Paperless invitations are gaining importance in the digital era. 

Like the many other things that are going the paperless route, paperless event invitations are gaining popularity. 

An online invitation can be a really effective way to let people know about your event and encourage them to RSVP. They’re often beautifully designed, with plenty of practical benefits, and they’re eco-friendly too.

Paperless Invitations are not meant only for large occasions like weddings or birthday parties. You can send an online invitation to your friends for a pool party, cocktail party, BBQ nights, etc... 

Whether you want to design a wedding invitation or send invites for birthday celebrations, to create your own invitation, you need two things: a creative mind and invitation maker software to create invitations.

What is a Paperless invitation?

A paperless invitation is an invite to an event that is sent online or via any web browser on the Internet. This is a non-traditional way to invite guests to your event/wedding, but many people are leaning towards this. They use online invitations to save costs and to plan a green event (no paper waste, eco-friendly). 

There are so many great reasons to choose online invitations over their more traditional paper counterparts. Here are some of the practical benefits of choosing digital designs — from saving you time to saving the environment.

Create and Send from Your Home: With online invitations, you can find, design, personalize, and send them from home. This will save you a few trips to the mailbox or the store, and allow you to spend as long as you like looking for the perfect invite for your summer BBQ, bachelor party, or cocktail party from the comfort of your home.

Manage Your Guest List Easily: One of the hardest things about party planning is trying to keep track of all your RSVPs. You need to keep a list of who has replied and who hasn’t, and give them a call or text message to see if they’re coming. With an online invitation, you can manage all that from one digital dashboard.

Care for the Environment: Digital invitations aren’t just easier for senders and guests to manage, they’re a positive step for the environment too. Going paperless is a great way to make your event more environmentally friendly. 

Save Valuable Time: Whether you’re planning a big celebration for a special occasion or a more relaxed get-together, time is often your most valuable asset. Cut down on time spent on a whole host of invitation-related problems by sending online invitations instead. Simplify the process with digital invitations that you can quickly and easily personalize, send, and track.

Share the Details that Matter: While some events only need a date, time, and location, others come with a little more detail required such as your gift registry, information on how to find the party location, or where guests can stay nearby using our optional extra details panel. For events like these, you can skip sending a long email to guests — or including an extra note with your invite — with an online invitation.

What Is An Invitation Maker Software?

Nowadays, there are many software that will allow you to design, send and manage the RSVPs; and send paper invitations to guests that are not tech-savvy. There are many software available that can help you to create professional and stunning invitations with a personal touch.

These invitation maker software come with various occasion-specific templates which make designing invitation cards really easy. You can add invitation messages (text) and photos to the template to personalize the invitation. Some other modifications like text font, text size, photo resize, etc. can also be made through these invitation designers. In some invitation maker software, you also get an editing section through which you can create an invitation card from scratch. 

However, the best invitation maker software must have options to upload and change the images, change the background, and add simple animations. There should be an excellent library with varieties of templates, stickers, and animations. 

If you’d like to get started with a website selling paperless invitations with powerful invitation maker software behind you, then the CMSMART online designer plugin called NBDesigner is one of the best options you should consider. 

Besides providing powerful invitation maker software with hundreds of features to help build your paperless invitations website, manage your inventory, we offer customization services that allow you to develop a tailored solution that perfectly fits your business model. And if you do not have a team to help build your paperless invitations website, give our developers a chance to do that. 

Following is one case related to a paperless invitations website that the CMSMART team has joined into the development process. We hope that it will give you some ideas for your paperless invitations website project. 

CMSMART Invitation Maker Software

Many entrepreneurs come to our website to look for a designer tool for their web to print. Among them, there are some selling online printing invitations. That means customers come to their web to print, design an invitation for their event, and place an order with a big quantity of invitations to be printed and then sent to their address. That is the traditional way. 

This time, this client asked us for an invitation maker software that helps users to design invitations online and send them to their friend list through email. Also, he wanted us to customize the editor page to be simple and easier for his buyers to design the invitation with text. 

Now, let’s take a closer look at what we have done to understand how this invitation maker software works. 

Because we already had our core product - NBDesigner plugin so we did not have to spend a lot of time building a design tool. Our developer team just needed to customize our core product a little bit to meet the client’s requests. 

Here is how our NBDesigner plugin normally works:

NBdesigner editor page

Buyers choose a template that they like, then edit it in the way they want. They could add/edit text, add clipart or upload their photo. They could also design their own invitation from a blank page. 

After the buyers finish their design, they can click on the Process button to see the preview image and then add it to the cart. 

add to cart

They could continue with the shopping or go to the cart immediately to make payment and place an order. 

checkout page

After we deployed some changes as per our client’s requests, the invitation maker worked like this. 

The editor page now includes 3 tabs:

  • Formatting 

  • Typeface

  • Color


Buyers could not edit any parts of the template except for the text. They could set the alignment, text size, letter spacing, line height, and the text effect. 

Next, they could edit the font style. 


The store admin could add font styles from the backend. Then the buyers can choose from the list to make their invitation beautiful and attractive. 

In the end, they can choose the text color to match their design concept. 


The color palette also is set from the backend by the store admin. 

Finally, the buyers could click on the process button to move on to the next steps. 

host name

The buyers need to input event details in the next step, such as hostname, event name, location, date and time, etc…

event time

All those fields could be set by store admin and could be customized to be fit with your business model. 

sending options

Next, a popup will show options for them to choose how they want to order their product. 

If they want to send by email, a popup will be opened for them to add the recipient's name and email or they can upload a CSV file for the recipient list. 


If they want to get the invitations printed, they can choose to send the invitations directly to their guests or send all the invitations to the buyer's address. 

If they choose to send the invitation directly to the guests, they need to input the recipient’s name and address or upload a CSV file for the guest list. 

send to the guest directly

If they decide to send themself, they can just input the number of invitations you will print and send to them. They can upload a guest list if they want to print guest names as well. 

send yourself

All data belongs to the store admin alone. We don't have access and we don’t use it. However, the store admin still could manage everything related to customers, orders, etc… through our intuitive and easy-to-use dashboards. 

Since we deployed the new features on our client’s website, we’ve had more confidence in our core product - the NBDesigner plugin. It is such a powerful and flexible plugin. With some efforts in changing the workflow and developing new features, it could totally become a new plugin and could fit with any kind of business model. Such a perfect result is a testament to the time commitment we put into researching and testing, and we’re beyond thrilled with the results so far.

You are invited to CMSMART party

For many years, we have spent a lot of time and effort into every one of our products and services in order to bring our customers the best experience. They always have needs and our mission is to help them solve their problems to the best of our ability. 

When you introduce something new to a person and get them to recognize its value such that they incorporate it into their business, it is the happiest thing to us. 

Nothing’s ever perfect. Every piece of our work is an iteration towards perfection and the search for more knowledge about the customer and their needs.

An online invitation does not only inform potential guests about the what’s and how’s of the event. It already sets the mood for fun or excitement. And that can only be achieved if the online invitations are designed well. That’s why the most important thing is to have the best invitation maker software that effectively helps customers who go to your website design their own event invitations. It needs to assist your customers from design ideas to completion. It is almost like co-event planners that they can rely on.

If you are looking for one perfect invitation maker software for your website or if you want to build a website for selling paperless invitations but you’re stuck for inspiration, let CMSMART be a great place to start.

Feel free to leave a comment below or send an email at [email protected]. Our consultant team will contact and listen to all of your ideas and give the best advice.