You are managing an eCommerce web and want to allow your customers to upload a specific file for custom-related orders. Think about how annoying it will be to receive all of those files via email: it will easily create chaos and you can lose all customer attachments - people who will be unhappy when you get a T-shirt printed with someone else's picture.

Luckily, the Magento Order Upload Extension solves this problem and lets you upload any files, it neatly organizes your orders and related attachments!

Configuring Magento Order Upload Extension is also very quick and easy. Here are the steps to configure this extension.

Just know how to make customer satisfaction improvements happen!

3 steps to configure Magento Order Upload Extension:

Step 1: Configure extension

  • In admin panel, you click on System -> Configuration -> Order Upload
  • Setting something here. Remember to Save Configure after each change.

Step 2: Add new Attributes

Step 3: Integrate "Order Upload" for each product

  • You click on Catalog -> Manage Products -> select product you want to integrate "Order Upload"
  • In "edit product", you select "Yes" for Order Upload field in the General tab Remember to save after each change.

Magento Order Upload Extension User Guide:

The freedom to customize your orders is an advantage over competitors. Let them upload images, text documents, or any other files with the Magento Order Upload Extension and meet the needs of you and your customers! Visit our DEMO and experience it now.

With the Magento Order Upload Extension you can:

  • Upload files directly on the product details page: Shoppers can bind images or upload files directly into each product on the product details page when they place an order for this product.
  • Support multiple file types: Shoppers can upload almost any file types like jpg, jpeg, png, txt, doc, Docx, Xls, Xlsx….
  • Upload multiple files at the same time: Upload multiple files at the same time using Ajax, and do not need to refresh the pages.
  • Delete/cancel files during upload Process: Through upload process shoppers can DELETE any files uploaded with just one click. They can add comments to the standard Magento order comment. After upload complete images files will be automatically thumbnails created. Besides, shoppers do not have to log in to upload files.
  • Works for all types of products: Magento Color Swatch Extension works well with all products as simple, configurable, downloadable, and virtual products.

Magento Order Upload extension is easy to install and use for both administrators and customers. This extension allows your customers to attach any file or image to each product on the product detail page. Store owners or customers can view the files by order, a confirmation email, and can be downloaded by zipping.

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