know what competitors’ customers interact with.  

More about Youtube:

How to grow your subscribers?

Hiding the subscriber number on the channel

Your channel is a boring or exciting channel – the subscriber number will express all. Audiences never want to subscribe a boring channel. You should hide your subscriber number immediately if your channel gains less than 1,000 subscribers. This is the first thing you have to do.

Attracting subscribers

To impress subscribers, just ask yourself the question “How long can I keep my audiences?”, not “How long should my video last?”. Then, just decide the duration based on your ability!

The research from Backlinko showed that there is a correlation between rankings and subscriber quantity. Nevertheless, you need to determine what your viewers’ demands are and should not imitate the content of channels having a high subscriber amount.

Growing Youtube subscribers from website

This means that you will create a website. If you want to have a complete E-commerce website, you can refer to our full solution, plugins, Magento 2 extensions, Magento themes, or Wordpress themes. After creating the website, just build content on it. You can insert videos related to the article content when getting many visitors. Your channel will attain quite many subscribers and views. A lot of people tried this way efficiently. When inserting Youtube video, just ensure that the video content is related to the post and you will also attain a lot of views for your site!

Growing Youtube subscribers by posting new contents regularly

You only need to choose the strategy of posting videos regularly. In other words, you do not need to share videos too much. Users will feel interesting with practical, impressive and new video contents.  

Like Instagram or Facebook, regular interactions on Youtube channel help subscribers not forget your business. It will be a bad idea if you only post just one video then wait for subscribers to come with your channel. Instead, they will have certain reasons to click the “Subscribe” on your channel if you share interesting videos regularly.

Asking people to subscribe your channel in videos

New audiences may not be tech-savvy ones. Moreover, they may not think that they need to subscribe to watch video. Therefore, you should indicate and remind them, for instance:

  • “If you want to receive the newest news from our channel, please click “Subscribe” button to be informed!”
  • “You can totally watch exciting videos every day. Please subscribe to our channel!”
  • “Please support us by subscribing our channel!”
  • Creatively call to subscribe, based on your content and promises to your audiences.

An effective Youtube channel depends on multi elements, for example, conveying content, video quality, attractive thumbnail and title, etc. Generally, developing a channel on Youtube requires the content optimization towards users and management skills. You will gain millions of views soon if you try to discover these elements.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team! Thank you for reading!

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